81 Heartfelt Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven Quotes

When a child needs to say happy birthday in heaven mom because they have lost their mother then they may struggle to find the right words. It can feel almost impossible to wish a mother in heaven a happy birthday, especially when the pain of losing her is still very real and fresh.

Rather than not knowing what to say or how to express themselves, children can easily use happy birthday to my mom in heaven quotes.

No child will ever really get over the death of their mother, but the right quote can help them express themselves and show how they really feel.

Having the words to express the love and loss of a deceased mother makes it possible for a child to start the healing process, even when they are still desperately missing their mom.

These 81 hearty quotes are designed to help with the healing process while still celebrating a missing parent.


Quotes to Wish Happy Birthday My Mom in Heaven

One of the most important roles of these quotes is that they are designed to show the love between a child and his or her lost mother. Losing a mother can be completely devastating, which is why so many children need help expressing how they feel after this loss.

Celebrating a mother on her birthday by remembering her with a great happy birthday mom quote will show the love that a child feels. There are plenty of ways to cherish a loved one with these wish quotes about happy birthday in heaven mom.

1. On this day, we remember your love, your light, and all you did for us. Have a wonderful birthday in Heaven, mom.

happy birthday mom in heaven


2. Time goes on but there’s not a day that I don’t think about you. Your generosity, your kindness, your love live on through your children each and every day. Happy birthday, mom.


3. Each day, I never stop missing you. I thank God for your role in my life and for showing me what true unconditional love is. Happy birthday, mom in Heaven.


4. If I could hold your hand one more time or give you one last hug, I’d never let you go. But now I know you’re in a place where God can love you so. Happy birthday, dearest mom.


5. Mom, you’ll forever hold a place in my heart. No one can fill the void that you’ve left but I rest assured knowing that we’ll meet again someday. Happy birthday, mom.

birthday in heaven mom


6. Even though you’re no longer with me, I know that you’re never far away. You’re looking down and smiling each and every day. Though the days are tough without you, I feel a little tug. Every single morning, it’s your Heaven-sent hug. Happy birthday, mom.


7. Your love, caring, and selflessness will never be beaten. No one can compare with the strength you’ve given me. On your birthday, I take time to say thank you for being my one and only mother. Happy birthday, with love.

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8. Mom, your memory continues to shine brightly all the days of my life. I thank God for you every day and I take today to fill my heart with your neverending light. Happy birthday in Heaven, mom.


9. So many cherished memories that I’ll hold on to forever. You’re never far from me, especially today as I remember your place in my life. Happy birthday, mom in Heaven.

happy birthday in heaven mom quotes


10. Throughout my day, I think of you and a smile comes to my face. I miss your beauty, your smile, and your grace. All I can hope is that I made you proud and that a glimmer of you shines through in me. Thank you for showing me what real love can be, mom. Happy birthday.


11. Mom, the magnitude of your love will never be forgotten. From your selflessness to your generosity, you had a beauty that shone from the inside out. As your child, I hope to reflect that in everything I do and each day I sincerely thank God for you. Happy birthday, dearest mom.


12. There was never a day when you weren’t there for me. I can now rest easy knowing that your love will never vanish. No matter what, I know you’re looking down on me, smiling and maybe laughing. Every hint of you reminds me that I was one of the luckiest children ever. Happy birthday, mom.


13. When I needed to laugh, you were there. When I needed to cry, you were there. While life comes with ups and downs, your love was the one thing that remained constant. Even today, I feel the radiance of your love everywhere I go. Thank you, mom. Happy birthday.

emotional quotes about birthday in heaven mom


14. Although I cry as I remember your unfailing love, I feel secure knowing that you’re still with me in spirit. Until we meet again, I’ll keep your memory alive with stories of your character and deeds that reflect your grace and love. Happy birthday, mom.


15. On your birthday, I’m sure you’re having the time of your life up above. Here on earth, we cherish our memories with you and look forward to our reunion in Heaven. Happy birthday, mom. Thank you for being a shining light in our lives.


