How Positive Affirmations Help Your Kids

The term “positive affirmations for kids” is making its way among social circles as a way to take care of oneself. The practice involves saying or writing encouraging statements to oneself to boost self-confidence and mood. They’re always written in the present tense and they can pertain to just about anything.


Powerful Affirmations for Kids

People write affirmations to improve their outlook on life, develop more gratitude, or stick to certain lifestyle habits. While this technique is popular with lots of adults, there are positive affirmations for kids that can be helpful.

Never Too Early to Start

positive affirmations for kids

Some people might wonder if positive affirmations are suitable for kids. The truth is, children, start developing their belief systems about others and themselves at a very young age. The experiences and beliefs that kids develop during childhood often come out to play during one’s adult years.

Whatever a person learns or internalizes as a youngster is likely to stick with them as they get older. This can manifest itself in the relationships they explore, the risk they take, and how they see themselves. Both positive and negative beliefs and thought patterns make their way to adulthood.

Therefore, if a child has a particularly negative view of themselves, it will carry over into adulthood. It can be tedious to work through these ingrained beliefs at a more mature age. This is why positive affirmations for kids are such a good idea.

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Feeling Alone in a Connected World

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Kids these days have the world at their fingertips, yet they feel more isolated than ever before. Face-to-face communication becomes rarer every day, with young people preferring to chat via text or social platforms. The Internet traps children in a comparison spiral, measuring their worth against how many people liked their photo or who responded back to their instant message.

Despite all of the constant connecting and communicating, it’s easy for youngsters to feel all alone. Positive affirmations for kids remind these young people that they are not alone, that they’re worthy of company and friends, and that they have something unique and loveable about them.

Affirmations can help kids take a negative thought about themselves and flip it on its head into something much more positive. Developing this thought-challenging process early comes in handy when kids get into their teenage years.

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Examples of Positive Affirmation

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Here are some kid-friendly affirmations. Try writing them on handmade cards or scraps of paper and pulling one out of a box or jar each day. Or, give them out to a child’s friends to add a smile to their day.

I am loved.

I am safe.

I have lots of friends who love me.

No one can make me feel bad without my permission.

I am beautiful.

Today I choose happiness.

I am intelligent.

I will not compare myself to others.

I have faith in myself.

I am brave.

The list can go on and on. Parents can sit down with their children to determine what their personal areas of improvement are. Maybe they need a confidence boost, or perhaps their body image could be better. Perhaps they doubt their abilities in a class or they have trouble making new friends. There are plenty of possibilities to explore, and this seemingly simple task can yield grand results.

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Improving Parent-Child Relationships

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Many times, parents are at a loss of what to do for their children when they’re dealing with a setback or tough situation. Parents want to ensure that their kids are taken care of and don’t feel buried under life’s demands.

Affirmations help to give children the confidence and courage to ask for help or navigate a difficult circumstance. Caregivers should definitely be part of the process of exposing kids to positive affirmations.

Another great idea is working together to create affirmation cards. There are loads of ideas online, but essentially this is an index card or small piece of paper that has a positive affirmation on it. Kids will enjoy writing these statements down and decorating them with imagery such as animals, flowers, and stars.


Keep all of the affirmation cards in a container and pull a new one out each day. This will provide a daily dose of inspiration and encouragement. Plus, positive affirmations for kids is a project that children work on together with their parents.