The Perfect Time To Stop Breastfeeding – How To Do It

Every baby will stop breastfeeding at different ages and it is the decision of the mother to stop. So when a mother asks when to stop breastfeeding, it is really their decision. Weaning takes patience and determination if the child is not quite ready.


Forced Weaning

If the child is not willing to wean from the breast, some mothers will do a forced weaning and start drying their milk supply up so that the child will not have a choice any longer. The child should be eating a larger amount of solid food prior to doing a forced weaning. They should also be drinking from a cup or bottle.

Some mothers will stop breastfeeding cold turkey, not allowing the child to nurse after a certain day. This can be painful for both the mom and the child. The child could feel a sense of abandonment and loss while the mom will feel physical pain from not nursing.

Other mothers will slowly wean the child by only allowing the child to nurse a few times a day instead of at will. This takes longer for the milk to dry up but it is less harsh on the child.


Natural Weaning

Mothers will take a more laid back approach on weaning from the breast by allowing the child to determine when they are ready to wean. This method allows the child to control the weaning process and the child is more willing to switch to a bottle or cup because it is when they are ready.

Once the child starts eating solid foods, the mother should start slowly weaning the child from the breast. As the child eats more solid food, they will rely less on mom for their food supply. Start reducing the number of times breastfeeding happens each day.

Remember that during the weaning process, the child will need a lot of cuddling and reassurance. Sometimes the weaning process will give the child anxiety and they will need a lot of extra love and patience from everyone in the family.