20 Respect Quotes for Kids to Learn From (With Images)

Did you know that respect quotes for kids are a great way to teach children about this much-needed trait? Quotes are short and simple – just a sentence or two, easy enough for children to read and digest. This is why we present you with respect quotes for kids which you can share with your children below!

In this age and era, it’s sad to see that respect is becoming a rarer and rarer phenomenon when it is a value that should be had by children and adults alike. While it is difficult to do anything about disrespectful adults, there’s plenty that you can teach young children!


Respect Quotes for Kids

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When you show them kid’s respect quotes, you are teaching them how respectful they should be. This could be their first stepping stone to learn what respect is and how to show it to the people around them! Being respectful can be something as simple as letting an elderly pass by first, or listening to them without interrupting what they are saying.

Remind them always that it’s the little things that count. Remind them also, that it’s good to be respectful, and praise them whenever they have done something good to reinforce the behavior.

These simple habits can be cultivated in your young children when you teach them these values from early on. When you share the respect quotes for kids below with your own children, we advise that you elaborate them so that they understand what the quotes are all about!

You can even show them an example of what the quotes are teaching by displaying them yourself. After all, who better to learn the best traits from than from the child’s parents themselves?


1.  It is our duty as adults and parents to make sure our children are respected, loved and nurtured.


2. There wouldn’t be a prosperous society, if we ever forget to treat our children with the respect they deserve.


3. Remember, children today need to respect and be respected in return. Anything other than that will lead to a social collapse.


4.  Children require discipline, but one always provided through love and mutual respect, instead of punishment.


5.  Try treating your children with respect, rather than harshness, and see how they’ll begin to blossom into outstanding adults.


6. Failing to respect children will leave future generations broken and hopeless.


7.  Children are smarter than we believe and can sense the lack of respect, whether it’s by their peers or adults. Let’s do better.


8.  It is ultimately our civic obligation to teach all children to respect one another and feel worthy of respect themselves.


9. How can we expect our children to learn of respect if we don’t provide it to each other?


10.  Love your children, respect them, and teach them kindness. Anything beyond that is irrelevant.


11. It’s not up to us to decide in the name of our children, but it is up to us to respect them beyond reason.


12.  Learn to respect and love your children as they’ll become our reflection for years to come.


13.  Be honest, respectful and caring of all children and remember, we were once children worthy of respect and love, too!


14.  What does a child expect? Nothing really, except for unconditional love and respect.


15.  I believe that we’re not as delusional as to forget that children, too, are deserving of our respect.


16. What you are prepared to give to children, is what will continue to flourish in the future.


17.  Children can be molded into wonderful human beings, but it’s our job to raise them with patience and respect.


18.  Why are some children more aware than others? It’s simple, and it has a lot to do with respecting them and asking for the same in return.


19.  For the sake of our future generations, let’s make this environment a respectful and loving one.


20.  A world in which children are deprived of respect and love, is not a world to look forward to living in.


We hope that when you read the respect quotes for kids above, you are more motivated to teach your child this important value. Respectful children are good children, and printing these quotes to teach your kids about it may be the first helpful step for them to start being respectful.