30 Short and Meaningful Daughter Quotes to Share

A daughter is special, not only to her mother but also to her father, which is why celebrating her with short daughter quotes can be such a great idea. No matter if it is a birthday, graduation, wedding, or simply just a normal day when parents want to show their daughter some love, having a great quote on hand that they can use to show their daughter how much they love her is important.

All daughters, no matter their age, are special, and having a great quote ready is a wonderful way to celebrate the relationship. Knowing what to say to a daughter can be hard for moms and dads alike, which is why it’s such a good idea to have a quote on hand for a special occasion.

This makes it easier than ever to show a daughter how important she is and to express to other people how much a daughter means. The right quote can perfectly sum up the beautiful relationship between parents and their daughter.


Lovely Short Quotes about Daughter

The great thing about short quotes about a daughter is that they can still be incredibly meaningful. This means that they can easily be sent in an email or a text message or written in a card. No matter how they are shared, they are sure to let a daughter know just how important and special that she is. If you need a great quote about your daughter, then you will want to consider one of these 30 options.


1. Dear daughter, I may not be the best mother but God has given me the best daughter in the world. Thanks, my princess for being so special!

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2. I am the proudest father of an intelligent and strong daughter. I adore you, my child, and love you with all my heart!

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3. I promise you that I’ll try my level best to make your life the most beautiful it can be. I love you, my doll!

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4. Since you came into this world, you became the most important part of my life without whom I can’t survive. Lots of love for you, my lovely daughter!

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5. You are the best gifts that God has given me ever. My daughter, I’ll always be with you in every state and root for your happiness!

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Appreciable Mom Quotes from Daughter


6. For me, there’s nothing more important more than your happiness and I can do anything to keep this beautiful smile on my princess’s face!


7. I can feel that my love for you is increasing day by day. My daughter, I want to fight every day to make you the happiest person in the world! I Love you!


8. My princess, I want the happiness, joys and peace be your daily companion and forever you surrounded by the people you love the most.


9. My beloved daughter, when I see the sparkle of your eyes and the beautiful smile on your face, it confirms me that God exists.


10. I’m the luckiest dad having such a wonderful and pure-hearted daughter. May God always be with you and give you his countless blessings!

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Lovely Birthday Messages for Daughter from Mom


11. Adorable daughter, you are my hope of every morning and the sweet dream of every night. I want you to enjoy all the best things in the world!


12. You’re the prettiest flower in the garden of my heart. Sweetheart, all I want is a bright and blessed future for you. Dad loves you a lot!


13. The most beautiful moment was when for the first time I took you in my arm. I’ll forever be grateful to God for giving me the most adorable daughter!


14. You are the light of my eyes and the biggest joy of my heart. My princess, our love is pure and the bond we have is unbreakable and strong.


15. The owner of my heart, my lovely daughter, I’ll always be at your side to support you, protect you and give you the immense love.

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16. Your arrival into my life made me feel the happiness of being a father. You’re everything to me, daughter! May you never lack love in your heart!


17. Everything seems possible when I see your face. Dear daughter, you’re the blessings from God who came into my life only to increase happiness!

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18. Dear princess, you are my true love and the reason for my existence. My love for you is unconditional and forever you’ll be my first priority.


19. Daughters are the synonym of love, peace, and eternal happiness. I love you my baby and hope every day of your life be illuminated by joys and smiles.


20. My angel, the princess of my kingdom, thanks a lot for coming into my life and for being the reason for my living. You are and always be very special!

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21. Dear daughter, it’s true that I’m not the superhero but I’ll always protect you and will try to fulfill all your wishes and dreams.


22. My daughter, my love, you’re the greatest source of my joys. Always be very happy and never forget to count on your dad whenever you need!

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23. Everything is uncertain in this world without the love a mother has for her child. Dear daughter, I hope you always be surrounded by joy and love!


24. My beautiful daughter, it’s a great thing that you are growing up healthy every day, but for me, you’ll forever be my cute little princess!


25. I loved you even before you came into this world. The bond we share is bigger than anything in the world. My daughter, I love you so much!

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26. My life makes sense because you are a part of this. You made me realize the true meaning of love and happiness. May God always keep you safe, princess!


27. You are the greatest love of my life, little angel! Because of your existence, I’m the happiest mother in the world! God bless you always!

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28. Every moment, I spend with you is like a blessing. All thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to have you whom I love the most!


29. You’re the ray of my hope and the strength of my life. Thank you, daughter, for giving all the beautiful moments I always dreamed to have!

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30. Beloved daughter, you are my pride and my life. There’s nothing as great as my love for you. May the Almighty always bless you and guide your path!

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Our great short daughter quotes are designed to make it easier for you to tell your daughter exactly what you feel about her and how much she means to you. If you need to share your love with your daughter, consider one of these short quotes, and let us know which one you use.