25 Fun Ideas to Make Second Baby Announcement

Every parent knows that babies are exciting and worth a celebration. To ensure that a second baby is celebrated just as much as a first baby was, parents need to spend some time choosing the right words for second baby announcement.

Being able to include a first-born child in the excitement of a second pregnancy ensures that the whole family is able to celebrate together.


Best 2nd Baby Announcement Ideas

Everyone in the family will want to get in on the excitement of announcing a second pregnancy. For that reason, parents need to consider how they can include an older child and even a family pet.

Making sure that everyone can participate will keep harmony in a family and build excitement about the upcoming baby.

Since older siblings can sometimes be jealous about a baby, making sure to include them in choosing and executing the announcement is a good idea. Check these ideas to keep it simple.

1. Chalk it Up

second baby announcement ideas

Older siblings who are able to write clearly can write out a message about becoming a big sister or a big brother.

The bright colors of chalk, the fun news, and the childish writing make this a great option for families who want a fun way to spread the news and who want to make sure that they are doing everything they can to include their other child.


2. “Expiring” T-Shirt

expiring t-shirt ideas for 2nd baby announcement

Sharing the good news on a t-shirt makes it easy for younger children to take part in the second baby announcement. This is a great way to include siblings who are still too young to write their own message.

Once parents have confirmed the due date, then it’s easy to print a shirt that says “only child expiring” with the due date underneath it. This fun shirt is sure to get a few laughs from family and friends.


3. “Big Sibling” T-Shirt

big sibling t-shirt ideas for 2nd pregnancy announcement

A similar option that is a bit more understated will still get the point across. Making the older child a shirt that says “big sister” or “big brother” and then taking their picture for the announcement is a cute option.

It may take family and friends a few minutes of looking at the picture to fully understand what they are seeing, but when they do, they are all sure to be excited.


4. Promotion Sign

second baby announcement ideas

Becoming a big brother or a big sister can be thought of as a promotion, and making a sign that states that the older sibling is getting a promotion are a cute idea.

The sign simply needs to say “I’m getting promoted to big brother/sister!”, and everyone who sees the picture will quickly realize the wonderful news and will be able to celebrate with the happy family.


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5. Dr. Seuss Outfits

Dr. Seuss outfit ideas for announcing 2nd baby

Most people have heard of Thing 1 and Thing 2, and that’s why this idea of 2nd pregnancy announcement is so cute and popular.

Making an outfit that fits the older child and says “Thing 1” across the front is the first step.

Parents then need to make a onesie that says “Thing 2” across the front. Taking a picture with the 2 outfits will quickly let everyone in on this exciting secret.


6. It’s Simple Addition

This announcement takes a little editing work after the picture to get the point across but is a fun way to announce a new baby.

The mom, holding her bump, stands next to the dad holding the baby. Adding in a “+,” “=,” and a “4” completes the equation.

The final announcement will read that the mom + the dad and baby = 4, clueing everyone in that mom is pregnant.


7. Child Holding the Sonogram

2nd baby announcement ideas

Sonograms are instantly recognizable, which is why they are so popular to include in baby announcements.

Rather than taking a picture of the sonogram and sending it to friends or family, parents can have their older child hold the picture.

If the child is too young to hold it correctly then leaning it against them or having it poke out of their back pocket is another great idea.


8. Write it in the Sand

Families who live by the beach or love to vacation at the beach can easily write their baby announcement in the sand.

The older child can help by gathering shells, rocks, or toys to decorate the announcement and add some color and flair to it. A simple photo of the scene makes for a great announcement.


9. To-Do List

Writing a to-do list for a child on a large bulletin board or wall and then taking a picture of them checking off all of the items is another cute option.

The last item on the to-do list needs to be “become a big sister” or “become a big brother.” This makes a great photo to put on a 2nd baby announcement and is sure to be a favorite.


10. Embrace the Holiday

The great thing about announcing a second baby around a holiday is being able to use some of the props or decorations in the announcement.

For Halloween, parents can set out two larger pumpkins to represent them, a medium pumpkin for their first born, and then a smaller pumpkin for the baby.

A simple picture of this vignette with a sign about the “little pumpkin’s” due date completes the announcement.


11. Reading a Book

There are plenty of kid books geared towards children learning how to be a great older sibling.

A simple shot of the first born child reading one of these books by themselves or with a parent is a fast and fun way to get the point across and to help start preparing the child for the responsibility and fun that comes with having a younger sibling.

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12. Embrace Video Games

Families who play video games together know the importance of having a player 2 to help the player 1 be successful. Two game controllers, one held by the older child, and the other resting on the floor, will help to get the point across.

