50 Best Quotes About Kids Growing Up Fast (With Images)

Parents will be among the first few to search for quotes about the kids growing up. We say this because we know that children grow up so fast suddenly and you are often left wondering where all that time has gone.

When you read the following kids growing up quotes, you will be reminded that time passes quickly when you least expect it. Remembering your child’s first day in the kindergarten would seem like just days ago on the day they graduate from college.

Many parents experience this, so it would be wise to cherish what little time you have with your children before they grow up and leave the house!


Nostalgic Quotes ABout Kids Growing Up

If you have been thinking about how quickly your child is growing up, these quotes are for you! You can print them or share them with your friends and family. Perhaps, you might start up a conversation about your family members’ experience watching you grow up as well, and what a wonderful trip down memory lane that would be!

Well, that’s for later. Meanwhile, do enjoy reading these quotes about kids growing up!

1. How amazing it is that children grow up in the blink of an eye.

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2.  We get frustrated at our children, but only until they grow up and leave the house.

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3.  Being parents unsure if you are doing the right thing can be scary, so just always do your best.

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4.  I remember looking forward to my kids growing up so that I’d finally have some peace, but now it’s just too quiet around here.

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5.  I couldn’t stop my children from growing up so quickly, but I was present the entire time so that I did not miss them growing up.

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6.  You won’t understand why I dreaded seeing you grow up, but that’s alright. You will understand when you have your own children one day.


7.  It doesn’t matter how grown up you get, because you will forever be my little baby to me.


8.  How can parenting be such a paradox? It moves in such a slow motion and a fast speed both at the same time!

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9.  Let your children live as children. They’re only that little for a short while!


10.  Maybe we should focus on who our children are today instead of worrying so much about how they are going to turn out as adults.


11.  You have an entire lifetime to work and earn money, but you are only young once.


12.  Children!!! They just can’t wait to grow up and stop going to school, can they?


13.  How I wish that I can reverse time and play with my innocent children again.

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14.  Growing up happens so quickly. Childhood memories however, are there to stay.


15.  A child starts is like a blank piece of paper, and everyone that they meet along the way while growing up leaves a mark on them.


16.  Treat your children as Angels, so they can be a better person when they are all grown up.


My Baby is Growing Up So Fast Quotes

Even for a child’s earlier days, it can be astounding – especially to new parents – how their gurgling 2-month-old infant learns to hold their head up, express their emotions, and start to speak and walk within the span of several months and turn into 2 years all in a sudden!

17.  You’ll find yourself in an empty nest very quickly, so don’t miss the chance of participating in your children’s lives while they are still in it.


18.  The truth about motherhood is that the days drag on, but the years fly past.


19.  There are only 940 Saturdays between a child’s birth and her college graduation.


20.  Your children might outgrow the space on your lap, but they will never outgrow the space that they have claimed in your heart.

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Inspirational Quotes Growing Up

Indeed, seeing their children grow can be a unique experience for these parents, and these inspirational quotes about the kids growing up fast celebrate the entire experience unique to each family, full of emotions and celebrations.

21.  There is no bigger blessing than knowing that your child will grow up to be a fantastic young adult.


22.  Never force your children to grow up faster than they should, as there is no greater privilege than being a child for as long as you can!


23.  What an amazing thing it is, to be a child and grow up in a loving world, filled with opportunities!


24.  Growing up is important, but what is also crucial is being a child growing into your own, unique self!


25.  Children need to know of fun, adventures and opportunities before growing up and growing old!


26.  Let boys be boys, and girls be girls. There is plenty of time before they have to become men and women.


27. There is no better adventure than to be a child growing up, experiencing life for the first time.


28.  Children who look forward to growing up, don’t realize they are giving up the rare gift of being young and free.


29.  Growing up happy is a privilege every child should be entitled to.



30.  There is no greater satisfaction than letting a child grow up slowly and steadily, delaying adulthood for as long as possible.


31.  It is wise and smart to allow children to grow old, but teach them to never grow up.


32.  A kid will grow up stronger, more confident and happier when it is raised by loving and caring parents.


33.  Boys will become men and girls will become women, and it’s our job as adults to slow that process down as much as possible.


34. There are thoughts and dreams that only children share, so it’s important to nurture these before letting them finally grow up.


35.  Make sure your kids enjoy the best childhood ever, not worrying about having to grow up too soon!


36.  Nothing in this world will ever be as care-free and as majestic as childhood, so why rush into growing up too fast?


37.  There is nothing more soothing than knowing you are a child with all the time in the world to grow up!


38.  Adulthood will happen whether we like it or not, therefore never rush your child to grow up ahead of time.


39.  Growing up will sneak up on us before we know it, and that’s why it’s important not to deprive our children of doing it too fast!



40.  Just because we grew up too fast, doesn’t mean that our children also need to!


41. How is it that kids grow up so fast? One minute they are just a little baby being cradled in a mother’s arms, and the next they are already graduating and preparing to move out.

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42. A mother will often hate the struggles of bringing up a baby, yet years later when the same child has grown up, she hates to see her child go away, longing for the chance to take care of her baby once more.


43. Kids grow up quickly, often much faster than the parents realize. That is the beauty of parenting – it’s a fleeting experience that will change their lives for the better.


44. People often say that having children forces you to show the better side of yourself, and it’s true. When your kids are all but grown up and moved out, a parent will realize how true that fact is.


45. A mom may complain that her child is so playful and noisy, but you can bet that she’s going to miss the same voice when her children are grown up one day.

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46. Parents will always have mixed feelings about their children growing up. They look forward to it when their child just started school, but they are going to miss their innocence when they’re grown up.


47. There are less worries once a kid is all grown up, but a parent will always worry for her child’s well-being. A parent will always have the burden of love for their children.


48. Parents always love their children through thick or thin. It’s a fact that will never change, even as a parent aged and retires. When the child is grown up, their love will stay the same, never fading.


49. Parents whose children have grown up and left the nest will always be left reminiscing their younger parenting days – always. They will always love and miss their children.


50. It’s always a wonderful feeling when a parent see how their children have grown up and become successful. They may long for their child’s companionship once more, but parents will always wish the best for their children.

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Do you feel nostalgic for your own childhood or watching another child grow up? We certainly did, while writing these quotes about kids growing up! If you found any quotes that you can relate to much more than the others, feel free to share them with your friends and family!