10 On-Trend Tween Boy Haircuts

Are you looking for a cool and classy haircut for your boy aged between 8-12 years? This age is known as the tween years, a time when boys enjoy exploring new styles and activities. Haircuts are a significant part of this exploration.

Since tween boys love to try out new haircuts sometimes it gets difficult to choose an age-appropriate stylish haircut for them. Many parents find themselves stuck in a loop, choosing the same haircuts for their boys over and over.

If you’re looking to break that cycle, take a look at these trendy haircuts for your tweenager boy.

Latest Haircuts for Tween Boys

Check these amazing hairstyles out for tween boys and help them level up their style.

1. Side Fringe

tween boy with side fringe

Side fringes have been around for a decade, and they are here to stay. From being a boy band hairstyle to being a chic vogue look that everyone wants, side fringes have won the world over.

This medium-length haircut is stylish and manageable for tween boys. Side fringes are perfect for broad foreheads and long faces. It’s a haircut you cannot go wrong with this year.

2. Boy’s Crew Cut

crew cut for tween boys

You would think that crew cuts are solely for uniform men, but that isn’t the way it works anymore. Crew cuts have been a style statement that is has been appreciated all around the world.

The most attractive element about a crew cut is that any hair texture suits this hairstyle. In fact, it’s a great way to have a low maintenance tween boy haircuts that looks stylish and sleek.

3. Hard Part for Boys

hard part hairstyle for tween boys

This hard part hairstyle has been very common amongst football players and is a stylish tween boy hairstyle. Since the majority of boys indulge in watching football, it is obvious for them to pick up inspiration.

Hard parts and side swept hairstyles have gained momentum since then. The look is a groomed well-kept look, yet extremely easy to achieve. It’s perfect if your tween boy’s style is more clean and sleek.

4. Medium Length Hair

tween boy with medium length hair

A medium-length hairdo is perfect for those tweenagers who prefer their hair a little longer than usual. This tween haircut is easy to style and maintain since the look itself is a “bedhead” look.

It’s perfect for your boy who doesn’t like spending too much time doing their hair or getting ready. It’s a hairstyle that is ready and on the go!

5. Boy’s Comb Over

haircuts for tween boys

Comb-overs have a very red carpet classy aura that surrounds it. This tween boy haircut is perfect for those who prefer to look groomed. Even though this haircut looks like a lot of work, it’s not true. All is required is for the hair on the crown to be combed over to one side entirely.

6. Undercut for Boys

hairstyles for tween boys

Faded sides are a hair trend everyone is familiar with at this point. Every man and boy is port some type of fade or the other. Fades go well with any hairstyle; this versatility makes them a trend.

Here, the fades are paired with a classic crew cut. Thus, making a perfect combination of a little bit of old and a little bit of new.

7. 3 Braided Dreads

Dreads have this cool street-style look about them and with hip hop culture and street style on the rise, having dreads is the new tween haircut trend for boys.

This three-braid hairstyle for little boys is an inspiration from dreadlocks. The positive about is that it can be removed and redone easily. This way, your boy doesn’t have to commit to it.

8. Pompadour Haircut

Pompadours have been prevalent throughout the years, which makes it clear that they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. If your son loves looking all clean and refined, this is the tween boy hairstyle for him. Granted, this haircut is a little higher maintenance than that of others, but in the end, it is all worth it!

9. Messy Top With Faded Sides

tween boys with messy hairstyle

This is yet another haircut that is highly prominent amongst football players. This tween haircut is low maintenance and looks amazing with any hair texture. You can either wear the crown hair unkempt or gelled down. Is perfect for school or any other occasions as well.

10. Boy’s Bowl Cut with Fringe

tween boy with long fringe

This side fringe haircut eliminates the faded sides. This is one of the more classic hairstyles for tween boys. Yet it is still highly preferred this year. It is definitely a good option for boys who like their hair on the longer side. This hairstyle is perfect for little boys who are blessed with naturally straight hair.

If you follow these photo inspirations for the next haircut appointment, you are most likely to get your tween boy a hairstyle that is right on-trend. Opting for one of these tween boy haircuts can help you understand your style and preference as well.