15 New Birthday Wishes for Father from Daughter

Birthday wishes for father from daughter can be tricky. It’s easy for most to smother your mother in words of love, but the same can’t be said for a birthday wishes for a father. We hope that daughters looking to wish their fathers will find these birthday wishes for father from daughter helpful and inspiring!

birthday wishes for father from daughter


Best Birthday Wishes for Father from The Daughter

When you read through the birthday wishes for father from daughter below, do keep in mind to find a birthday quote that is the most relevant to your own father. You can even pair up several of these birthday wishes together as one small paragraph if you’d like!

As it is for most birthday wishes, personalization makes the birthday wishes more special and unique to the recipient. As such, we advise you to insert your father’s age into the birthday wish! If you have a niece who’s birthday is coming soon, don’t forget to say Happy Birthday to your niece!

These birthday wishes for father from daughter would ensure that the father knows very well that his daughter remembers his birthday and contributions. Without further ado, let’s read the birthday wishes for father from daughter below!

1.  Happy birthday, daddy! You taught me how to live life to the fullest, and I wish nothing but the best for you!


2.  To the best dad in the world – Happy birthday and thank you for being you.


3.  Happy birthday dad! You are amazing and incredible in every way, and I wouldn’t trade you for the world!


4.  On your birthday, I wish you good health, happiness and lots of joyful memories! Happy B-Day, daddy!


5.  I feel so lucky to be your daughter, and I hope life’s joys find the way to your life! Happy birthday, dad!


6.  You taught me to ride a bike, swim and be a lady, and I am forever grateful to you! Happy birthday dad, you deserve it all!


7.  I am so lucky to be your daughter and to be able to learn from you every day! Happy birthday, dad, I love you to pieces!


8.  Fantastic, perfect and caring – my dad has it all! Happy birthday, I’ll forever be your little girl!


9.  Happy birthday to my father, who has been my rock, my guidance and my safe haven! Your little princess loves you forever!


10.  Happy birthday, dad! You showed me what a perfect husband and father looks like!


Why Wish Your Father Happy Birthday As A Daughter

Daughters know very well how hard their father has been working to support the family. It’s not an easy task, and a daughter can only wish the best for her father on his special day and the other days to come. Finding the right words can be difficult, however, and there’s never enough words to tell a father how much a daughter appreciates his efforts.

Even so, the simplest birthday wishes for father from daughter can deeply touch a father’s heart, simply because the daughter has put in a great deal of effort into wishing him! A father and a daughter show their affection for each other in a unique way, just like how the bond might be like between a mother and her son.

11.  I may grow older, but I will always look up to you as my role model! Happy birthday dad, you’re my favorite!


12.  I cannot describe how grateful and happy I am to be your daughter! Happy birthday, dad, thank you for letting me be myself!


13.  Dad, you never left my side, and you stuck with me through thick and thin. Today we celebrate you – Happy birthday, dad!


14.  Happy birthday, daddy, and thank you for teaching us what matters the most in life! I’ll always be a better woman because of you!


15.  I love the way you love and care for our family! Happy birthday papa, your girl loves you the most!


We hope that you have found the above birthday wishes for father and daughter loving and inspiring to wish your own father on his special day! Along with these quotes, we would also like to wish him a happy birthday too. Happy birthday!