When and How To Brush Baby Teeth – Gums, Once Teeth Appear and For Older Babies

Oral health is very important to a person’s overall well-being. Even baby teeth need to be properly cared for and deciding when to brush baby teeth should be addressed even before the baby teeth present above the gum line.

When To Brush Baby Teeth – Start with the Gums

Well before the first tooth makes an appearance oral health should be taken seriously. It is best to get into the habit of wiping the baby’s gums with gauze or a soft washcloth after eating or during bath time. Wrap the gauze or cloth around your index finger and gently rub over the gums.

Once Teeth Appear

When the first tooth appears, baby’s gums will still be sensitive and need gentle care. Use only a baby toothbrush as the bristles are very soft and will not irritate the gums. Using a small amount of a fluoride toothpaste on the baby toothbrush gently brush the inside and outside of each tooth. Also brush the tongue to remove any bacteria. There is no need to rinse the baby’s mouth as the amount of toothpaste is so small it will not be harmful to the baby. The toothbrush will need to be replaced often to ensure that the bristles do not wear or become stiff and painful to the baby.

When To Brush Baby Teeth

When To Brush Baby Teeth

Older Babies

As the baby gets older, start having them hold the toothbrush with you while brushing their teeth. This allows them to feel like a part of the ritual and gives them an understanding of how important oral hygiene is for everyone. As soon as all the baby teeth come in, it is a good idea to start teaching them about flossing and after brushing their teeth begin flossing between each tooth.

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