60 Quotes for Kids & about Kids (Inspiring and Funny)

Reading quotes for kids at the beginning of these young children’s class can be a refreshing way to start the day. Even if you are not in school, you can show them to your own children to remind them of small facts that might cheer them up!


Best Quotes for Kids

With that in mind, how can we not share some quotes about children with you to help brighten up the day of a child or two? If you are an adult looking for quotes for your child, we hope that you will find something that you like so much you will print it out and hang on the wall!

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These quotes for kids will definitely provide them with some entertainment if nothing else. You might also find some quotes about these young ones that you can relate to. If you are a young child looking for quirky quotes to share with your friends, you have arrived at the treasure horde!

We have 60 different quotes for kids and also quotes about kids below – we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed compiling these quotes for you!


1. Oh, there is no better feeling than to be a child and know you have the world waiting for you!


2.  Children can eat all the candy in the world, knowing they’ll never get in trouble for it! What a blessing that must be!


3. What does it mean to be child, if not to be carefree, playful and forever optimistic about what’s to come?

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4. May we learn more from children, especially of selfless love, enjoyment and living the best, stress-free life!


5.  Let’s all focus on raising loved and nurtured children, who will one day change the world for the better!


6. Nothing better than kids’ hugs late at night, knowing you are their safe heaven!


7.  Having a kid means never getting enough sleep, but I don’t think I’d have it any other way!


8. Kids will wake up in the middle of the night ready to play and start their day. Indulge them, they’ll only like you for a few more years!

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9.  If there is one lesson I learnt as a parent it is this: Never trust a kid who quietly sneaks off in his room!


10.  Children are a silent promise of a brighter future, and molding them into a wonderful human beings is more crucial than ever before!

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11. If the world was run by children, there wouldn’t be any wars, just good old temper tantrums!

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12. Children have the silliest, but most genius ideas ever! How nice would it be to follow their lead and go back to the simpler way of living?


13. Bow down to kids, for their souls are pure, their intentions are genuine and their will to live a playful life is never-ending!


14.  A child will cry just to test your limits, but it’s up to you to decide how further those boundaries will be stretched.


15. I don’t think there is anything more challenging than smiling back at a child who is mocking your impatience.

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16.  You spend your life teaching your kids of love and respect. But, we often forget that in the meantime, our kids teach us patience, hopefulness and acceptance.


17. Reward your children without expensive awards. Love your children, without paying for it.


18. Children take us back to those moments in life where everything was easier, more joyful and hopeful. Not a bad way to live, after all.


19. For a child to succeed in life, we have to teach it to try without giving up and never take any opportunity for granted!


20. Spend a day with a child by your side. If nothing else, you’ll leave with a bit more patience than before.

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21.  Let kids be rebellious, curious and adventurous. Shielding them too much will forever deprive them of life’s opportunities.


22.  Never take a kid’s idea for granted. Trust me, children have hidden geniuses waiting to burst out achieve greatness!


23.  To be a child and live a careless and free life filled with love and opportunities – it really doesn’t get any better than that!


24.  Tell your children you love them. Hug them often. Accept them. Care for them. Be their safe heaven, they feel it all.

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25. A child will continue to love you no matter what. Learn to appreciate their pure souls and never take their light away.


26.  Among all things in the world, one matters the most – loving your children with all your heart and allowing them to shine brighter than the sun!


27.  Let your children break free, and allow them to grow into the people they were meant to be.


28.  I would give anything to be able to live my life through the eyes of a child – there lies the key to happiness and hopefulness.


29. Let your children explore, learn and try. It is only with love and trust that we are able to raise outstanding future generations.

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30.  Children are all about testing your patience, making a mess and still coming to you late at night, knowing you are there for them every step of the way.


Funny Quotes About Kids

Sometimes, it’s something as simple as funny quotes about kids that can cheer these younglings up and put a smile on their face. Kids are lively and cheerful, so why not share some quotes for kids with them? It’s not difficult to cheer them up either – a simple joke here and a few funny quotes there and they’d be rolling on the ground with laughter! You can also read our post: Don’t mess with my baby quotes to have a laugh again!

31. Kids are like farts. Your own is fine, but everyone else’s is just terrible!

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32.  Seeing my child grow up to be as weird and twisted as I am, I am no longer sure if I should be proud or if I should start thinking about therapy.


33.  I might have planned to have a child, but I did not plan to have children vomit over me in the middle of the night.

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34.  Sleep seems to be just a joke once you have children of your own.

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35.  I thought that being a housewife raising her children at home would be easier than an office job. If only I can go back in time and correct myself!


36.  I complained about having period cramps until a baby popped out of me and now I have a physical headache who’s going to live with me for 18 years.

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37.  Has your child really become your child if they do not annoy you to no ends?


38.  I swore that I’d be a model mum with everlasting patience, and then I had my own kid and understood why so many raging mothers are out there.

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39.  Raising your kid is a walk in the park, but only if that park is Jurassic Park.


40.  I told my child, “See you in the morning”, and then we both laughed and laughed. We saw each other 16 more times before the sunrise.


41. I was ready for the diaper changes and the midnight feeding hours, but I sure wasn’t ready for having a surprise twin!


42. Your children can totally get along, as long as they are not in each other’s vicinity, playing, speaking, or breathing in the same room.

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43.  It’s funny how children are always hungry everytime they see snacks, but are so very full when a broccoli is in their face.


44.  A booty call as a parent has a whole different meaning – it’s your child shouting from the bathroom to let someone know that it’s time to wipe their butt.


45. Parenthood is all about trying to fit 8 hours of sleep into the 2 hours that you have when your children are finally asleep.

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46.  Children will never understand that naps are good until they have grown up and realized that they have taken it all for granted.


47.  We wanted to grow up quickly when we were young, and then regret it once we have actually grown up. Kids really didn’t know to appreciate what they have!


48.  As a kid, I wanted to grow up quickly to be rid of exams. Now, I’ll be glad to take the exams rather than to pay the taxes and bills!


49.  How crazy it is that parenting is such a difficult yet lovable journey – there’s never something that can be expected.


Quotes and Memes About Children

At times, even as adults, we will find these quotes for kids still relatable, perhaps for our own child rather than relating to our childhood. Whichever option it is, you can be sure that these quotes will put a smile on your face!

50.  The biggest lie that my mathematics teacher told me was that we wouldn’t be carrying calculators around with us all the time.


51.  Kids ask the hardest questions. To this date I still do not know how to explain why the sky is blue!

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52.  All I ask for from my child is to have some peace and quiet in the car ride, uninterrupted by questions of “Are we there yet?”


53.  I never thought that getting out of the house on time would be an issue until I had my own kids.


54.  Kids refuse to nap in the afternoon, and then fall asleep at the dining table during a family gathering.


55.  You know you have done something wrong when your parents call you by your full name.


56. The true horror of parenthood-you wake up to your child literally standing over you in the middle of the night – just staring at you.


57.  My child just cried because I did not let him watch “that doll movie”. The doll was Chucky.


58.  Children they get mad at you when you won’t let them put their dirty underwear on their head.

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59.  I came home to my children smearing peanut butter all over themselves and I had to question myself about my decisions to have a child for the 984642th time.


60.  People think that having children will bring a couple closer, but children turns marriage into a never-ending chore!


These Qkid’s quotes are simple and may not as meaningful as those that are intended for adults, but from these simple quotes for kids that they learn about the most basic values and lessons that they will need as they grow up. Did you find quotes for kids that you like very much? Share them with your friends and family today!