80 Amazing Birthday Wishes for Twins on Their Special Day

Twin birthdays are special. While birthdays are usually celebrated for a single individual, these birthdays celebrate the arrival of two unique persons on Earth within minutes of each other!

Most of us would know a pair of twins among our friends. If you know some twins whose birthday is coming up soon, you will definitely be inspired by our collection of simple yet beautiful birthday wishes for twins.

Unique Birthday Wishes for Twins to Share

birthday wish for twins

Since it’s two person’s birthdays, you can choose to wish both a happy birthday at the same time. You can definitely choose to wish each twin a happy birthday individually, but most might not opt for that.

If you are not sure how you want to wish the twins a happy birthday, take a look at our birthday wishes that we have compiled below. Should you be unable to choose between a few birthday wishes, just wish both twins a happy birthday separately!

1. Double the trouble, double the laughter, and double the love! Happy birthday to the best twins in the world!

2. Happy birthday to the funniest, most loving twins ever! May joy always find its way into your lives!

3. May this life bring you twice the love and twice the adventures! Happy birthday to my favorite twins!

4. More candles mean more cake for everyone! Happy birthday to the most loving twins of all!

5. You’re two peas in a pod,

Friends by choice, brothers by blood!

Love always wins,

Happy birthday, twins!

birthday wishes for twins

6. Happy birthday, twins! May your light shine brighter and your bond grow stronger!

7. You may be two separate people, but you are certainly one great mind! Happy birthday, twins, and all the best!

8. Happy birthday twice as hard to my favorite twins! I can’t tell you apart, but I love you equally!

9. There is no better friend in the world than your identical twin! Happy birthday, girls. Enjoy your day!

10. Having a twin means never having to look for a best friend! Happy birthday to you both. May this year bring you growth!

happy birthday quotes for twins

11. Happy birthday to your twins! May they have everything they wished for and more!

12. Happy birthday to the most fun duo on this planet! I wish you two the best of luck and plenty of adventures ahead!

13. There are two reasons to celebrate today! Happy B-Day to your twin boys, may they grow stronger together!

14. Happy birthday, twins! Sending two times the love today and wishing you all the best!

15. You girls don’t need poker to be two of a kind! Happy birthday, twins. You make every day a joy!

birthday wishes for twin girls

16. Your mom was so awesome, one child just wouldn’t do the trick! Happy B-Day, twins, let’s make today memorable!

17. Having two boys sounded like trouble, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy birthday to our twins, we love you so much!

18. You read each other’s minds and you finish each other’s sentences. Happy birthday to the closest twins ever!

19. Here is to another year of great adventures, happy memories, and lots of love times two! Happy birthday to my favorite twins!

20. You make life twice as fun and twice as hopeful! Happy birthday to the most inspiring twins ever born!

 birthday wish for twins that inspires you

21. We couldn’t decide if we wanted a boy or a girl, so we had to have both! Happy birthday to our twins. Mom and Dad love you a lot!

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22. Being parents of twins almost makes us superheroes! Happy birthday to our lively boys, we are so proud of you!

23. May this birthday brings you lots of love and bliss. Happy birthday and all the best to the best twins!

24. Happy birthday to the most perfect twins in the world! I hope this year brings twice the success to you both! Wishing you a very joyous life ahead.

amazing birthday wishes for twins

25. Twice as blessed to have you and twice as proud of you both! Happy birthday, boys!

26. The most valuable things in life always come in pairs, just like you girls! Happy birthday, enjoy your day!

27. Happy birthday to the cutest twin teenagers in the world! I hope this year is everything you hoped for and more!

28. Happy birthday our beloved twins! Lots of love from Mom and Dad, and thanks for making our everyday lives twice as fun!

29. It is a real blessing having a twin growing up alongside you! Happy birthday, boys. I hope you never lose your bond!

birthday wishes for twin baby

30. We have been twice as blessed, but twice as grateful as well! Happy birthday to our twin girls, may you conquer the world!

31. What a beautiful blessing it is to have two bundles of joy at once! Happy birthday to both of you!

32. Sometimes I still can’t distinguish between the two of you. So, I will wish both twins at once a Happy birthday!

33. Happy Birthday, Twinsies! May both of you grow up surrounded by love and joy! Let the day be memorable for you!

34. Happy Birthday to the most unique pair of twins this world had the chance to welcome! May God grant you all the wishes double!

birthday wishes for twin sisters

35. Happy Birthday, Twinsies! Double the love, double the joy, and double the presents!

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36. How lucky you are to have a twin who understands you like no one else can! Proud to be a mother of yours. Happy birthday!

37. The best things in life come in pairs, just like these birthday twins! Happy birthday!

38. May the double-brothers/sisters have a doubly good birthday celebration today!

39. Here’s twice the wishes for the happiest birthday with twice the fun! Happy Birthday to the miracle twins.

birthday wishes for twin brother

40. I am so happy to be with you lovely twins on your special day! Happy birthday, my dearest ones!

41. Happy birthday doubled girls/ boys! I wish the both of you the happiest birthday ever! You are the most adorable children I’ve ever seen.

