Toddler Boy with Curly Hair: Top 23 Haircuts + Maintenance

It’s an art to deal with the curly hair of your toddler boy. Usually, it’s hard for the parents to decide what kind of look they should set on a child to make him look fashionable.

Many parents may already know what kind of look their kids may look great in but at the same time, your toddler is raising his voice against your wish.

curly haircut for toddler boys

What to do when your kid is not getting satisfied with the old traditional look? What if they need something out of the box which can make them stand out in terms of fashion and looks? Here we are with the few curly haircuts for toddler boys.


What to Pick for Your Toddler Boy with Curly Hair

toddler boy curly haircut

If your handsome boy is not a baby anymore and you can call him a toddler now then here we are to help you pick up the right styles for his curly hair. From razor lines to keeping them open, you can choose anything for your baby. Help them in wearing any style with confidence and pride.

At the time of picking any style for your baby, make sure it’s according to their face cut and must be trendy haircuts. Above all, if your toddler is liking it or not?


When to Cut and How Often?

curly haircut for toddler boy

You should take your toddler for the haircut in every 3 months. Due to the rough edges and to enhance the growth it’s important to trim.

When it’s time for a cut always make sure you are consulting to someone who knows how to deal with curly hair and ask for their recommendation as well.

Due to the sulfate shampoos, your toddler’s hair may get rough. Normally you should take your kid to the salon for the cut in 3 months.



The maintenance of curly hair needs little attention as compared to silky hair because it may get tangled and if you will not tame time to time then it will become rough and you won’t be able to do any curly hairstyles for kids. Stop washing your toddler’s hair every day with shampoo, instead use shampoo in 2-3 days.

Don’t use a fluffy towel on curly hair, as it makes hair rough. Use some t-shirt and lightly dry their hair. Always find a stylist who must be experienced in cutting when it comes to curly hair and don’t forget oiling of course.


Trendy Toddler Boy Haircuts for Curly Hair

Following are the trendiest haircuts you can incorporate with your toddler boy’s curly hair. Style up your little guy like a pro.

1. Kids Mohawk with Curls

mohawk curls for toddler boy

Mini Mohawk curls is a style which can do justice to your toddler’s curly hair. The natural curl will remain same and mini Mohawk cut will give them a new and trendy look.

In curly hair, Mohawk is going to look fascinating. This Mohawk cut will give your kid a sporty and funky look.


2. Tapered Cut

toddler boy's tapered haircut

This curly haircut is especially for the toddler boys whose curls are not tamed and you have to spend lots of time just to control the hair.

Tapering will be from both sides as well as from the neck. In this way, hair can be kept away from the face.

Tapered cut is an ideal style to tame the toddler’s curly hair.

Classic Straight Haircuts for Toddler Boys


3. Faded Part Haircut

faded part haircut for toddler boy

The faded part haircut is suitable for the toddlers who like to keep their hair into two parts.

In this haircut, your kid will get a straight side part with the help of razor and little trimming to tame the curls. This is an absolutely cool style for your baby.

Faded part haircut is just not suitable for the formal events but for the casual parties too.


4. Ivy League

ivy league hairstyle for toddler boy

What’s going to be best than the Ivy League style for your toddler when he has a sporty personality?

This toddler boy haircut with curls is going to make your child super happy and stylish as well. This cut will make your toddler a dapper with the gentle look.

Ivy league can be done in any kind of hair. Your toddler is just not going to look like a good boy but a gentleman.


5. Natural Curls with Razor Line

natural curly hairstyle for toddler boy

This is quite trendy and stylish cut for the boys. The clean and soft sides with razor line on one side are going to make your kid look not less than a gentleman. The volume of the hair must be in the middle of the head.

A must adopt look for your toddler, experiment with the hairstyle this year.


6. High Bald Fade

High bald fade is best for the toddlers with thick hair. If your baby boy’s hair has thick texture and you are trying to control them then high bald fade is best.

All you need is to remove the hair from sides and single razor line on both sides. This will make your toddler hair easy to handle. High bald fade is a perfect look to define summer look of your child


7. Comb Over for Boys

Curly Comb Over hairstyles for toddler boy

Comb over is such a simple cut which is absolutely in the trend for the toddlers. When your kid is trying to be simple and you think that’s what he wants, then go for the comb-over. This style is perfect for formal events.

Comb over is just not trending in adults but also in kids. Give a new coolest look to your toddler this season.


8. Toddler Boy’s Undercut Style

This toddler boy’s curly haircut is usually best for the boys who are into sports. The sides will be shaved and there will be heavy comb-over in the middle. This is suitable for toddlers with thick strength and whose hair is healthy.

