30 Cutest Braided Hairstyles for Little Boys

Here’s what you need to know – Braids aren’t only for girls. There are many cool braided hairstyles available for boys too!

Many people hesitate to choose braided hairstyles for their little boy thinking braids are unhygienic or damaging to the hair. However, this isn’t true. If your son learns proper hair care habits, he can ensure his hair stays clean and healthy.

One of the best things about braids is that there are many, many ways to style them! You can choose a simple straightforward style or a dramatic style with artistic twists with your braids for your little boy.

Best Little Boy Braids

Let’s take a look at the fabulous little boys with braids below. These pictures will be able to give you an idea of your son’s look with the preferred braid style.

1. All Lined Up

braids with line up for little boy

Your braids can be tied up along the top of the head. This creates a pattern like the left image. If you manipulate the length of your braid in different areas, you will create the results in the right picture! The zig-zag pattern is created by careful segmenting – lots of planning and effort are required!

2. Uniform Square Segmenting

braid styles for little boys

If your boy enjoys having long hair, he can definitely pull off this cool braided look! This style is achieved by braiding small sections of hair within ‘squares’ on the head and repeating this process across different areas to get the full look. The size of these squares will determine how big or small the braids are.

You should adjust the size of the braids according to the kid’s preference. However, it’s important to follow the protective hairstyle guidelines for kids like avoiding braiding or twisting the hair too tightly to prevent discomfort, headache, and damage.

3. Thin, Complex Designs

braids with complex design for little boys

Most of us will definitely need to resort to a hairdresser for this! Look at those patterns! Once you have these braids done, you can give it really good maintenance measures so that the braids continue to look super defined. You can be sure that the eyes are going to be on you with this awesome style!

4. Thicker, Simpler Patterns

little boy braids with pattern

Thinner designs tend to come with bigger gaps between braids. You can prevent this issue simply by utilizing thicker braids instead! These braids will project the feel of having a thicker head of hair, even when it’s all compressed up with braids like this!

5. Zig-Zag Braids

zig zag braids for little boy

One of the more unique braid styles for little boys, this one has a mix of patterns embedded into the hairstyle. You are looking at short, zig-zagged braids crossing with longer, thicker braids between the sections. It’s no easy feat, but the end results are definitely worth it!

Toddler Boy Curly Hairstyles

6. All Spiraled Up

spiral braids for little boys

Some of us prefer a more natural look with braids. This would be one of them! You can have your braids spiral toward one direction. If your hair is long and you don’t want to braid them up, the spiral can end at one common point where the remaining hair is tied up like a ponytail of braids!

7. Funky Braid Styles

Yes, embedding a dollar sign or an alien-looking X-sign is not impossible! This braid style might not be the best one to go to school with. However, you can be sure that it will be unique enough to shine through during festivals or other events.

8. Spiral Up & Bun It Up!

spiral braid bun for little boys

It’d be a pity to chop off your long hair to create beautiful braids. What you can do instead is to create braid designs towards the top-back of your head first.

Afterward, you can braid up the remaining hair away from the scalp, and bundle the braids together in a gorgeous bun! Isn’t this a beautiful braid style for your little boy?

9. Classic Braiding

classic braid style for little boy

Here’s your no-nonsense simplistic braiding style. Simply braid up your hair from the front to the back, and let the ends of the braid swing free! This amazing braid is much more natural than some others on this list.

It would look just like normal hair brushed backward, except with the braids looking like super magnified hair strands!

10. Huge Side Braids with Center Designs

little boy hairstyle with side braid

You can’t look away from the center-focused braided design for your little boy, can you? Well, neither could we. You guessed it, these braids start from the center. As the design flows outwards, the strands along the sides can be combined to create bigger, thicker braids. If your hair is long enough, you’ll find yourself with braid pigtails! Certainly, a unique braid style for young boys, don’t you agree?

11. Braids & Shape-Ups

braids hairstyles for little boys

If your baby boy has short hair, this is what you can do. Create little braid designs along the longer top part of your hair, and tie it up in a mini man-bun. As the for sides where it’s too short to create any braids, just trim it into a fade and glam it up with clean-cut shape-ups! Look at how defined the lines are along the forehead!

12. An Eyeful of Braid Design

Create braid designs that will capture attention from all angles with this braid style! This braid style for little boys is also quite popular among older adults due to its interesting concept and design. Of course, the pattern can vary, but you get the idea. It’s all about the designs all over and the tiny braids at the back!

