30 Adorable Little Boy Haircuts for Straight Hair

If there’s one type of haircut that’s both simple and complex at the same time, it’s little boy haircuts. This case is even truer when it comes to straight hair – there’s plenty that you can do to style it up, but only if you know how. This is why we came up with a guide to help you out!


Best Little Boy Haircuts for Straight Hair

You might think that little boys should wear their hair neat and well-combed. You might also think that little boys should be bolder in their haircut styles. Whatever it is that you have in mind, you will surely find something that suits you in the list below!

Just keep reading and browsing through the songs we have for you. You might be shocked at how many styles a young boy can wear his straight hair! Below, you will find 20 little boy straight hair looks that you can try for your young boy the next time you bring him to the hairdresser!


1. Bowl Cut

We’re starting off strong with a classic: the bowl cut. This haircut was once achieved by placing a bowl on your son’s head and cutting around the edges. These days any competent barber can achieve the haircut without using a real bowl, of course.


2. Fade

If you want something more grown-up and modern for your little boy’s straight hair, then consider a fade. These are worn by many grown men wanting to fit in with the times.

The sides of the hair get gradually shorter. It’s usually paired with gently spiking the top of the hair.


3. Mohawk

Does your little boy want to feel like he’s a total rock star? Consider the mohawk. It’s an edgy style that looks adorable on kids.

Shave the sides of the hair or make them really short. Then heave a long section of long hair on the top of the head. Spike it up or make it look fluffy.


4. Shaggy

Shaggy hairdos have been popular for the last few decades. They were popularized by teen heartthrobs. These days, they can make your young son look adorable. 

The hair is left long and it usually has some layers. A sweep of bangs covers the forehead and the hair at the sides covers the ears. It’s a little longer than the nape of the neck at the back.


5. Faux Hawk

Faux hawks remain a haircut that suit boys of all ages. The sides of the hair are cut short and often have a fade. The hair on top of the head is much longer. The longer locks are gently spiked up in a style of your choice. This replicates a mohawk.


6. Rocker Haircut

Not all parents are brave enough to let their little boy get such a bold haircut for straight hair. Rocker haircuts usually have the sides short or shaved. You can also shave patterns into the sides.

The hair on top is longer and spiked up. It’s usually colorful in hues of blue or red, too. This can be temporary or permanent dye. Temporary dye is more suitable for kids.


7. Fringe

Utilizing bangs will always make your little boy appear much cuter. The main focus of the haircut is covering the forehead with a long fringe. You can also push this fringe to the side sometimes, too.

Fringe haircuts often have the hair long at the sides so it covers the ears. However, you can also crop the hair short above the ears.


8. Line

Shaving a hard line into the hair is another modern trend. It’s usually done at the hair’s parting. As you can see in these styles, one side of the head has long hair. There’s volume and lots of gel.

The hair on the other side of the line has a fade. It’s also common to square the hairline with this look.


9. Medium long

Sometimes boys want long hair, but they still want very boyish haircuts. You achieve this with a medium-long look. The bangs are kept short and the rest of the hair is graduated. It’s the longest at the back.

This haircut can reach midway between the shoulders and chin at its longest point. It’s rarely long enough to be shoulder-length.


10. Pompadour

Pompadours are classy styles where the hair is short on the sides and much longer on top. The long locks are gelled upwards and they sweep towards the back of the head. Sometimes you can sweep the hair slightly to one side, too.


11. Pattern

Patterns can be very simple or complex when worn in the hair. Some of the easiest to achieve and maintain are zig-zag lines. However, you can also draw shapes and complicated designs into the hair.


12. Side Part

Side partings are still classic straight hairstyles for little boys. One side is usually kept short and sometimes features a fade. The other side of the hair is swept over the top of the head and is often styled with gel.


13. Bun

The man bun is increasingly popular for young boys today, too. The hairstyle usually features an undercut. This means the sides and back are shaved down to the same, short length.

Meanwhile, the hair on top remains long. The hair on top is then pulled back into a bun on the crown of the head.


14. Combover

Combovers aren’t just for mature men. They also suit little boys with thin hair. However, they can be worn even if the hair is not thinning. The hair is all brushed in one direction across the top of the head. It’s usually gelled in place.