Printing “Player 1 is ready and waiting on Player 2” will make the excitement even more obvious to people who don’t play video games.


13. Dress up with a Stethoscope

Parents who are able to get their hands on a stethoscope will be able to pull off this cute announcement. Having the first child wear the stethoscope and then pretend to listen to the mom’s belly will get people talking.

This works well, no matter how far along the mom is, and whether or not she has an obvious bump. The child is sure to love pretending to be a doctor and getting involved in the announcement.


14. Crossed Out “Only” Sign

It can be a big deal for an only child to suddenly become the oldest. Creating a sign that says “only” and then crossing it and writing “oldest” is a fun way to make this distinction.

Children can pose holding the sign for the picture for an announcement. How they express themselves with smiles or frowns will show how they really feel about getting a little sibling.


15. Santa Wish List

second baby announcement ideas

Most kids love making a wish list for Santa, and adding a younger sibling to the child’s Christmas list is a sly way to let people know that there will be a new baby.

Since many families pass around wish lists, this is a sneaky way to let people in on the secret without making it obvious that the paper they are holding is actually a second baby announcement in disguise.


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16. Holding Numbers

Oversized numbers make for a great picture. Having the first born hold the number 1 and then placing the number 2 next to them on the ground will quickly make it clear that there is soon going to be a second child.

Rather than simply opting for plain white or solid color letters, parents who want their kids to feel like they are part of the announcement can allow their older child to decorate the letters.


17. Show a Recipe

Every big brother or big sister is going to have to have a secret recipe that they use to mix up love and fun with their younger siblings.

Families that really love to bake can show off their skills and passion for the kitchen by taking a shot of their first born working in the kitchen with a recipe.

The recipe will be a “big sister’s recipe” or “big brother’s recipe” and include ingredients such as love, sharing, kisses, hugs, and joy.


18. Share a Secret

Kids love being entrusted with secrets, and they really enjoy being able to share them with others. Getting a small chalkboard for a series of photographs makes for a great 2nd pregnancy announcement.

The first photograph will state that the child has a secret. The second part will tell that they are going to be a big sibling, and the third photograph will have the due date.


19. Embrace the Inner Superhero

One of the great things about kids is that they feel like they are superheroes. Parents can take advantage of this and stage a photo shoot where the child is dressed as their favorite superhero.

The note on the announcement must state that their sidekick will be arriving soon and then list the due date. This is a fun way to start building a bond between siblings.


20. A Sick Mom

A lot of moms suffer from morning sickness, and while unfortunate, this can be used to make a great baby announcement.

Dad and the first born need to be a comforting mom for this photo, and there must be a sign that says “It’s not the flu – it’s baby number 2!” This is a fun photo that everyone in the family will enjoy being a part of.


21. Comparing Stomachs

Daughters love to be just like mom, and a firstborn daughter makes this baby announcement fun and easy. Mom and her daughter will pull up their shirts and cup their bellies.

It’s a simple photo and doesn’t need much of an explanation included in the announcement, as most people will immediately understand the implications and the fact that mom is pregnant with a new baby.

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22. Sharing Kisses

In this fun 2nd baby announcement, the older child rides on the shoulder of the father. This child leans forward to kiss mom while dad leans forward to kiss her bump.

It’s an easy way to show that a family is pregnant without a lot of set up or having to buy additional items for the photoshoot.


23. Comparing Ages

ideas for second baby announcement

A couple’s firstborn will hold a chalkboard with their age on it, while mom sits next to them on the floor holding a chalkboard that tells how far along she is.

This is a fun comparison between the two children and a great way for parents to get their older child involved in a simple way.

Since the older child just has to sit and hold the chalkboard, this is a great choice for parents of a toddler.


24. Celebrate a Best Friend

Parents want their children to be best friends, and this premise makes for a great photo for a baby announcement. Parents must set up a small table with two chairs and have their older child sit in one of the chairs.

In the other chair, they must put a printer sign that says “best friend expected” and then the due date. This is a simple way to share a baby announcement and may make people take a second look.


25. Take a Photo of the Family Shoes

second baby announcement ideas

While babies don’t have to wear shoes, these tiny shoes are very cute, especially when used as part of an announcement.

A simple picture of the dad’s, mom’s, first born’s, and new baby’s shoes all lined up together makes quite the statement.

This is a great option for any parents who want to avoid the front of the camera but are still looking for a cute announcement option.


Every family will need to make sure to choose the right second baby announcement for their unique situation.

Choosing an announcement that includes everyone and matches the family’s personality is key to ensuring that everyone is excited and looking forward to meeting the new baby.