55 Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Aunty (Quotes with Images)

Some people struggle to choose the right birthday wishes for aunt, but knowing exactly what to say can ensure that your aunt has the great birthday that she deserves.

It can be difficult for some people to come up with the perfect birthday wishes, but every aunt who has spent time with their niece or nephew and is passionate about building a relationship with them deserves to be wished a great birthday, no matter how old they are.

Choosing the right ways to greet your aunt happy birthday can be tricky, but these 55 happy birthday auntie wishes are all great choices. They are a wonderful way to express the love and joy that a niece or nephew feels when they think about their aunt.

This can help to make an aunt’s birthday special and exciting, which means that she will always remember how loved she felt on her big day.


Cutest Birthday Messages for Aunty

No matter how close you are to your aunt, you will likely want to wish her a happy birthday so that you can help her celebrate her big day. Unfortunately, many people struggle to write meaningful birthday wishes on their own, which is why our list of happy birthday auntie messages can be so helpful.

It has options on it for all types of relationships, making it easy for a niece or nephew to celebrate a favorite aunt’s birthday.


1. I always found you not only as my family but also as my best friend. Every day, our bond is getting stronger. Thank you, aunt, for being with me every time. Happy birthday! Wishing you a very enjoyable day!

birthday wishes for aunt


2. You guided my steps and taught me how to overcome the obstacles to gain the victory. Dear aunt, thanks for being my counselor and my second mom. Happy birthday! May God grant you many years of life, health, and much love!

birthday quotes for aunt

Lovely Happy Birthday Wishes for Aunt from Niece


3. I’m blessed for being born into the family with an amazing aunt. Thanks for loving me and caring for me as your own daughter. You are very special for me, aunt and I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday!

birthday messages for aunt


4. It’s my good fortune to have you as my aunt. I’ll forever be thankful to you for everything you did and still do for me. Today is your birth anniversary and with all sincerity and love, I want to wish you a very happy birthday!

happy birthday wishes for aunt


5. Happy birthday to my beautiful aunt with a big heart! You are one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. Not only today, but you also deserve to be happy throughout your life. Much love and good wishes for you!

birthday quotes for aunt


6. Congratulations to the best aunt in the world for completing another year of life! You’ve always been so dedicated to me and I’m fortunate to be able to count on you. May smiles and peace always surrounds you! Best wishes!

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7. We’re blessed that God has granted you to celebrate another year of life. My beautiful aunt, happy birthday! May your day be beautiful and filled with countless blessings and love! Enjoy your day!


8. Today is the day to celebrate because it’s the birthday of such a dear person. Happy birthday, my favorite aunt! Today is yours so enjoy a lot and do whatever you want. May God pour his blessings upon you today and always!


9. You have a huge contribution to making me whatever I’m today. I’ll never forget your dedication, sacrifices and everything you did for me. I owe you, my aunt. Happy birthday! May this day bring a lot of happiness, surprises, and smiles!


10. My dear aunt, my other mom, happy birthday! You’ve done a lot for me and now it’s my turn. I want to do everything I can and want to make you happy. May God give you endless joy and fulfill all your dream!

happy birthday wishes for aunt


11. You appreciate me always and support me in all my decisions. I’m really the luckiest nephew. For my dearest aunt, I wish a day full of best wishes, pleasure, and fun! Happy birthday!


12. Happy birthday, the aunt of my heart! This date is very special to me because you know how much I love you. A big hug and lots of warm wishes for your new age!


13. You’ve always been my role model and my inspiration. You’re the best example of a wonderful human being. Happy birthday, dear aunt! I hope you have a lovely day with all your dear one!

Unique Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Auntie


14. The love between an aunt and niece is always unique. My aunt, I’ll never forget all the things you’ve done for me. Happy birthday! You truly deserve only the best!


