40 “Missing You Mom” Quotes That Truly Reflect Your Heart

Missing mom is really hard, no matter if you have just moved across the country or she has passed away. When you want to show her how much she means to you and that you really miss her, then you may want to use missing mom quotes, as they are a great way to put into words how you really feel. These quotes will help you show your mom how much you love her, no matter your situation.


When You Wish You Were Closer Together

It can be really difficult to go from seeing your mom all of the time to barely seeing her due to a move. If you wish that you lived closer together, then you may want a miss you mom quote to express this. These missing my mom quotes are sure to make you realize how special your mom really is.

1. Being away from my mom is harder than anything I have had to handle.

missing mom quotes


2. Not living near my mom has taken a part of my heart.


3. There’s nothing like being near enough to your mom to feel her embrace when you need it most.


4. I miss having you near me when I am happy and when I need someone to hold me.


5. Mom, there’s nothing like your embrace when I need a loving touch.

missing my mom quotes


6. Even though we are far apart, Mom, I know that you hold me in your heart.

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7. There is no distance far enough to make me feel like I am ever without you.


8. Being away from you have shown me how important you are to my life.


9. Not seeing you every day has made a huge impact on me and I can’t wait to spend time with you again.

miss you mom quotes


10. There’s nothing so wonderful as a lazy afternoon spent in the company of your mother.


Missing Your Mother After Death

Perhaps even more difficult than missing your mother due to a move is when she has died and you can no longer call her to talk to her. When you read these missing my mom in heaven quotes you are sure to continue to miss her, but may feel a bit better. All of these miss you mom quotes will help you realize how special she is.

11. Not being able to hear your mother’s voice when you are sad and you need her the most is the biggest tragedy in life.


12. There are few things more lonely than a celebration without your mother.


13. When death has separated mother and child, then there is a sadness that can’t be overcome.

missing my mom in heaven quotes


14. Missing a mother who has died is something every child will carry with them to the grave.


15. The death of a mother is a pain that never goes away.

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16. Losing a mother is the worst feeling that a child can bear.


17. There is nothing harder than needing your mother and not being able to feel her hug.

missing mom quotes


18. The memory of a mother is especially precious after her death.


19. There is nothing that can take the place of a mother.


20. Needing your mom after her death creates an ache that is impossible to heal.


Missing Mom Quotes When You Haven’t Talked in Awhile

Sometimes life gets in the way and you simply can’t talk to your mom as much as you would like to. If you haven’t had time in your busy day to call your mom and touch base with her, then these missing my mom quotes will inspire you to reach out.

21. There’s no bad day that can’t be fixed by talking to your mom and telling her about your problems.

missing my mom quotes


22. Sometimes the best medicine is hearing your mom’s voice.


23. Talking to your mom at the end of a long day is better than a glass of wine.


24. Hearing your mom’s perspective always makes you feel better.


25. When you get to hear your mom’s opinion you can feel truly connected.

miss you mom quotes


26. Sometimes all you need to feel better and to really enjoy your life is your mom’s laughter.


27. Making your mom laugh is the best medicine and is sure to lighten your heavy burden.


28. Time spent talking to your mom is never wasted time.


29. When your heart is aching and you need to feel loved, then it’s time to call your mom.

missing my mom quotes


30. When you get to talk to your mom you can enjoy time standing still.


When You Need Some Advice From Mom

Sometimes, you just want to hear your mom’s opinion about something. Talking to her and getting her perspective can really bring things into focus. This is true no matter if she is down the street or you are looking for quotes about missing my mom in heaven.

31. A mother always has the best advice, no matter the problem you are facing.


32. There’s no problem that can’t be solved by talking to your mom.


33. When you need sound advice, then it’s time to call your mom and hear what she has to say.

missing my mom quotes


34. Taking your problems to your mom is the best way to feel better.


35. When you need a listening ear and great advice, then you need to talk to your mom.


36. There’s no problem that’s too big for your mom to handle.

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37. You’ll always feel better when you confront your problems with your mom.

miss you mom quotes


38. Your mom is always the best person to talk to when you’re in trouble.


39. Your mom’s advice is rarely wrong.


40. Getting advice from your mom is the best way to deal with a problem.

missing mom quotes


When you really miss your mom, then sometimes you need to express your feelings for her with a quote. It doesn’t matter how often you talk or how often you see her, it’s always good to share with her how you really feel about her with a loving missing mom quotes that comes right from the heart.