30 Sleeping Baby Memes That Are Definitely Worth Sharing

Have you seen how babies look like when they are sleeping? They look so at peace, so innocent and adorable – it’s difficult not to love them!

However, just like us adults, these babies can have lots of cute antics and patterns when they sleep – just like in these sleeping baby memes! It’s alright if you don’t get it now. You’ll understand as you scroll down later on.


Sleeping Baby Memes to Brighten Up Your Day

Babies always look like they are sleeping really well when they are deep in sleep. When we are tired from work, we would definitely wish that we can be resting well just like the next few sleeping baby memes!

On the other hand, you might find yourself some memes featuring sleeping babies that will show just how tired you are. Some babies fall asleep in the weirdest positions, while others fall asleep while they are in the middle of a task! We can all relate to these sleeping baby memes – that’s for sure.

So, which sleeping baby do you feel like today? Do you feel like the baby sleeping with a smile because it’s a weekend and you don’t need to wake up early? Or are you relating more with the sleeping baby memes that show you asleep where you shouldn’t be?

Whatever the case, there will definitely be a few memes about sleeping babies that you will relate to as you browse through them.

1. When You Look at Your Alarm Clock And See You Have An Extra 20 Minutes To Sleep.

sleeping baby memes


2. How I Sleep When I Think About How Good God Has Been to Me.

memes about sleeping baby


3. I’ll Sleep, I’ll Sleep. I’ll Wake up And Fall Asleep!

memes for sleeping baby


4. You Wanted to Sleep All Night? Allow Me to Sing You The Song of My People.

famous sleeping baby memes


5. Put Me Down! This Is Not The Lion King And You Are Not Mufasa.

best memes for sleeping baby


6. How I Sleep Knowing I’m Single & Nobody Cheating on Me. I Should Probably Sleep LOL!


7. How I Sleep Knowing That I’m Sleeping And I Ain’t Slept Since The Last Time I Slept So Now I’m Sleeping And I’m Just Happy to Be Asleep.


8. I Love Sleeping Because Dreams Are Way Better Than Reality.


9. I love Sleep Because I Forget about, Pain, Problem, Stress, Everything for A While!


10. Shhh! He Doesn’t Know Yet That in 175348 hours He Has to Wake up And Go to Work.


11. Waking up in The Middle of The Night And Realizing You Still Have Time to Sleep.


12. FAIL!


13. I’ll Be Home Early.


14. No, Seriously Tell Me More. You’re So Interesting!


15. When Your Friend Gotta Skip Class for Something So You Sign Them in. I Love You So Much Get Some Rest I GOT US!


16. Think I’ll Start Crying at 5 pm for No Reason!

funny memes for sleeping baby


17. When You Fart in A Crowded Elevator And Everyone Thinks It Was Your Dad.

hilarious sleeping baby memes


18. Good Job, Dude..


19. I Don’t Know What You’re Putting in These Bottles But Keep Em Comin’


20. Dear Bed, You Are My True Love!


21. Hey Guys….. Its Cold Out Here Put Me Back In.


22. After This Bottle I Am Going to Need A Ride to My Crib.


23. When Your Mom Calls You And Asks You to Take out The Trash, But You’re Pretend Sleeping. Then A Minute Later You Hear Her Tell Your Sibling to Take Out the trash, So Now You’re Like…


24. What? You Want Me to Sleep Through The Night Tonight? Eeeerrrrrrrrr… No.


25. That Moment When All of Your Dues Are Cleared.


26. Who Dared to Wake up The Lion?


27. Yo Yo… We Can Sleep Anytime We Wish.


28. Don’t Talk to Me Right Now… I Was Up All Night Keeping My Parent’s Awake And I’m Exhausted…


29. I Don’t Even Know How I Got Back to My Crib Last Night.

famous sleeping baby memes


30. How I Sleep Knowing Most of My Coworkers Hate Me.

funny memes about sleeping baby


Remember, it’s not just you who can relate to these sleeping baby memes! Your friends and family will most likely relate well to them as well, so be sure to share your favourite sleeping baby memes with them!