25 Baby Kicking Memes for Mommys with Active Babies

If you are looking for baby kicking memes, I think we can all safely assume that you are a pregnant mother experiencing a baby’s kick. It’s either that or you are a friend of a pregnant woman looking for memes that she can relate to!

Indeed, motherhood is such a unique and beautiful experience that sometimes you can’t help but wonder at the entire process.


Memes for Baby Kicking in The Womb

Most mothers will, at one point, wonder if they have a kung fu baby in their wombs. These babies are kicking so much that this thought is almost reasonable! Your baby might not be able to appreciate these memes yet, but you can definitely show these memes about babies kicking in the womb to your friends who are also pregnant.

They will relate to these memes, trust us on this. Why not take a look at the baby kicking memes that we have compiled for you below? You can also read funny baby memes to improve your mood instantly.

1.Time To Make Mummy Uncomfortable!

funny baby kicking memes


2. Wake Up Michelle. Your Son Is Kicking You To The Curb.

hilarious baby kicking memes

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3. Kicking Back, Like A Boss.

baby kicking memes to laugh


4. Kick Kick. If You Don’t Kick Every Once In A While, They Get Worried.

baby kicking memes


5. My Baby Moves Every Time It Hears My Voice! Who’s That In The Dark? Help!!!

cute baby kicking memes


6. Guess Who’s Baby Girl, Keeps Kicking Her In The Bladder.


7. I Wonder If Counting Kicks Works The Same As Counting Sheep?


8. Play The Music Right Now. Or I’ll Kick You Again.


9. Don’t Kick Me Out Of Your Belly, Mom. I Promise, I Won’t Kick Again.


10. I’m Not Kicking You, Mom. Just Trying To Find A  Place To Hug You From The Inside…

funny baby kicking memes


11. Not Sure If The Baby Is Kicking Or Have To Shit

funniest baby kicking memes


12. Yeah, If You Could Stop Kicking Me In The Bladder, That Would Be Great.

baby kicking memes that make you laugh


13. Your 14, Your Suppose To Be Feeling Butterflies In Your Stomach, Not Baby Kicking.


14. Hello, Give Me The Phone. Otherwise, I’ll Kick Again.


15. Not Sure If Baby’s Kicking Or If That’s Just Gas.

hilarious kicking baby memes


16. The Baby Just Kicked Really Hard! He’ll Be A Kung Fu Master! Kick It Back!


17. Mom Is Touching The Belly? Time To Kick! Oh, It’s Dad? Stop.


18. I Could Sit Here And Enjoy The Little Guy’s Kicks All Day. So Sweet, Isn’t It? Hey, Doesn’t Anybody Feel Me Kicking In Here? Turn Up The TV…I Can’t Hear What Khloe Is Saying To Kim!


19. Do You Wanna Feel The Baby Kick? Wham.

baby kicking memes to laugh


20. Wait For It… But I’ve Been Waiting For Ten Minutes… It Kicked Again! Of Course… Right, When I Take My Hand Away…

baby kicking memes


21. Doesn’t Move All Day, Waits Until Mom Starts Freaking Out. Then Kicks Her Hard In The Ribs


22. Honey! Honey! The Baby’s Kicking! Leave My Wife Alone, You Son Of A Bitch!


23. I’m Practicing For The New-born Baby Olympics. There’s The Peek-a-boo Marathon…The Binky Toss…And The Ten Meter Crawl. I Sure Hope I Make The Team.


24. Can’t Wait Til It’s 2 am Again. That’s When I Go All Kung Fu Panda On Mom’s Bladder.

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25. Oh My God! Is The Earthquake Occurring? No Mom, I’m Kicking!

funny baby kicking memes


With all the kicks that you are getting, we sure hope that you are okay! Of course, we rejoice with you on the fact that your little baby is healthy and literally kicking. Now, however, there’s a slightly more pressing issue.

Did you find any baby kicking memes that you can relate to? If so, we hope that you will be sharing them with your other pregnant friends or new mothers as well!