45 Cry Baby Memes for the Frequent Cryer That You Know

If you are searching for cry baby memes, you probably have a friend or a sibling that cries at the smallest things. So, who do you have in mind right now? Do they need to stop crying so much? We’re sure they do.

Best Cry Baby Memes

Below, we have compiled quite a number of memes for crybabies – so find one that suits the person that you are looking for them for, and send it to them! It’s okay, friends and family members make fun of each other all the time – it’s nothing new and we all know it!

After all, whoever these memes are for probably cried way more than necessary if you have gone as far as to hunt for cry baby memes for them. Well, that might not be the case for everyone though.

1. What Do You Mean It’s Not Friday Yet?!

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2. Stop Saying Things I Don’t Like! Remove Your Post Now!

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3. Today’s Nice Day to Cry Like A Baby!!

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4. But… But I Don’t Wanna Go Back to School.

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5. The Moment You Realize That You Left Your Toys at Home.

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6. You People Are Mean to Me I’m Taking My Ball And Going Home!

7. I Just Came Here to Tell You That I Don’t Care.

8. Someone’s Being Mean to Me on The Internet.

9. *Bawwwl* I Can’t Get My Own Way All The Time.

10. Mom Told Me to Get A Life I Didn’t Listen!

11. I Don’t Like Your Country So I’m Not Voting For Your Song!

12. Not Sure If I Should Sleep Or Just Cry About Being Tired!

13. Stop Saying My God Isn’t Real You Mean Old Atheists!

14. But What If I Never Find Out Who’s A Good Boy?

15. You Hurted My Wittle Feelings!

16. It’s Monday Again!!!

17. When You Realize Spring Break Is Over!

18. What??!! Nap Time? But I Am Not Tired.

19. How Democrats, Get Their Way.

20. Stop Protecting The Rights of People That I Don’t Like!!!!

Funny Crying Baby Memes

Are you looking for a crying baby meme to show your displeasure at the start of yet another Monday? Or maybe you are the crybaby, looking for the appropriate memes to tell your friends that they are being so mean to you that you can’t help crying? Whatever the case, we have plenty of cry baby memes for you to choose from to share with anyone you want to send it to!

21. You Don’t Wanna Workout with Me?!

22. I Made A Post No One Liked It.

23. I Miss You So Much I Can’t Stop Crying!!!

24. You Can’t Always…… Get What You Want!

25. I See My Mom Without Make-up…. And I Got Scared.

26. It’s Not Fair They Cheated.

27. Tax Season Got Me Like…

28. That Face When You See Your Favourite Food Being Eaten by Someone Else.

29. Your Face When You Hear Justin Bieber’s “Baby”.

30. When Somebody Repost Your Pic And Get More Likes Than You Did!

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31. I Lost My Job BUHUUUUU!

32. It’s 4 pm Friday And You Need A 250k Page Doc Production Monday.

33. Did you want to Sleep All Night? Allow Me to Sing You The Song of My People.

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34. That Moment When He Realizes He Has No Idea What He’s Mad About!

35. I Wouldn’t Let David Electrocute Himself So I’m The Asshole!

Weird Cry-Baby Memes

So, are you the crying baby, or are you the person looking for memes for your crybaby friend and/or family members? Whichever side you are on, we hope that you will enjoy browsing through the collection of cry-baby memes below and share them on your social media, and be sure to dedicate it to them by dedicating the person concerned!

36. Why Can’t I Drink Beer?? This Is So Unfair…

37. Why? Why? Why Did We Go For Two?

38. Waah… Mommy! She Gave My Post A Bad Rating.

39. I Wouldn’t Let Him Eat The Rest of The Football.

40. The Look on Urban Meyer’s Face When He Loses A Recruit.

41. I Got My Phone Taken Away!

42. I Borrowed Money And They Expect Me to Pay It Back.

43. The Call Me Cry Baby And It’s True.

44. Cry With Me, You Idiot You Know You Want To.

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45. But Mom I Want to Be A Rapper!

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Have you decided which cry baby meme you are going to send to your friends and family? If you can’t choose, you can send them a few at once – as long as the memes still relate to them! So, what are you waiting for? Start sending and sharing!