The undercut is one of the cutest styles for your toddler to make them look more innocent.


9. High Fade Shape Up

High Fade Shape Up for baby boys

This is a fresh and easy style to maintain for the boys. Who says it’s hard to maintain the curly hair? With this haircut, it will be much easier and your toddler is going to look amazing. It’s a short and simple style
to deal with.

A simple hairstyle for the boys who like to keep everything simple.


10. High Top Afro

high top afro hairstyle for toddler boy

Here is the cutest curly haircut for toddler boys. Kids with such a funky personality and who likes to lose themselves into the music, this is just the right choice for them.

Comb them over and give your toddler a look of Afro. This is a must adopt party style and definitely, people are going to praise your styling skills.

Afro is such a traditional and amazing look for the curly hair. The best cut for your party freak toddler.


11. Long and Messy

curly haircut for toddler boys

Sometimes your toddler boy’s curly hair is simply too cute to want to tame. Instead, you can let it fall into his face and around the head. Make sure it’s not too long so it doesn’t obscure his eyes.


12. Dense and Tight

curly hairstyle for toddler boys

If your toddler has dense and tight curls then let them grow out a little so you can show them off.  This style frames the head and is quite voluminous. 

The hair is controlled so it doesn’t fall onto the forehead. The sides are cut just above the ears.


13. Bangs Hairdo

toddler boy curly hair with bangs

There’s something about bangs that always makes little kids look so adorable! Brush some hair onto your son’s forehead in a side bangs style.

Keep it wispy so you don’t cover too much of his face. The rest of the hair can fall around the head and cover some of the ears.


14. Blonde Locks

toddler boy with curly blonde hair

Blonde curls can often be difficult to see due to how light the hair is. This is why you shouldn’t style these curls too neatly. Let them stand up tall and somewhat messy.

Control the hair at the hairline to keep it out of your little one’s face.


15. Squared Look

toddler black boy with short curly hair

Older black boys often wear a trendy look where the hair is slightly squared. The sides are short and the top is flat.

It takes pretty tight curls to pull this look off effectively. These curls are also softer than you usually see in this haircut.


16. Large Curls

toddler boy curly hair

Some toddler boys have a looser curly hair pattern. This creates large loops in the hair that you can style.

Let the hair on the sides fan out and curve upwards. Style the front of the hair so that it stays out of the face.


17. Sparse Combover

toddler boy with curly hair

Very young toddlers often have bald spots you may wish to cover up. You can comb some of the hair over as you see with the bangs here. It covers any thinner areas.

The rest of the locks are let stay loose and form their natural pattern.


18. Long Red Locks

toddler boy with long red curly hair

Red hair is so vibrant that you’re definitely going to want to show it off. Let the hair grow long and past the chin.

Make the bangs slightly shorter to add some definition. The texture of the hair is very wild and free to help enhance the look.


19. Long Tendrils

toddler black boy with long curly hair

It’s common for parents of little black boys to define different strands of the hair. Liberally use curl-enhancing products and leave-in conditioners.

Consider “curl training” where you twist the hair to form specific curl clumps when wet. Untwist it when dry and the sections will be defined.


20. Neat Brown Curls

toddler boy with curly brown hair

One thing a lot of parents want to do is make the hair look neater. You can do this by keeping the sides pretty short.

Use some product to make the hair on top sleeker and help it stay in place. No need to smooth down flyaway hairs.


21. Forward Brushed

toddler boy with medium curly hair

Looser hair textures allow easier styling. Brush the hair forward from the crown of the head. Let it fall onto the forehead.

Keep the sides short and brush them in a downward motion so they appear straighter.


22. Graduated Cut

toddler boy with white blonde curly hair

Make sure your toddler’s blonde locks stand out by getting him a graduated cut. The hair is shortest around the bangs. It gets a little longer near the ears.

It’s longest at the back of the neck where it brushes your son’s collar. This graduated effect lets the hair frame the head and grab your attention.


23. Long and Thin

toddler boy with thin curly hair

Thinner hair should be worn longer so it looks your son has more hair. Here it comes midway between the chin and the shoulders.

The hair on top of the head is left a little messy so there’s no parting visible. There are also some layers in the hair to add the illusion of thickness.


Curly hair just needs proper attention and right kind of haircut to control. Curly hair is sensitive and that’s why one should always use baby shampoo on toddler hair instead of high chemical shampoos.

Always experiment with your toddler’s hair to make them feel different all the time but make sure that the change is good and with the consent of your child. Take Inspiration from these toddler boy haircuts with curly hair.