8 Simple Tips To Stop a Baby From Crying

Parents everywhere have been coming up with tricks to stop a baby from crying. They have sought the advice of their parents, their friends, doctors and other professionals. What it basically comes down to is that each baby is unique and not all soothing techniques will work for every baby.


Tips To Stop a Crying Baby

When a baby starts crying it seems they would cry forever! Then we try everything we can to stop a baby from crying. Here are some tips to make it easier for you.

Hold Baby Close

Babies seek comfort from those that they are most familiar with. Cradling the baby against your body will help them feel secure and safe; this will help calm them down. Baby slings are an excellent way for parents and caregivers to keep the baby cradled close to their body and still have their hands free to do other tasks.

make babies stop crying


Sing a Lullaby

Babies are many times soothed by hearing a recognizable tune being softly sung. Routines are key to soothing a baby so if there is a specific song that triggers smiles and giggles, that will become the go to song for a cranky, crying baby. Some parents turn of their music, sing and dance with their baby until the crying fit has ended.


Feed Baby

Many times crying can signal that the baby is hungry. Since they cannot speak, this is their way of communicating with their parents and letting them know that they are hungry. A bottle will sometimes do the trick. If the baby has been started on solid food, give a bottle and add some pureed fruits or vegetables after their bottle.


Pacify Baby

Babies are calmed by a sucking motion; this includes breastfeeding, bottles, pacifiers and thumbs. Many parents do not want to start using the pacifier because they fear having to take it away in the future. They also are afraid that constant use of the pacifier will cause harm to the baby’s teeth.


Burp Baby

Gas builds up in the baby’s stomach and causes severe discomfort. The baby will cry and be inconsolable. After every feeding the baby needs to be gently burped to express the excess gas in their stomach. Gently pat the baby on the back or rub circles on their back or stomach until they burp.


Check Baby’s Diaper

A dirty diaper will cause a baby to be uncomfortable and cry. With them being in discomfort, they will become cranky and unwilling to quiet down until they are changed into a clean, dry diaper.


Rock Baby

The rocking motion will comfort the baby and soothe him. Parents and caregivers can take a breather out of their day, sit and rock the baby until he calms down. Once baby is fed, burped and changed and he is still inconsolable, then rocking may be the thing that quiets him down.

Parents have also been known to strap the baby into the car and go for a drive to calm down. The motion of the car is very soothing and the drive also helps mom and dad to relieve stress.



Many parents are unsure of swaddling. They are worried that the swaddling will be too tight or is uncomfortable for the baby. It helps the baby feel secure and keeps them from flailing their arms and legs and working themselves up into a frenzied crying fit. The baby should be wrapped snuggly so that their arms and legs cannot come free.