55 Special Birthday Quotes for Daughter

For any parent, there’s no one in the world more special or more important than their children. They are a part of you and will have a hold on your heart like no one else ever could.

No matter how many years have passed, no matter how big they’ve gotten, you will always want to celebrate the amazing day that they became a part of your life and look back at all the ways they’ve changed and grown finally turning into their own individual person.

However, sometimes finding the right word and way to say happy birthday daughter can seem impossible. We are here to assist you with that.

Check our list of birthday quotes to draw inspiration and to wish your daughter in 55 different ways on her special day!


Lovely Happy Birthday to My Daughter Quotes

These beautiful happy birthday wishes for daughters can help you express how you truly feel without having to worry about saying the wrong thing.


1. I’m so lucky that God has given me the best daughter. For me, nothing is more precious than you. I love you and you’ll always be at the top place in my heart. I wish you a very happy birthday, sweetheart!

happy birthday daughter

Best Birthday Messages for Daughter from Mother


2. One of the most awaited days of the year has finally come. Happy birthday, my daughter! All I want is to see you happy and healthy. May this day come in your life for many years!

happy birthday wishes for daughter


3. Happy birthday, the sweetest daughter in the world! Know that your dad loves you a lot and is ready to do anything to keep the beautiful smile on your face. Wishing you a very happy and enjoyable day!

birthday quotes for daughter


4. The love of my heart, my little daughter, many congratulations on your birthday! I’m so grateful to God for giving you a healthy life. Remember that, no matter what comes I’ll always be with you. I hope happiness and success be your daily companion!

happy birthday daughter quotes


5. Today is the day to celebrate in a grand way because it’s the 1st birthday of my princess! There’s no doubt that God has given me the most loving and cutest daughter and I’ll always be thankful to him. May the peace and joys always be present in your life!

happy birthday quotes for daughter


6. The daughter of my heart, happy birthday! I didn’t give birth to you but I have always considered you as my own child. On this big day of yours, I pray to God to give you a life only filled with happiness and victories! God bless you!


7. Today is the birth anniversary of the most beautiful girl in the world. Happy birthday, my daughter! You’re the most important people in my life and I can do anything for you. May God always keep you safe and free from every evil thing!

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8. The greatest joy for me was when you were born. My happiness knew no bound when I took you into my arm. 20 years have passed but I still remember every single moment of that day. Happy birthday, daughter! May God bless you forever!


9. You are the greatest things that happened to me. I’m a proud mother having such a wonderful daughter like you. Happy birthday, dear! Always be like this happy and cheerful! No matter wherever you go, my prayers will always be with you!


10. Today is very special for me because on this day I became a mother. Thanks a lot, my princess, for coming into my life and fulfilling me. May God always be with you and fulfill all your wishes! Happy birthday!

happy birthday wishes for daughter


11. Happy birthday to the most adorable princess! You are the star of my eyes, my life, and my biggest happiness! Mom loves you a lot, dear! I wish you achieve all the success you want and get immense happiness!


12. Happy birthday, my dear daughter! You are my biggest strength and my heart is beating because of you. I hope your every step of life be blessed and God put a special color on your lovely smile! You deserve to very happy in life!


13. Congratulations my beloved daughter on another year of life! Whenever I see you, I feel so proud. All thanks to God for all that you’ve become. May you get all the happiness and gain the success you deserve!

Cutest Short Mother and Daughter Quotes


14. Things become easier by having an understanding daughter like you. It always feels so good talking about you. I can’t describe how important you are to me, my daughter. Happy birthday, darling! Always be very happy!


15. Happy birthday, my daughter! You are my pride, my happiness and the reason I’m living. After you came into my life, I could realize how incomplete my life was without you. May you never lack anything and all your dreams come true!

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16. Many congratulations my lovely daughter on your birthday! You are the best part of my life. No matter what happens, I will never abandon you, dear. There’s nothing more important than you; you are and will always be my first priority.


17. Last year on this day the biggest dream of mine came true. God gifted me the cutest little daughter. Happy birthday, my little doll! You are very special to me and I promise I’ll do everything for you. God bless you!


18. I’m the happiest father in the world having a special daughter like you. Happy birthday, lovely daughter! Today I want to tell you that I’ll be with you in every best and worst moment and never leave your side. Count on me always, dear!


19. Happy birthday, sweetheart! I hope you understand the love and affection I have for you. My daughter, I’m always here to love you, support you, and to show you the right path. Have a beautiful day, my child!

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20. My beautiful daughter, congratulations on another year! Today is all yours so enjoy as much as you can. May the sparkles in your eyes and the beautiful smile always remain! I love you so much, princess!

happy birthday quotes for daughter

Our Favorite Birthday Wishes for Father From Daughter


21. I still remember the day you were born, the day you called me ‘Daddy’, your first step and everything about you. My daughter, I’m blessed to have you. I hope every step of your life be guided by God and you have a blissful life!


22. Beloved daughter of my heart, today you complete another year of life and I’m so happy to see your healthy growth. Happy birthday! I hope you never lack love, health, and success!


23. Happy birthday to the loveliest daughter in the world! I love you with all my heart and your happiness is my highest priority. I hope your day be filled with warm wishes, blessings, and lots of love!


24. There’s not a single day that I don’t ask for your happiness. Dear daughter, you are my light and very precious and valuable for me. Happy birthday! I wish you the best day ever!


25. I’m so proud that I gave birth to such an adorable daughter. You make happy everyone around you. My princess, may your life always be filled with joy, peace, and wise choices. Happy birthday!

