These 11 White Boy Haircuts Are 2024 Trends

Every parent should consider these white boy haircuts as they know that the right haircut will make their son look great.

These haircuts are great options, regardless of the boy’s hair color, hair length, or how thick their hair is. Choosing the best cut is just a matter of preference, which is why having options is so important.


Latest Hairstyles for White Boys

Having the right haircut will make any white boy feel much more confident about himself.

This is why parents and their sons need to work together to choose the best haircut for his face shape, personality, and activity level. A little consideration before a cut ensures that boys make a smart decision.

1. Fade with a Hard Part for Boys

white boy haircut

A great fade with longer hair on top allows the boy to push the hair over to one side. This white boy fade haircut combined with a hard side part keeps the hair stylish and out of the way.

It’s a great option for boys who want something that looks great every day and won’t make them stand out too much.


2. Longer and Curly

white boy with long curly hair

Curly hair looks great when it is worn to the chin or shoulders and when the hair is allowed to show some of its natural curls.

Growing the bangs longer so that they aren’t in the face is key to making sure that this style looks good and ensure that it doesn’t require a lot of care during the day.


3. Shorter Mohawk

white boy mohawk haircut

Boys love mohawks and fauxhawks, but not all boys need to have one that is very long.

This shorter option is a bit edgier than other traditional white boy haircuts but is still very easy to take care of and is also appropriate for school. It’s a fun way for boys to express their personality.

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4. Boy’s Comb Over

pompadour for white boys

A lot of thick and long hair on the top of the head look exceptional when it is pushed straight back from the face. A high fade on the sides is key to ensuring that this look is sleek and that it doesn’t look messy.

White boys can add volume to the look with a bit of product and by carefully brushing or combing the hair into place.


5. Quiff

white boy with quiff haircut

This is one of the most popular white boy hairstyles and for good reason. It looks great on most little boys and is a fun way for them to experiment with the product.

Shorter sides make the slightly longer bangs pop. Boys can easily push them up and over to the side for a simple and casual look.


6. Longer Bangs in the Face

A high fade that leaves plenty of longer hair on the top of the head is a great candidate for this style. The longer hair is pushed forward from the back of the head so that the bangs fall in the face.

It looks great when there are strong lines cut around the face so that the looser and longer bangs are the focal points.


7. Shorter Bowl Cut for Boys

A simple cut that shows the ears, but doesn’t have a fade looks great when paired with bangs. This hairdo for white boys is traditional and looks great on all boys, no matter their face shape or how thick their hair is.


Since it doesn’t require the use of products in the morning, it’s a great cut for getting out the door quickly.


8. Flowing Locks to the Shoulders

white boy long haircut

Straight locks that are kept the longer flow from the head to the shoulders, and can be quite striking.

This look is great on white boys who have a thinner face and enough hair that it will have plenty of body without falling flat. Adding some highlights to the hair can show off its natural beauty.


9. Spiked Top with Undercut for Boys

A really high fade that leaves length on top is the perfect candidate for spiking the hair.

The spikes can be pushed straight up or slightly to the front of the head, depending on a boy’s personal preference. It’s easy to change up this white boy haircut by bleaching the tips of the hair for some added interest.

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10. Messy Medium Locks

messy hairstyle for white boys

Medium locks look great when they are messy and mussed up around the head.

As long as the bangs are kept short enough so that they don’t fall over the eyes, then this is an easy style that doesn’t require a lot of work to keep it looking its best. It works best with thicker hair.


11. Bold Color on the Top

white boy haircut with colors

Adding bold color to the top of a great fade with strong lines creates a modern and shocking hairstyle for white boys.

This look is great for boys who are a bit older and are willing to spend more time keeping their hair dyed and perfectly trimmed into shape, as it does require regular upkeep to keep it looking great.


Any of these 11 white boy hairstyles are great options for a white boy who needs a new style. They’re easy to take care of and will add some personality and interest to how a boy looks.