20 Cute and Adorable Toddler Haircuts for Thin Hair

Having a toddler with thin hair can be a pressing issue for parents who want to select a good hairstyle for their babies. Most parents go blank when trying to think about the possible hairstyles that their cute little toddler can get with thin hair!

In reality, there are actually quite a number of haircuts available for toddlers with thin hair.

Beautiful Hairstyles for Toddlers with Thin Hair

Here are some haircuts you can consider for your thin-haired toddlers:

1. Combed to the Sides

toddler haircut with combed side for thin hair

Toddlers with thin hair will look like prim and proper little children with this neat hairstyle. When you give a gentle comb to your toddler’s hair, the hair will retain its natural fluffiness but still be directed towards the side that you intended. The resulting neat look will override the thin hair texture that you want to avoid!

2. Little Braid Patterns

toddler haircut with braids for thin hair

Guess what element will attract more attention than thinning hair? Special textures and patterns! Little braids like this work best for little girls, and you can style these braids in any way that you like. For best effects, you should segment your toddler’s hair into big portions instead of smaller ones.

3. Center Curls

toddler haircut with centre curls

You might have seen curly-haired babies before, but this must be one of the rare firsts for you! Thin-haired baby boys with curly hair can keep their curls longer in the middle. It might look like a curly Mohawk hairstyle!

4. Bangs with Curls

Bangs with Curls for thin haired toddler

Isn’t this a pretty picture to look at? You would barely notice that this child has thin hair until you actually pay attention to it! Cut bangs for your toddler just above his or her brows. Match these bangs with loose curls on the side. This haircut would look just beautiful for your thin-haired toddler!

5. Spike It Up the Front

front spikes for thin hair

Your toddler’s hair may be a lot thinner at the top, exposing the scalp. This may not be an ideal appearance to some, but there’s a way to cover it up!

Toddlers with some fringe can comb their hair in an upward spike, hiding any exposed scalp behind it and keeping the focal point on the sharp little spike. It also makes your toddler look sporty, active and adorable!

6. Cute Ponytail

ponytail for toddler with thin hair

Thin hair or not, toddlers will always look super cute with their hair tied up like this! While ties like this will definitely show that your toddler has thin hair, this hairstyle for toddlers with thin hair is best for parents who embrace their toddler’s entire self – thin hair and all.

7. Short Spikes Upwards

toddler haircut with short spikes

Long hair might show the empty scalp areas much more than it should, so you can opt for shorter, spikier hair. Spiky little boy hairstyles will give toddlers with thin hair the appearance of thicker hair – even if it’s not. Brush the spikes upwards for a better effect.

8. Wild & Curly

curly toddler girl haircuts for thin hair

Curly hair will not look thin if you leave it to grow out long and wild! The curls will amass around your toddler’s head, clearing away any hints of thin hair. Match your toddler’s cute curly hairdo with a hairband to enhance his or her cuteness!

9. Combed Down the Sides

Comb your toddler’s thin hair with its natural flow. Usually, this is done in a downwards direction, fringe and all. The natural flow of your toddler’s hair will give him or her a gentle appearance bound to distract anyone away from the fact that it’s a disguise for thin hair!

10. Tie it Up with Accessories

See the effect of hair accessories on your toddler’s hair? You will be so focused on how cute this toddler looks that you will not even notice that this toddler has thin hair. Natural curls and loose bangs will enhance the thick hair effect as well.

11. Simple Short Spikes

toddler boy short spike haircuts for thin hair

Another easy way to disguise your baby’s thin hair is by using short little spikes! When you cut your toddler’s hair short, his hair might turn spiky – depending on his hair texture.

If your toddler has a tougher hair texture, you can be sure that there will be spikes! These will fare well in creating a thicker hair look for your toddler.

12. Tie it Up with a Crown

adorable toddler haircuts for thin hair

Give your toddler a princess look with a simple accessory – a crown. You can tie up your toddler’s hair to look like a ponytail or a bun and place a tiny crown just in front of the hair band. This haircut will hide how thin your toddler’s hair is where it is tied!

13. A Little Fohawk

It’s the same trick over and over again – creating a focal point! This haircut will work with medium-length thin hair. Just spike it up in the middle and watch the magic happen!

14. Short Bangs

short bangs for toddler girls

With bangs above the eyebrow level, any toddler will look cute! This haircut will give the toddler the appearance of really fluffy hair. That is certainly the exact opposite of thin hair, isn’t it?

15. Prim & Proper

When all out of ideas, you can leave your toddler’s hair as it is, and comb it neatly! With a neat appearance, the thin hair issue could be easily overlooked. Just be sure to keep the hair short! Longer hair tend to being out the thin hair even more.

16. Pretty Pigtails

Look at those cute pigtails! When a toddler’s hair is still short like this, your toddler can easily maintain a really adorable look with only two hairbands. Little babies can always hide their thin hair by diverting attention to these cute tails!

17. Gel It Up

toddler boy haircuts for thin hair

Sometimes, your efforts are just not enough when you want to hide your toddler’s thin hair. However, this can still be done with some other items’ help! As an example, you can use hair gel to fix a spike in place. This works best if you have already seen how the spike can disguise your toddler’s thin hair!

18. Bun It Up & Bow It

Get your toddler’s thin hair texture all tied up into a ballerina-like bun, and finish the look with a cute ribbon! Little girls look the cutest with tiny bows on their hair, but big ones like this will be the focal point instead of your child’s hair. As such, feel free to add accessories to your toddler’s hairdo.

19. Just A Small Flick

toddler haircuts for thin hair

If you are worried that your baby’s thin hair can be seen through from the front, there’s an easy solution! Simply flick your baby boy’s hair upwards a little at the front and you’re all good to go. This little flick will help you to hide your baby’s thin hair look. Instead, it will keep the focus on that tiny cowlick!

20. Cute Curls

toddler curly haircut for thin hair

What better way to hide a thin head of hair than to make it look thick? It can be done just by curling your toddler’s hair outwards, causing your toddler’s hair to look super fluffy and thicker than it actually is.

We hope that these hairstyle ideas for toddlers with thin hair have helped you to decide which hairstyle you can get for your toddler.

Remember, creating an alternative focus point with hair tie-ups, accessories, spikes, and curls is generally a good idea! If you want to get more content like this from us, keep our page bookmarked for more!