16. You’re always loved, forever missed. On this day and always, I send a kiss up to Heaven for you. Happy birthday, mom.


17. Even though you’re no longer with us, I rejoice in the fact that you’re with your Maker. And I thank God that I was blessed with a mother such as you. Happy birthday, mom.

happy birthday mom in heaven


18. Happy birthday to the strongest woman I’ve ever known. You’re no longer with me but I feel your love every day. I love you, mom.


19. On your special day, I smile as I remember your kindness, class, and unconditional love. Please know that you’re never far from my heart. Happy birthday, mom.


20. Today and always, one thing rings true. I’m forever grateful to have had a mom such as you. Happy birthday in Heaven.


21. Thanks to you, I grew up to be a confident, loving, gracious adult. Yet on days such as these, I feel as small as a child. I long for the day when we’ll meet again. Until then, I hold your memories close and wish you a happy birthday, mom.


22. Mom, thanks for being there through thick and thin. I look forward to the day we’ll meet again. Happy birthday.


23. For so many years you were my guide. Now you’re an angel always by my side. Happy birthday, mom.


24. Although you’re gone, I’ll continue to celebrate you with all my heart and soul. As I send my love to Heaven, I wish you a happy birthday, mom.


25. Life goes on without you here but the memories of you will never fade. Today and always, we remember the difference you made. Happy birthday, mom.


26. There’s something about a mother that is so special. Happy birthday to a mom who will always be cherished and loved.


27. Children never outgrow the love of their mother, no matter how old they get. Happy birthday to a lovely mom who I’ll never forget.


28. May the light of Heaven shine as brightly as your light shone on me. Happy birthday now and always, mom.


29. Mom, you taught me that there was nothing I can’t do. So today I’m sending birthday wishes up to Heaven for you!


30. Today on your birthday I’ll send a special wish on angel wings. Happy birthday to my dearest mom. I love you.


31. When I think of you, I smile because God blessed me with a wonderful mom. Even though you’re gone, the love of your memories keeps me calm. Happy birthday.


32. No one can replace the love of a mother. On your birthday, I thank you for your love and wait until once again, we see each other.


33. Mom, I no longer see you but your spirit lives on through me. Thank you for encouraging me to be the best I can be. Happy birthday in Heaven.


34. Each day I miss you more but one thing is always sure. Your love remains and will always stay. I wish you peace on your special day. Happy birthday.


35. It doesn’t matter if we’re near or far. I’ll send birthday wishes to you on a shooting star. Have a wonderful day in Heaven, mom.


36. Throughout the years, I may have put up a fight. But now I understand that you were my guiding light. Happy birthday forever, mom.


37. Mom, I am proud to say that I’m your daughter. Until we meet in Heaven, I’ll be the light that reflects your kindness and love. Happy birthday.

happy birthday in heaven mom quotes


38. Words can’t express how much I miss you. May this birthday be one that is filled with Heaven’s joy, pure and true. Happy birthday, mom.


39. As angels sing to you today, remember that your family misses you every day. Happy birthday, mom.


40. Blessings now and always, mom. May you know how much we treasure you. Happy birthday.


41. Not a day passes by that I don’t think of you. Happy birthday, mom.


42. I used to hug and kiss you on your birthday. Now that you’re in Heaven’s embrace, I only wish that you know I love you.


43. I wish you can be here with me today, but I know that you are safe and peaceful where you are. Happy birthday, mom.


44. Happy birthday, mommy. You were my first thought this morning, and I wish you nothing but peace on your special day today.


45.  We miss you, mommy. Today would have been your 60th birthday. I hope you can hear our thoughts and know that we will always love you.


46. We hope you know that you are cherished and loved even on this day, mom. Sending you our love and hugs.


47.  You might not be with us any longer, but we will be eternally grateful for having such a wonderful, loving person as our mom. Happy birthday, mommy.