15. Undercut

Undercuts have long hair on top and short or shaved sides and backs. You can also add uniqueness to this look by varying the length of the hair on the back of the head. The top of the hair is usually left loose and brushed forward.


16. Spiky

Everybody knows little boys love spikes and it’s a perfect haircut for straight hair. The sides are short and the top is a little longer. The hair on top is pulled up and held in place with gel. The spiked texture makes a lot of young boys feel really tough.


17. Side Bangs

Many young boys find side bangs more grown-up than full bangs. The hair is brushed forward from the crown of the head and it covers the forehead. It’s then brushed to the side at a slanted angle. The hair on the sides of the head remains short.


18. Layered

Layers add a lot of thickness into your hair. This can help add a slightly carefree and tousled look that many boys want. You can add layers to lots of different haircuts including undercuts, medium-long, and more.


19. Messy

Fun-loving little boys often want a messy look. It makes them look like they don’t care about their appearance and just woke up like this. The hair is carefully messed up with gel and it usually has a spiky texture.


20. Long

If your little boy is brave enough he can rock long hair.  The hair is usually all the same length and sits lightly on the shoulders. Sometimes the front sections are cut a little shorter to add some bangs and definition.


21. Textured Quiff

straight quiff hairstyle for little boys

Having a very textured straight haircut suits some little boys. The hair is usually longer on top but there’s still a lot of thickness on the sides.  Layers and a lot of product help create a tall and fluffy texture. The hair is swept sideways and up high.


22. Bangs and Fade

little boy straight haircut with fade

Fade hairstyles often pair well with bangs as there’s a lot of contrast in them. The gradual shortening on the sides is stark compared to the long hair on top. The bangs here gently brush the eyebrows but are slightly shorter towards the edges.


23. Super Short

straight blonde hairstyle for little boys

Not all little boys want a lot of hair to style. Sometimes a minimalist look is best. The top here is just slightly longer than the sides. The blonde color makes it even harder to see most of the style. The front of the hair has some gel in it for spikes and definition.


24. Highlights

little boy haircut for straight hair with highlights

You can add highlights to any hairstyle to make it stand out. Highlights in unnatural colors are often more fun for little boys to wear. This blue-green hue is present in the top and hangs of this haircut. The cut itself is graduated and frames the head.


25. Boys Bob

straight bob with bangs for little boys

Bobs aren’t just for little girls anymore. They’re becoming increasingly popular for boys. Toddler boys especially suit this look. The hair curls in under the chin and bangs help frame the face. The hair gets gradually longer towards the back.


26. Fine Locks

little boy hairstyle for fine straight hair

If your little boy has fine, straight hair then he should wear a simple haircut. A gentle fade on the sides will make the hair look thicker. Spike the hair on top up just behind the hairline. It helps distract from how thin most of the hair is.


27. Colorful

little boy colored hairstyle with straight hair

Adventurous kids like adventurous haircuts. Add lots of different colors into your son’s hair such as purple and orange. Then let him wear his hair as messy as he likes. Using temporary dye or hair chalk is a good way to achieve this look.


28. Topknot

little boy topknot hairstyle with straight hair

Topknots, like man buns, are increasingly popular for little boys. They’re most suitable for boys with longer haircuts such as bobs. The top layer of the hair is gathered up and secured directly on top of the head. 


29. Stripes

little boy short straight hair with design

If you want to shave a pattern into your son’s hair then consider stipes. It’s the simplest way to add a design and it can be done and maintained at home. 

The stripes curve down at the end so it’ll take a careful hand to achieve them. They’re shaved into a high fade haircut for fine hair.


30. Sparse Bangs

little Asian boy haircut for straight hair

Full and side bangs can get a little boring. Giving the bangs a slightly wispy, sparse texture adds visual interest to the hair. The hair is very thick and brushed forward, and the sides are quite short.

The hair takes on a very fluffy texture so this style is best done on naturally thicker locks. It also looks best with dark hair as it’s easier to see all the texture.


Many of these styles are really simple. That’s the beauty of little boy haircuts for straight hair. It doesn’t take much effort to make your son look his best! The help of a skilled barber will go a long way in crafting these cuts.

Then, learn how to use products to add further styling. Make sure you choose a style that’s age-appropriate. Also, ensure the look you choose suits your son’s face shape and features, too.