13. Short Braids

If you don’t fancy long braids on your kids, that’s fine too! As you can see from the pictures above, even short braids can be a suitable hairstyle for little boys. Of course, some length of hair is still required. This will definitely be easier to maintain than long braids anyhow, so there’s that!

14. Lined-Up Rows

lined up cornrow braids for little boys

Depending on the amount of hair your little boy has, you can have compact or loose braids. The image on the left depicts braids lined up close together. That would look beautiful if you have a thick head of hair. However, if you have thin hair, you can leave bigger gaps between braids.

15. Even for Toddlers!

Braid styles can also be rocked by toddlers! However, due to their age, they might have very little or very thin hair. So, you can expect the braid to appear smaller with bigger gaps in between.

16. Patterns & Buns

Your little boy’s hair length can differ in different spots. In that scenario, you can have small, short braids where there is less hair. Where there is more, simply tie up longer braids! These longer braids can later be connected into a bun at the top, or folded into themselves to create a unique look as you can see in the left picture!

17. Long Braid Style at the Back

little boy long braid styles

Little boys blessed with a beautiful, long crown of hair can take advantage of this braid style. This looks simple enough, but you will soon see that it still takes lots of effort! Perhaps due to its simple patterns, many would wear this hairdo in public for any occasion.

18. Barely There

braid styles for little boy

This type of braid looks so natural that you would barely notice that they are there until you take a second look! In this style, braids are tied up at the back into a little bun. You might notice small braids around the head if you look closely. Indeed, this is another braid style for boy kids, whether it’s short or long!

19. Mohawk Braids

The different styles of braids you can create with a mohawk haircut show how versatile the style is. Little boys will love not just the faded sides, but the cool added braid detail at the top.

20. Braid Extensions

If your little boy is dying to try braided hairstyles but his hair isn’t long enough, try braid extensions! They come in many colors and lengths, so have fun looking through all the options before he decides which colors he’d like to try.

21. Tiny Braids for Thin Hair

Tiny braids in a zig-zag pattern distract from how thin this little boy’s hair is. You can either use this pattern or do a center or off-center part before braiding to switch up the look. 

22. Shaved Ponytail

single braid for little boy

Whether you’re trying to restart healthy growth on your little boy’s head of hair or he just wants a super cool punk-looking hairstyle, a shaved head with only a circle on the crown for a long thin braid is a great choice. 

23. Braids with Beaded Ends

little boy braids with beads

These short thin braids stacked with colorful beads look adorable on black boys. This is a great protective style for natural black hair too. 

24. Symmetrical Braids

square braids for little boys

Another option for short hair braids is to create small sections, like pictured above, that are shaped like boxes before starting your braid. The round loop at the scalp is easy to get with a technique.

25. Half Braids for Long Hair

little boy's braids

To sport a mix of natural hair and braids, create five sections of hair halfway down the scalp, then begin the braid and continue to ends. 

26. Himba Boy Braids with Undercut

Himba little boy with braids

We love this mix of jumbo braids and undercut! The curly undercut’s framing is a handsome touch, while the mohawk style braids express his ethnic personality.

27. Rattail Braids

little boy's rattail braids

On this long somewhat spiked haircut, a long rattail braid comes past the shoulders. If your boy’s hair isn’t this long, try a braid extension.

28. Tie-less Braids on Natural Hair

toddler boy braids

We love the seamless look these short braids have on this toddler boy’s natural hair. If you’re not comfortable having your child wear tiny hair ties, try braids that don’t require a hair tie at the end.

29. Thin Mohawk Braid

long braid for little boys

If your junior managed to grow his hair out but now he wants to try something different, see how he likes this mohawk braid. 

30. Micro Braids on Natural Hair

braids for little boys

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: micro-braids are one of the cutest styles for young lads. They’ll last several weeks, take no time at all, and are perfect for summer style when the weather is hot!

So, there you have it! These are beautiful braided hairstyle ideas for little boys that you should definitely try out next. Remember, braids are one of the few essential hairstyles and they definitely should not be constrained to a single gender!

As you can see in this post, there are many ways that you can style this basic hairdo component to create your own unique look. Keep an eye out for our upcoming posts about hairstyles for little kids!