30 Poor Baby Memes to Send to Your Child-like Friends

When was the last time you looked at someone and went, “Oh, you poor baby”? Perhaps you were on the receiving end instead – did your mother gush at you again? Yes, you have guessed it right – welcome to our collection of poor baby memes!

After all, what better memes to send for this occasion than memes featuring babies? If your friends are going to be babies about something, they deserve these poor baby memes, period.


Funky Poor Baby Memes

We aren’t sure if you noticed, but this whole poor baby thing is usually said either in a very motherly tone or a very sarcastic one. To ensure that our memes are as applicable to our audience as possible, we included poor baby memes with both tones and more!

Who are you sympathizing with today? We hope that you will find a meme that will be perfect for you to send to the said person. Also, read cry baby memes for frequent cryer here!

1. Hurts?? Oh, My Poor Baby… Where!?

hilarious poor baby memes


2. Aww, Poor Baby! Did I Hurt Your Wittle Feelings?

poor baby memes to laugh


3. Poor Baby. Get Over It.

poor baby memes


4. Mom, Can You Pick Me Up? I’m Scared. My Poor Baby, Where Are You?

funny poor baby memes to laugh


5. Awww!..Poor Little Baby! Crying Like A Little Girl Over Obama!

cute poor little baby memes


6. Aww Poor Baby. Got Butthurt.


7. Oh!! This Poor Baby Smells Like Chicken!! Please, Don’t Eat Me..


8. Ohh Poor Baby! Can I Get You A Tissue For Your Issue??


9. You Poor Baby!! I’m So Sorry, Wanna Talk About It?


10. Poor Baby Looks Like He Dropped A Bomb In His Diaper.

Best Baby Pooping Memes


11. My Poor Baby! You Must Have Eaten Something At That Party That Upset Your Stomach.


12. Oh, Poor Baby, You’ve Got A Headache? That Means The Ketamine Is Wearing Off, I Better get You Some More!


13. Nobody Liked Your Facebook Post? Oh, You Poor Baby!!


14. Tell Me How Hard Your Job Is! My Poor Baby!!

cute poor baby memes


15. Poor Baby! Someone Needs A Pizza.

funny memes about poor baby


16. He Obviously Didn’t Do Cornell Notes. Poor Baby…


17. Oh Poor Baby… You Tried A lot With Your Jokes But I’m Not Going To Laugh.


18. Whats 9+10. 21. You Poor Child.


19. Oh, So You’re Being Mistreated By The Police? Aww, Poor Baby! Tell Me, Have You Tried Not Breaking The Law To See If That Helps??


20. Oh, You Poor Baby!! I Was Just Joking You Are Not Adopted


21. Who’s To Blame? Not Me. Poor Baby…


22. Wedding And Babies Popping Everywhere. Am I The Only Poor Baby Who Is Still Single?


23. This Is What Happened Because Of The Aap. This Poor Baby Went To War. Thanks A Lot Parliament.


24. So You’re Telling Me I’m A Poor Baby But Famous??


25. Damn, President. You Scary. Sorry Poor Baby…


26. I Never Understood When People Say Drive Wild Until Today I Looked Back And Saw My Baby Like This…My Poor Baby…


27.Ohh, Poor Baby! You Need An Ambulance?


28.Oh! Poor Sick Baby! Please Feel Better.


29. When You’re Getting Yelled Out And  Stay Quiet But Lowkey You Wanna Cry. Poor Baby…


30.Oh! My Poor Baby… Don’t Cry, I’m Coming Home

poor baby meme


Which grown child are you sending these poor baby memes to? Make sure that you emphasize your point by sending them the mandatory message associated with the memes. Yes, send them the “Oh, you poor baby” message!

Remember to share these poor baby memes with your friends and family as well – they might agree wholeheartedly with you!