60 Funny Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother from Sister

A brother can be the best friend in the world who will always come forward to protect his sister whether he’s the younger brother or the elder.

So, when it’s your younger brother’s birthday you must wish him good things like the equally best sister in the universe.

The below birthday wishes for the younger brother from a sister can be fun to read for the birthday boy. As it is with most families, it’s the siblings that have the closest relationship.

This is why a sweet happy birthday wish or message to a younger brother from his sister can be so special!

Happy Birthday Wish Messages for Younger Brother from Sister

birthday wish messages from sister to younger brother

In any case, if you are an elder sister looking for a funny happy birthday wish to send to your younger brother, you are in the right place.

We hope that you will find some funny birthday quotes that you and your younger brother can relate to very much and that you can use the below wishes for your younger brother’s upcoming birthday!

1. As playful as you are, you are still the best brother I could ask for. Happy birthday!

2. For your birthday this year, I hope that you will always stay as cute as you are now. Happy birthday!

3. Happy birthday my little brother! I can only wish that you grow up as sweet as you are today.

4. Happy birthday, silly. We will always love your weird antics however old you get!

5. Happy birthday brother! I hope you’ll get to visit Disneyland for your birthday this year!

6. If you were a Disney character you’d be Goofy. Happy birthday my goofy brother!

7. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder if you were picked up from the zoo. Happy birthday monkey!

8. With all that jumping around that you do every day, you can really go bananas for your birthday! Enjoy the celebration!

9. Happy birthday my dearest brother, I hope that one day you will finally stop annoying me!

10. To my dearest brother, may all your hopes and dreams come true as you wish on your birthday cake today.

Birthday Wishes for Little Brother

When the younger brother receives these funny wishes, it is sure to bring a smile to his face – and that would make a truly happy birthday, wouldn’t it?

An elder sister can be a big influence on her younger brother – she can be his inspiration and someone he can learn from.

An elder sister should be a cheerful person accepting of his quirks and habits, even seeing them in a positive light and making them part of the happy birthday wishes for her younger brother. He will feel loved, accepted, and learn to be like her too!

11.  Have I ever told you how much I adore your quirky personality? Happy birthday, my little brother!

12.  As whimsical as this wish may be, may joy and laughter follow wherever you’ll be! Happy birthday!

13.  Happy birthday little brother! May you get your Superman superpowers this year!

14.  If I could wish for one thing, I would wish that you bring love and joy to everyone you meet. Happy birthday, brother!

15.  Here’s to the most awesome little brother that anyone can wish for! Warm hugs and birthday wishes coming your way!

16.  I never knew the joy of becoming an elder sister until you came along. Happy birthday my, dear brother!

17.  On your birthday today, you are still so small, and I will protect you. One day when you grow up, you’ll protect me too!

18.  Happy birthday, my dear brother! Please grow up nice and strong so that you can take care of me in the future!

19.  Maybe one day you will realize that not everyone has an awesome sister like you do. Happy birthday!

20.  My dear brother, it was delightful watching you take your first steps last birthday! I can’t wait to watch you grow up!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother from Elder Sister

Birthday wishes can be made more special when it’s funny birthday wishes for a younger brother from his sister. We speak this from experience – sisters have a lot to say about their younger brothers.

Elder sisters have seen every possible weird antic from their younger brother – some might find it funny, others might find it annoying.

Whatever the case, you can be sure that there will be some funny birthday wishes for your younger brother from you among other types of birthday wishes.

21.  Happy birthday, brother! If you keep eating so much, you will turn into a ball one day, so please don’t!

22.  My best wishes to the most awesome, cute, and smart sibling in the world. Happy birthday!

23.  Happy birthday, little brother! There’s so many adventures to look forward to with you and I can’t wait!

24.  My dearest brother, I hope you never grow up so that I can always carry you on my lap! Happy birthday!

25.  Happy birthday! As your older sibling, I just wish you good luck as you explore everything the world has to offer!

26.  Happy birthday, my dear brother. Please don’t wish for anything weird this year!

27.  I wished for a little brother on the Christmas before you were born and here you are! Happy birthday!

28.  My dear brother, I hope you are ready for the best birthday party that we have prepared for you ever!

29.  Happy birthday, little brother. May you mend your ways this year!!

30.  My dear brother, I hope that you will be as crazy as you make the entire family. Happy birthday!

31. I remember you like a little rascal, giving headaches to Mom and Dad. You were so playful and uncontrollable! It’s amazing how we all still love you so much. Happy birthday, you little rascal.

birthday wishes for younger brother from sister

32. Happy birthday to my brother! You might want to check your parenting meter – you are my little brother, yet you always lecture me like how our mother does!