42. Happy birthday to you and you! May you continue to spread your twin magic everywhere you go!

43. Double the children and double the joy and celebrations with the magical pair. Happy Birthday! May God bless you with all the happiness you ever wished for.

birthday wishes for twin brother and sister

44. What a magical pair you have grown to be! May the both of you grow up wise and healthy!

45. God brought two miracles into your family when you two came along! Happy birthday, little ones!

46. To the wonderful children born minutes apart from each other, you are a miracle! Happy birthday to both of you!

47. To the sweetest, brightest, and coolest twins that I know – happy birthday! May you two unique souls get everything that you have ever wished for.

sweet birthday wishes for twin sisters

48. Oh, to be celebrating two wonderful children’s birthdays on the same day! Happy Twinsie Birthday!

49. May God continue to bless the two wonderful angels he sent into this world on this birthday! Everyone showers blessings on you and hopes for a day filled with laughter.

50. May love, joy, and laughter follow in the two sets of footsteps wherever you go. Happy birthday!

51. A wish befitting of two wonderful children so alike would be two similarly amazing gifts. We wish you both a happy birthday!

birthday wishes for twins

52. It must have been God’s blessing for two children to be so alike in both looks and personality. Happy birthday to the both of you!

53. Beautiful twins with beautiful hearts – happy birthday! Your presence just shows that good things do come in twos, not threes!

54. Happy birthday to the beautiful twins. Your parents must have been so happy to have two wonderfully bright children like you both!

55. I thought and thought, but no matter how much I try to think, there is no birthday wish so beautiful that it befits the both of you. Happy birthday to you both, birthday twins!

cute birthday wishes for twins

56. A birthday girl and a birthday boy both at once? What a wonderful delight! Happy blessed birthday to you both and may the celebration be grand and joyous!

57. Today we celebrate the presence of not one, but two wonderful children’s presence in our world. Happy birthday to the best twins ever!

58. Twins should be celebrated together, but in a unique way for each one. After all, there are certainly differences between two individuals!

59. Twins are special and unique – when they are present, they double the joy, the love, and the experience. Happy birthday to the twins I know!

60. Happy birthday, twins! Having company that is so similar to yourself must be an awesome, irreplaceable experience!

birthday wishes for twins

61. At first we wondered if you twins would wreak more havoc on our family than love, but we soon realized how our lives would be changed for the better. Happy birthday to the family’s favorite twins!

62. I guess since it’s your birthday, you’re allowed to be double the crazy! Wishing a happy birthday to the best twins in the world. We love you!

63. God only knows how blessed we are to know twins like you. On your birthday this year, we wish you nothing but more love and happiness than you can handle! All our love.

64. A twin birthday can only mean one thing: twice the celebrations and twice the love and laughter! Looking forward to celebrating this most joyous day. Lots of love and hugs.

65. For twins as special as you, this birthday has to be amazing! We’re so thankful we can spend this momentous day with you. Keep being the amazing kids you are – we love you!

66. You drive me absolutely crazy, but I wouldn’t want any other twins like my brothers. There’s no doubt my life would be a lot different (and quieter!) without you. Love you and wish you a happy birthday.

67. Happy birthday to my special twin girls! You are both so special to me and make my life that much more amazing. Get ready for an awesome birthday!

68. Having twin sisters is pretty fun, even if you do make me crazy sometimes! Happy birthday to the best twins I know. I wish you an amazing year ahead with love and laughter.

69. A crazy pair of monkeys like you will no doubt have an equally crazier birthday celebration! Can’t wait to do it up with you! Happy birthday with love from your sister.

70. You double the love in my life being my twin brothers, so I’m doubling the birthday wishes for you today! Thank you for being part of this crazy family with me. Happy Birthday!

71. Happy Birthday to my twin sisters! No one else could make my life so much fun! Can’t wait to celebrate this special day with you. Cheers to many more! 

72. Watching you two grow up as been the joy of my life. Always know I am here for you and will support you in whatever way I can. Happy birthday to my twins from your loving mother. 

73. Your twin bond casts a spell on us all. We’re truly mesmerized by your humor, your love, and your never-ending support to the rest of the family. Happy Birthday, twins!

74. When you were born, God knew how much this family wanted you. You bring so much love and laughter to our family and we look forward to more! Happy birthday to our favorite twins!

75. On your birthday, I am doubling the birthday wishes for the best twin siblings in the world. Thanks for always being there for me; I wouldn’t want anyone else for sisters! Happy birthday!

76. Having twin siblings means having twice the support, love, and laughter always around. Happy birthday to the most incredible twins I know. This year is going to be amazing!

77. To my crazy twin sisters on their birthday – we’ve always driven each other batty, but that’s what siblings do! Can’t wait for more crazy fun years with you two. Happy Birthday!

78. Thanks for giving us an excuse to have twice the amount of cake! Wishing you all the happiest birthday wishes in the world. We love our twins!

79. To our twin sons on their birthday: Mom and Dad love you. Thank you for bringing so much love and light to our lives. We are so proud of all you two have accomplished in your lives so far. Happy birthday!

80. Your shenanigans may be a little wild sometimes, but you make life so much fun! Happy birthday, twins! Let’s eat, drink, and be merry all night long!

All in all, birthday wishes for twins should be as special and unique as the twins are. We hope that you have found birthday wishes that you want to wish the special twins in your life!

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