48.  Your time with us was so fleeting but memorable. Even today, we still wish that you are happy and at peace where you are on this day.


49. To our mother in heaven, we will still miss you as much on this birthday and your birthdays years from now. Happy birthday.


50. I miss the birthday celebrations that we had when you were around, mom. I hope we can celebrate your birthdays again in another life.


51. We may be far apart in distance, but you’re always close to us at heart. Happy birthday my dearest mother.


52. You have been nothing but wonderful when you were with us. We wish you the most blessed birthday.


53. Dearest mother, we hope you are having a blast of time up there. We wish you a happy birthday from the earth.


54. Dear God, if you hear us, please wish our beloved mother a happy birthday and send her all our love.


55. You may be away from us now, but you will always be our lovely, courageous mother that we will remember and love eternally.


56. We know that you are in good hands under God’s care and that He will make sure that you’re alright. Happy birthday, mommy.


57. How are you, mommy? It’s your special day again this year. We miss you just as much and we wish you a blessed birthday from Earth.

birthday in heaven mom


58. The day that you left will always be the saddest, most devastating day for all of us. As we pray for you again today, we also wish you a happy birthday.


59. It’s been 8 years, and I still can’t believe that we can no longer hear your beautiful laughter. Happy birthday, mom.


60. Mom, did you receive all of our past birthday wishes when we visit your final resting place? Happy birthday again, mommy. We love you.


61. You may not be here with us, but as I look up into the heavens, I know that you’re up looking over us. We love you, mom. Happy birthday.


62. You have been nothing but the best mom and best friend to us all on earth. You are dearly missed, and we wish you a happy birthday.

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63. Hey mom, are your new friends in heaven celebrating your birthday for you up there today? We miss you so much!


64. Sending nothing but wishes and blessings to my mom in heaven. You will never be forgotten.


65. Dear mom, happy birthday. We miss you today as much as we did years ago, and we always will.


66. Hope you like the flowers we left on your grave today, mom. You will always be the special woman who raised us to who we are today.


67. ears from now, we will still be remembering your love for us. Today, we hope that you will look over us and see how much we miss you. Happy birthday, mom.


68. A beautiful flower never loses its beauty and value even when it is gone. Happy birthday.


69. Nobody will be able to replace you in our entire lifetime. Happy birthday, mom.


70. A wonderful woman close to our hearts left for a better place just a year ago. Happy birthday, mom, we miss you.


71. Words cannot describe how much we miss your presence with us. Our memories of you will live on forever.


72. You were such an awesome person when you were with us. We hope you’re still the life of the party in heaven mom. Happy birthday!


73. We bid you farewell with tears and pain, but we’re happy that you are no longer suffering. Happy birthday, mom.


74. We wish you a lovely and blissful day in heaven on your birthday mom. We love you!


75. A happy, joyous birthday to the most special woman in the world whose role can never be replaced.

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76. We’re doing fine here, mom. If you were here with us, it would be perfect. Happy birthday.


77. Are you here to see us gathered here today to celebrate your special day, mom? We really hope that you can see us. We love you.

emotional birthday in heaven mom quotes


78. To our dearest mom who is in heaven, we hope that you’re having the greatest birthday party ever up there!


79. We think of you so often, but we think of you, even more, today on your birthday. Happy birthday, mommy.


80. If I could make a wish, I would wish to celebrate this special day just once more with you. Happy birthday, mom.


81. Happy birthday, mommy. We hope that your birthday celebration in heaven is as awesome and sweet as you are!

happy birthday in heaven mom quotes


Wishing happy birthday mom in heaven is a very important part of the healing process and will help any child better cope with the loss of their mother, especially on their birthday.

Having the right words to celebrate a mother’s love and the loss that a child feels is important and will allow a child to better express themselves. Let us know if these 81 amazing quotes have helped you heal and celebrate your mom’s birthday in heaven.