33. I love you, brother, but you really need to stop leaving all those dirty laundries all over the floor. Happy birthday, you messy little thing.

34. Happy birthday to my brother! Love isn’t very easy to find for someone like you, not when you are always up to no good! We still love you though, and we’ll really appreciate you toning down on the pranks!

35. You have always gotten us with your funny little pranks, but we will get you back one day! Happy birthday, brother. Thanks for bringing us so much joy and laughter in the family!

funny birthday wishes for younger brother from sister

36. You may not be the perfect brother – in fact, you’re pretty far off from being one. However, we still love you just the same, and we hope you’ll be blessed with good health and wisdom!

37. You’re going to need a lot more of wisdom if you want to make it to university, brother. Let’s hope God blesses you with a higher IQ this birthday, eh? Happy birthday!

38. Happy birthday to the most annoying little brother in the world! I wonder what I did in my past life to deserve such a monkey for a sibling in this life. Don’t worry, we still love you.

39. Happy birthday to my dearest brother! Maybe this year you’ll finally start going for the gym sessions that you’ve set as your New Year Resolutions the past year, but we won’t know, will we?

birthday wishes for little brother

40. Happy birthday, brother! This year we hope that God will give you the car that you have been wanting so much – but I think we both know God doesn’t work that way.

birthday messages for younger brother from sister

41. Life wouldn’t be the same without you, little brother. Happy birthday from all of us! We hope all your wishes come true.

42. There aren’t enough hugs in the world for how much we love you. Happy birthday, little brother. Have a wonderful day!

43. On your birthday, little brother, we wish you all the happiness in the world. Keep on being your incredible self.

44. Wishing you nothing but the best on your birthday, little brother. We hope you get everything you wish for this year.

45. You may drive me crazy, but I wouldn’t want anyone else for a little brother. Happy birthday!

46. I don’t need to get you anything for your birthday because you already have the best older sister in the world! Happy birthday to my little brother!

47. There is no little brother as special as you. Here’s hoping your next year on Earth is as wonderful as you. Happy birthday!

48. To my little brother on his birthday. Even if I can’t be there with you today, I’m sending you all the hugs in the world. Happy birthday!

49.Happy birthday to the best little brother in the world! We love you so much and thank God for you every day.

50. We may drive each other crazy sometimes, but the love I have for my little brother is unlike anything else. Happy birthday!

51. You’ve made it another year around the world, little brother. I hope your next year is amazing and unforgettable. Happy birthday!

52. A little brother as special as you deserves all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday, sweet boy!

53. Life wouldn’t be the same without you in our lives, little brother. Keep being awesome like you already are. Happy birthday!

54. How many ways do you annoy me? There’s too many! But I still love you, little brother, and wish you a happy birthday.

55. Can’t wait to party with you tonight, little brother! A very happy birthday to you and all the best wishes for another amazing year.

56. May this birthday be as wonderful as you are. I love you, little brother. Wishing you another great year full of awesome things.

57. May this birthday be a memorable one. Knowing you, it will be! Happy birthday, little brother. We love you!

58. Little brothers as special as you are hard to find. Thank you for being my best friend. Happy birthday, little bro!

59. I’m so lucky to have a brother as awesome as you. Happy birthday, little brother! Cheers to another year.

60. The happiest of birthday wishes to you, little brother. Looking forward to celebrating this special day with you.

Did you love the funny birthday wishes for younger brother from sister that we provided here? We sure hope that you did! Be sure to share these funny birthday wishes with other elder sisters who would also benefit from these wishes as well!