15. It’s impossible to measure the love I have for you. It’s pure and impossible to end. Dear aunt, happy birthday! May you always be very happy! Best wishes for your life!

birthday messages for aunt


16. Aunts are like the second mother. They always support us and give endless love. Dear aunt, I’m really lucky about having you in my life. May God always be with you and keep you happy, fit, and healthy! Happy birthday!


17. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and sweetest aunt ever! I’m feeling so glad to be here with you on this special day. I hope you have a day filled with joys, peace and lots of good wishes.


18. Today, one of the most important people in my life is celebrating 50 years of life and it’s a pleasure to be a part of this celebration. Happy birthday, aunt! I just pray to God to grant you more years of healthy and joyful life!


19. Congratulations on your birthday, beloved aunt! It’s a great fortune for me to be a part of your life. Thanks a lot for being my aunt and loving me unconditionally. Wishing you great health, love, and endless happiness! You’re the best!


20. You loved me as a mother, supported me as a friend and always were with me whenever I needed. Words are not enough to show you my gratitude. I love you aunt and wish you a wonderful birthday!

birthday wishes for aunt

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21. For me, you’re more than an aunt. You’re my mentor and sometimes a mother. I’m really grateful to have you in my life, my aunt. Happy birthday, aunt! Never feel alone because your niece is always here with you.


22. It’s a great thing to have such a wonderful aunt as you. Happy birthday! Continue to be this amazing and cheerful person. I hope your life forever be full of good things!


23. Today you’re celebrating your 40 years of life and I’m here to wish you a very happy birthday, dear aunt! I wish this phase of life brings a lot of happiness for you. May God accompany you and bless your life!


24. Congratulations aunt on your birth anniversary! You are one of the best parts of my life to whom, I know I can always count on. I hope God keeps on blessing your life and give you immense joy!


25. Happy birthday, aunt! You know how much I love you and respect you. You always have a very special place in my life. I hope today and always you be surrounded by the people you love. May happiness and peace be constant in your life!

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Warm Ways to Say Happy Birthday Auntie

26. I know I’m not the best nephew but you’re the best auntie that everyone wishes to have. I can never repay whatever you’ve done for me but I really want to do everything I can. Happy birthday!

happy birthday auntie


27. You’ve been present in all the important phase of my life. For me, you’re my mother by the heart. Happy birthday, auntie! Have an amazing day as amazing and beautiful as your golden heart!


28. Happy birthday, the auntie of my heart! I’ve always considered you as my mother because you gave me endless and unconditional love. Thanks a lot for being with me throughout my life! Have a nice day, auntie!


29. My dear auntie, congratulations to you on this very special day! Today, I want to tell you that, you’re an example of great companionship, true love and I respect you with all my heart. May you never lack love and peace! God bless you!


30. Beloved auntie, happy birthday! You are one of the most special women in my life and I want to see you happy always. Today is yours. So, enjoy every moment and make a lot of good memories! I love you!

birthday wishes for auntie


31. It’s a great thing to be a part of your life and to always have you around. Dear auntie, I love you so much! May nothing come to your life that bothers you or hurt you! Have a blessed and amazing birthday!


32. It’s a great day because the birthday of the person I love and respect so much has arrived. Happy birthday, auntie! Let’s have fun and welcome your new age in a grand way!


33. Congratulations my dear auntie on your birthday! You’re such an amazing person that I couldn’t wish for a better aunt. I hope the way of your life be full of good things! Have an enjoyable birthday!


34. In every situation good or bad, you always have a beautiful smile on your face which indicates that you have great faith in God. Dear auntie, happy birthday! May God continue to illuminates your way and grant you a happy life!


35. What a joy it is to celebrate another year of life of someone very close to heart. Happy birthday, auntie! Love, peace, and achievements are what I wish for you!

happy birthday quotes for auntie


36. It’s a day of love and satisfaction because today is the day to celebrate your another year of life. Happy birthday, auntie! There’s no word to express how happy I am to have you in my life. You are and will always be a very important part of my life.

