50 Child Smile Quotes That Will Crave You Read Twice

The smile of a child is the best peaceful scene for everyone. To portray this beautiful smile in quotes – we have some amazing child smile quotes to remind us of all the beauty and joy that reflects so well in the bright smiles that only innocent, young children could sport. It could be simple, yet effective in reminding us that it is still good in this world.


Cute Child Smile Quotes

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If we are able to be more carefree, appreciative of silver linings and simple joys in life, we too could start smiling more. Our hearts would be free, happy and child-like, just like the children that we see smiling and laughing at the playground.

The parents – bother father and mother’s love for a child is beyond any word. When you have an optimistic mind, you will see that many other things in life become better and much more pleasant. Perhaps it’s time for a change in our adult mindsets.

We could start appreciating the little things just like little kids do, and hopefully, start becoming happier in our lives. These child smile quotes below will surely brighten up your day. Maybe after this, you will want to put smiles on a child’s face!


1.  The most beautiful thing in the world is a child’s smile. The next best thing? Knowing that you are the reason behind it.


2.  There’s nothing more pure than an innocent child’s smile. It’s just so radiant with unadulterated happiness.


3. I think the reason we love children’s smiles so much is because they give remind us of the days when we were young and innocent, when we weren’t hurt at all.


4. A child’s smile is like rainbows and sunshine, packaged with a ribbon on top.


5. Even the most grumpy old man can’t help smiling along when a young child smiles at him happily.


6. I think that there’s nothing that can make me happy as quickly as a child’s smile.


7. Even babies understand the language of smiles. I think that speaks a lot for how universal a language happiness is.


8.  Every once in a while when I glance at a child’s smile, I am reminded that the greatest privilege is to know and enjoy someone else’s company.


9. It’s no wonder how mothers are so protective of their babies. One smile was all it took for me to understand and feel just the same.


10. 10. Don’t let the world beat you down and change your child’s smile.


11.  A child’s smile reflects the heaven’s heart, just as much as how a child’s cries reflect its anguish.


12.  Always smile back at a child to let their inner child live on. That way, they can still believe that the world is good.


13.  A child’s smile can teach you to be happy even if there are no reasons and to always be curious about everything around you.


14. A child’s smile can never be bought, even if you have millions and millions in your pocket.


15.  Truly, one cannot compare an innocent child’s smile to the intellects of a thousand men.


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The simplest things bring joy to their faces. How is it that we lose the ability to feel blessed with these same stimulations as we grow up? This is why we need to be reminded of simplistic happiness, perhaps through something as simple as quotes about a child’s smile.

16.  A happy and smiling child is worth more than all the money in the world.


17.  Where has our child-like smiles gone? How did it all disappear as we grow up?


18.  Always remember the reasons that you smiled as a child – you will lose them as your grow up.


19. How can you look in the eyes of these children and not smile along? Their innocence and purity is what keeps the world going.


20.  A child with a smile will be willing to take that extra step and go the extra mile.


21.  Protect your children’s smile as much as you can – there aren’t plenty of those to go around anymore.


22.  Find the reasons that your child is smiling, and embrace the reasons yourself. You will find that you are filled with an immense sense of happiness.



23.  A child’s smile can brighten up even the darkest of days.


24.  Maybe babies smile in their sleep because they are listening to angels’ whisperings.


25.  How lovely it is that a child can show you a thousand reasons to smile when you can find a hundred reasons not to.


26.  Here’s something we can learn from a child’s smile – to be happy with no reasons. If you have a reason to be happy, that reason can be taken away from you.


27.  As there are more and more reasons trying to bring you down, look upon a child’s smile and regain some hope.


28.  Part of parents’ duties is to maintain their young child’s smiles and laughters, just so that there are still some positives in life.


29.  Once a child’s smiles are lost to the cruelties of the world, it will be difficult to bring it back. This is why it’s important to maintain a child’s smile for as long as possible.


30.  Children smile at anything and everything; that’s due to how beautiful they perceive life to be. Isn’t that, in itself, a beautiful thing?


31.  Every child’s smile brightens the world a little, even if it’s just by a little bit.


32.  It’s beautiful how children see the best in everyone and everything, ready to give a welcoming, kind smile at the very first instant they met.


33.  I didn’t believe it when they told me a child’s smile is one of the most beautiful sights in the world – until I saw my own child’s.


34. You can be angry at your child, frustrated even, but the moment you see them smiling and laughing with joy, you remember how much you love them and it’s all love and joy again.


35.  Parents can only hope that their children’s joyous smiles and laughters can last them all the way to adulthood.


My Child’s Smile Is Beautiful Quotes

A child’s smile is often bright and happy, free of the worries that burden adults as they faced their daily responsibilities. It’s easy to make them smile – a joke here, a hug there, or even just a simple ‘I love you’ reminder. The beauty of a child’s smile is that they are grateful for everything they have.

36.  A child expresses their happiness so frankly, so easily. How is it that we lose the ability to do so as adults? What is different?


37.  Children are so happy and joyous, it’s no wonder that kindergarten teachers are rarely depressed!


38.  Knowing that children learn to smile from their parents, you can see how loving a parent has been to their child.


39.  A child’s smile can be one of nature’s greatest offerings to us.


40.  Children came into the world bright and happy with the love and wonderful things they see and get. If anything, it teaches us to give love as often as we can.


41. How blessed is the mother who sees her baby’s smile for the first time – it’s a magical moment that one can only wish they can capture within their memories forever.

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42. A baby smile is radiant and loved by everyone only because of its innocence and purity. When a baby smiles at you, you know that they trust you even without knowing who you really are.


43. There is no smile like a baby’s, and so when seen, we have to return them the love and attention. What else are we to do when facing such purity?


44. A baby’s smile for their mother is like their first understanding gesture of love for the one who bore them in their womb for the past months.


45. Have you ever seen a baby’s smile? The twinkle in their eyes and the loving look they give you – it’s perfection, and it heals.

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46. A mother will only need to see her baby’s smile once, and that is more than enough to keep her fiercely attached to her baby for the rest of their life.


47. If you have seen a baby’s smile, you would have the strength and love needed to just protect this baby with your life and more.


48. It might not seem like it, but a baby’s smile is powerful. It moves the people with the hardest hearts and makes the toughest mothers soften theirs.


49. A baby’s smile is the most beautiful smile that you will ever lay your eyes upon. Their gentle innocence and purity are so rare in this world that we can only see it in these little infants.

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50. Women swear that they do not want a child until they see a baby’s smile – suddenly, it’s all baby fevers and love for children!

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Were you reminded about the good presented in the smiles of a child through these 50 quotes about a child’s smile? We sure hope that you did! Share these quotes about a child’s smile with your friends and family to remind them to appreciate the little things in life!