25 Attractive Hairstyles for Teen Boys (2024)

Teenagers want to look great, and one of the best ways for them to ensure that they are stylish and will fit in with their peers is by choosing the best haircuts.

Any teenage boy can benefit from a fresh new haircut. Finding the perfect hairstyles will help teen boys feel a bit more grown-up and ensure that they are self-confident.


Latest Haircuts for Teenage Boys

Every one of these teen boy hairstyles is a stylish and updated way for a boy to improve his look without much effort.

1. Shaggy Around the Ears

teen boy with shag haircut

This is a popular hairstyle for teenage boys who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the morning getting ready before they go to school.

The hair is allowed to hang naturally, without product, and covers the ears down to the shoulders. It’s ideal for boys who don’t play sports, as it will tend to fall in the face.


2. Curls on Top

curly hairstyles for teen boys

Boys who are lucky enough to have curly hair will want to consider a cut that will show off their curls.

This cut is a great option and allows the curls to be the main focus of the style, even though it is a shorter cut than other similar options.


3. Boy’s Spiky Hair with Color

teen boy spiky haircuts

Teenager guys who want to push the limit and are looking for a haircut that is a little different will want to consider adding color to their hairstyles.

This cut involves spiking the top of the hair so that it sticks up from the head, resulting in a fun design with bright color.


4. High Fade with Volume

haircuts for teen boys

A high fade that is up over the ear is a great contrast to adding a lot of volume to the hair with plenty of product.

This teen boy haircut looks especially interesting when the longer hair on top of the head is bleached so that it will contrast with the darker natural color.


5. Pushed up in Front

hairstyles for teenage guys

Bangs don’t have to be long and get in the way, as this style shows.

These shorter bangs are pushed up and out of the way so that the boy wearing this style can easily see. The rest of the hair is a bit longer but is cut up and over the ear to expose it.


6. Short All Over

Short haircut is great for teen boys who overheat easily or who want to be able to play with their friends without worrying about their hair.

This short fade on the sides and back does leave a little bit of length on the top of the head, but not a lot.


7. Spiked to the Side

The bangs and top of the hair can easily be spiked off to the side for a fresh take on this style.

The shorter sides need to be kept much shorter than the top longer hair to really give this style the impact that it deserves.


8. Sleek Sides with Drop Fade

Sleek sides that have a fade are eye-catching enough, but slicking the hair on the top of the head over to one side really helps to elevate this hairstyle even more for young guys.

Adding some product to the hair helps hold it in place and adds a bit of shine to the style.


9. Asymmetrical with Long Bangs

Long bangs paired with short hair all over the rest of the head create an asymmetrical look that is fun and trendy.

The shorter hair is great for teenager boys to stay cool, while the longer bangs set this aside as one of the more hip hairstyles for young men.


10. Long Haircut for Teen Boys

long hairstyles for teen boys

Curly or wavy hair often looks great when it is worn a bit longer and the curls can really be seen.

This is a fun style that is incredibly easy not only to cut but also to take care of, making it ideal for busy teen boys with long hair who are always on the go.


11. Undercut with Color

Longer length on the top of the head and clipping the sides and back close to the scalp make the long colored top the focus of this style.

The streaks of color add extra interest and prevent this style from looking similar to others.


12. Comb Over Hairstyle for Boys

Pushing hair directly back from the face looks trendy when hair is worn longer on the top and sides.

A bit of product helps to hold the hair in place and prevents it from falling loose and hanging around the face as unintentional bangs.


13. Close Sides with a Longer Top

Trimming the sides of the head a bit closer to the scalp results in a style that looks very neat and clean.

It’s a perfectly preppy hairstyle for teen boys, especially when the longer top of the head is styled with just a bit of product to add volume and to keep the bangs off of the forehead.

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14. Hair Designs for Young Men

Longer hair on top of the head looks unique and fun, especially when paired with designs cut into the sides.

These designs can be straight and angular or a bit softer and more flowing, depending on the overall feel of the cut.


15. Crew Cut with Hard Edges

teen boy with very short hair

A close cut with just a tiny bit more length on the top of the head looks unique, thanks to the hard edges cut into the hair.

It’s the addition of this hard edge that prevents the cut from being boring or looking like a simple shave job.


16. Bright Blue and Curly

There’s nothing quite as eye-catching as a bright color in place of traditional hair color. Bright blue hair color is often a favorite of teenage boys, as it can be shocking and incredibly exciting, which is sure to attract attention.

This teen boy hairstyle is even more impressive since the curls on top of the head are dyed and the sides and back are faded close to the head.

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17. Pop of Color on the Bangs

A simple pop of color on just the bangs will quickly elevate even the most basic hairstyles for teenage guys.

This cut is relaxed and allows a little length to rest around the ears and on the forehead, but is exciting thanks to the unexpected color.


18. Gentle Shag

A gentle shag cut that is up and over the ears, but still has bangs and a lot of length on the sides and back, is easy to take care of and looks great on most boys.

It’s an ideal haircut for teen boys who don’t want something that requires a lot of effort in the morning.


19. High Curls with Bleached Tips

Curls look great when piled on top of the head, as this style shows. Bleaching just the tips of the curls adds definition and interest, as does a close fade on the sides and some designs cut just above the ears.


20. Close Cut with Swoop

teen black boy haircut

A very close cut is easy to take care of, nice and cool in the summer and can be very trendy and updated with a little work.

Adding a swooping design that leads from the front helps to break up the monotony of the haircut and give it some interest.


21. Long Bangs in Front

Longer bangs that hide one eye are a great addition to a hip style.

The sides and back need to be long enough to balance out the bangs, but not so long that they add too much weight to the cut, which can make it look out of proportion.


22. Asian Boy Hairstyle

A middle part can be shocking, especially when paired with longer bangs that are then pushed to the sides. This haircut is great for teenager boys who aren’t afraid to be the center of attention, as it is sure to attract people.


23. Skater Boy Hairstyle

Young men’s haircuts need to be easy to take care of and perfectly express personality.

This style does just that, thanks to the way that the bangs are pushed up and away from the face. The shorter sides allow the blonde bangs to be the focus.

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24. Short Hair with Mustache

hairstyles for young men

Any short style can instantly look trendier thanks to the addition of a mustache. The facial hair paired with this short haircut with bangs adds a lot of interest and makes it a great look for boys who want to stand out.


25. Box Fade for Boys

haircuts for teen boys

A neat and trimmed curly style complete with a great fade that goes up and over the ear is eye-catching.

This is perfect for teen boys who have very thick and curly hair and want something that is easy to take care of.


These teen boy haircut ideas are fun and updated. Not only are they trendy, but they don’t take a lot of work in the morning, which is great for boys who are in a hurry to get out the door.

Any of these hairstyles will make a teenage boy feel better about his appearance and give him the confidence boost that he deserves.