20 Best Child Support Quotes, Images and Sayings

Do you want to share child support quotes with your loved ones? These quotes could be a good way for you to relay a message about how a child can be supported. Additionally, you won’t be too astonished to find these quotes about supporting your child within classrooms and storybooks as gentle reminders to parents all over the world.

As curious and optimistic as children go, they are still exposed to various harms and negativity that exists in our world. This is why we compiled the following 20 quotes about supporting your child. We hope that after you read the quotes, you will remember how every little act of support can impact your child’s life greatly.


Child Support Quotes

child support quotes

When you support your child, you are showing them that you love them and care about them. These acts, as simple as they may seem, will allow your child to grow up feeling loved, happy and safe.

Parents can support their child by pushing them to do better and praising them when they achieve something. Teachers or other adults can support these children just the same by giving a helping hand and just positive support in general.

Children are, after all, innocent and precious, and should be protected at all costs. Do give the 20 quotes about supporting your child below a read, and remember to provide your children with the same level of support afterwards!

If you find any quotes about supporting your child that you like, you can also share them with other parents close to you, or just share them on your social media to remind your friends and family about it.

1.  The world may wear you down, but we will always be here to protect you from its harshest blows and take care of your wounds.


2.  Let children be children – let them run, let them fall and learn, but remember to nurse them when they come seeking you for help and support.


3.  A child’s youth is fleeting – be their pillars while you are still strong enough to support them.


4.  Encourage your kids and support them. You’ll find that they grow up to be what you believe them to be.


5.  Behind every child who believed in himself are his parents who believed in him and had faith in him first.


6. You’re young and adventurous. Travel far, and be happy, but know that when you need a break from it all, we are here to provide you a home wherein you will be cared for.


7.  Children are like blank sheets of paper. They will gain colorful marks or dark spots on them along the way, and the duty of a parent is to cover the dark spots with more colors.


8.   Speak affirming words to your child at the right moment and you’ll see that they light up with all the new possibilities they now face.


9.  Your child may be strong, smart, bright and everything else – but remember that they are still children, and will need your continuous guidance, love, and support.


10.  Let your children know that their effort is what that counts, not the results.


11.  Parents will always have more faith in their children than they do in themselves or in anyone else around them.


12.  A lot of what parents do aren’t glorified, but they most certainly lay a foundation in a child’s life. No matter what he does, his mother’s support will always be there.


13.  Every time you choose to encourage your child when he’s down, you are building a stronger support network for him.


14.  Babies learn to speak faster when their parents respond even to the random noises they make with actual dialogues. That’s how important a parent’s supportive response is.


15.  When you shower your child with love and give them the small nudge they need to go to the right direction, you are already doing more than enough as a supportive parent.


16.  An effort as simple as giving your child a hug every time he/ she feels down to show them your support can have effects beyond your expectations.


17.  Children are extremely malleable at their age. Support them and make them strive for better, or put them down for their mistakes and make them cold to everyone around.


18.  As a parent, always remember how you wanted to be supported as a child, and give them what your parents were unable to give you.


19.  A parent can only do so much for their own child; but a little support goes a long way.


20.  Let your child know that you have their back and watch their cute little smile light up their face.


Have you gone through all 20 of the quotes about supporting your child above? We hope that you have found them as good and gentle reminders for you to always support your children at what they do. Sometimes, a simple acknowledgement and encouragement is all they need to do far better than they thought they could.