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Best Birthday Messages for Aunt

37. Almost every person has aunty but I’m the luckiest person to have the most wonderful aunty ever! You are someone I respect, admire and love very much. Happy birthday, my beautiful aunty! Enjoy every moment of this special day!


38. I’m so thankful to God for putting me in this family with such a lovely person like you. Thanks, aunty for all your teachings and for guiding me to the best way. Happy birthday! I hope this new year of your life comes with a lot of health and tons of love!


39. Happy birthday to the most cheerful aunty! What I like the most about you is, you’re always so full of life. Continue to be this joyous person and always keep the beautiful smile on your face. Have a blissful and very enjoyable life!


40. Today is very special because it’s the birthday of one of my favorite people. Happy birthday, dear aunty! You’ve always inspired me and helped me to achieve my goal. Thanks for everything. I wish you a blessed life and just hope all your dream come true!

birthday wishes for aunty


41. Dear aunty, wish you a very happy birthday! You are kind, honest and true inspiration for me. I follow your footsteps and want to be like you. Today, I just hope, your life be filled with respect, gratitude, and lots of love!


42. Today is the day to celebrate in a grand way with much affection because it’s your birthday, aunty! Happy birthday! I wish today is the beginning of another fantastic and prosperous year! Have a great day!


43. Congratulations aunty for completing another year of life! Today, I want to wish you all the good feelings that exist in the world. I hope your life be filled with emotions, admirations, and achievements! Have a beautiful happy birthday!


44. Happy birthday, my warrior aunty! I taught from you, without any fear, how to face all the difficulties with the head held high. Continue to be this strong and loving person. Lots of love!

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45. Congratulations aunty for this new year of life! Today, I want you to know that you are the best. I love your personality and the way you love everyone. I hope, with each passing day, God give you more strength and happiness!

birthday quotes for aunty


46. My dear aunty, Happy birthday! You’re the person who’ve always listened to me, understood me and whom I can always trust. Our bond is pure and unbreakable. May God always keep me near you! Wishing you a great day!

birthday wishes for aunt


47. Many congratulations on your birthday, lovely aunty! You deserve all the best and I hope, today be marked as one the most beautiful days in your life. Be happy and enjoy your life today and always!


48. The magical date has come again. Happy birthday, sweet aunty! You deserve to be happy and the best things in life so don’t let anyone or anything hurt you. May God always protect you and grant you good health!


49. Your presence is one of the best gifts in my life, my dear aunty. You deserve a life full of blessings and lots of light. Thanks for always loving me as a child. Wishing you a birthday as wonderful as you!


50. For me, you are an example of a strong, intelligent, and kind women. Happy birthday, aunty! Keep in mind that your niece is always here at your side and you can count on me anytime. Love you, aunty!

birthday messages for aunty from niece

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51. I’m the proudest nephew in the world because I have a wonderful aunty like you. You’re a beautiful person inside and out and have a golden heart. Happy birthday, aunty! Have an awesome day with all your loved one!


52. Happy birthday, beloved aunty! May this date come again and again in your life and bring lots of love, affection, and joy! My best wishes for your coming years!


53. I’m very happy to be here to congratulate you for another birth anniversary. Happy birthday, aunty! I hope every day you get many reasons that make your heart smile and give you immense joy!


54. My dear aunty, many congratulations on your birthday! Though I’m not with you today, remember that you’re always in my heart. Receive my best wishes, love and the hug of congratulations. Love you and miss you, aunty!

happy birthday wishes for aunty


55. Happy birthday, my dearest aunty! My heartiest congratulations on your 40th birthday! I hope this new stage of your life will be more beautiful and you’ll get more reasons to be happy! Have a lovely and joyful day!

birthday wishes for aunty


Which of these amazing happy birthday aunty quotes are you going to use for your aunt’s big day? We know that choosing the right one can be tricky, but we also know that the perfect wish will help your aunt celebrate her big day and enjoy feeling loved by her family.

Let us know which one you chose, and if you have any other great birthday wishes for aunty to add to the list, we’d love to hear them.