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26. Happy birthday, the princess of my kingdom! You brought joys and happiness in our life. Congratulations for today! I wish you a day as special as you, dear! Be happy always and prosper in life!


27. Today the birthday is yours, but the gift is mine for having you. Happy birthday, my daughter! Whenever I see your innocent face, my heart fills with gratitude and joy. I love you, my child! Have a blessed day!


28. Today is the birth anniversary of the most special person in my life. Happy birthday, my daughter! You’re such an exemplary daughter and I feel proud to be your dad. May God always protect you and help you to fulfill your desires!


29. I may not be the best dad but there’s no doubt that you’re the best daughter in the world. Thanks for fulfilling my life and for giving me the uncountable happiness. Happy birthday! May the Almighty help you to follow the best path! Good luck!


30. Congratulations my daughter for another year of life! May this day be joyful and you never lack happiness in your life! Love you forever!

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Adorable Birthday Quotes For Daughter

31. Happy birthday, my princess! You are the most important part of my life and I promise I’ll always listen to you, understand you, and support you in every situation. Enjoy your day and make lots of good memories!

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32. Today is your 18th birthday but it seems like yesterday you came into this world. I’m so happy to see your healthy life. May God fill the path of your life with victories, peace, and joys! Happy birthday!

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33. You make me feel like a blessed mother and you’ll always be in my heart. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter! Celebrate your day with all the dear ones and have lots of fun today and always! Wishing you a joyful and enjoyable birthday!


34. Today is very special because the most spectacular daughter was born on this day. Happy birthday, sweetheart! I’ll always be thankful to God for placing you in my life. I hope that you have the most beautiful birthday ever!


35. After you came into this world, I could realize the true meaning of love. My daughter, the bond we share is pure and unbreakable. Know that, I’ll try my best to fulfill all your dreams. Happy birthday!

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36. The daughter of my heart, congratulations for another year of life! it’s a big day for you and I wish you get countless blessings, love, and all the best things. I hope, in every step of your life God be with you and guide you to the best path!


37. The day you were born, I was also reborn as a mother. My heart feels with joy when you call me “Mom”. Happy birthday, my angel! Wherever you go, may God always shower his blessings upon you!

Hearty I Love You Mom Quotes from Daughters


38. You are like an angel who brought happiness from heaven and came to brighten my life. Beautiful daughter, thanks for coming into my life. May you always be surrounded by love, success, and happiness! Happy birthday!


39. Happy birthday, my cutie pie! The sweetest child like you deserves to have the most special birthday party. Enjoy this day with all the wonderful people around you and have lots of fun! God bless you a lot!


40. For the most lovable girl in the world, I wish a beautiful and very happy birthday. You deserve all the love and all the best things. I adore you, my daughter! May God enlighten your path and give you success, health, and wisdom!

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41. Happy birthday to the dearest person, my little angel! Beloved daughter, happiness, love, and success is what I wish you for today and every day! Remember that, mom loves you a lot and will always be at your side!


42. My lovely daughter, Congratulations on entering into adulthood! It’s the most beautiful phase of life and I wish you enjoy every day of your life. You’re everything to me and I just hope you never lack love in your heart!


43. Happy birthday, the owner of my heart, my beautiful daughter! I hope this new year of your life will bring lots of opportunities, success, and good news for you. My best wishes and prayers are always with you, dear!


44. You are the most valuable gift from God whom I want to love every day. You are my pride and my strength. My daughter, I hope your life be blessed with immense joy and filled with achievements!

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45. My princess, I can feel that my love for you is increasing day by day. May today be the beginning of another wonderful year for you! Continue to spread the joy and be very happy every day!

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46. Congratulations my baby girl for completing the first 12 months! Your arrival into my life is the best thing that happened to me. You’ve changed me in a positive way and made me feel the love of a mother. Love you a lot, little angel!


47. There’s no word to describe how much love and affection I have for you. My beloved daughter, I hope you always be bestowed with blessings and much peace! Happy birthday! Have a blissful life!


48. I’m immensely grateful to the Almighty for giving me the chance to be a dad of a very special daughter. You’re the greatest happiness of my life and my biggest strength. Happy birthday, princess! May you live many moments of true love!


49. What a joy to celebrate your birthday with you! Happy birthday, my daughter! Always believe in yourself and never stop trying to fulfill your dream. I’m here with you always. God bless you, dear!

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50. You’re no longer a baby girl but for me, you’ll always be my little daughter. Happy birthday, my life! Keep up the beautiful smiling face always and live your life to the fullest! I wish you a day blessed with great joy!

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51. Congratulations my baby girl on your 1st birthday! I’m so excited and feeling so fortunate for having a little angle as my daughter. I wish forever you find many beautiful reasons to smile!


52. It feels great to be able to celebrate this special day once again. Happy birthday, my daughter! Continue to be this wonderful girl you are. I assure that for you I will do everything I can. May your journey of life be blessed!


53. Happy birthday, my daughter! You’re a brave and intelligent girl that every parent wish to have. We are so proud of you, darling! Let’s celebrate this day and have so much fun!


54. Daughters are the life of a father and this saying is true in my case too. My princess, in my eyes you’re the most beautiful girl in every way and I’m so lucky to be your father. I wish you get everything you want throughout your life. Happy birthday!

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55. Happy birthday to the most amazing daughter! All the love and affection for you today and forever. Always remember, in all good or tough times, you’ll find me by your side. Happy birthday!

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Every child is special in their own way, and being able to share just how proud you are of them and how much you love and cherish them will have them feeling better than ever.

Make sure you send the perfect message for their birthday this year and wish your daughter her birthday with these happy birthday daughter quotes so you can be sure they’ll really understand exactly how you feel.