70 Motivational Quotes for Kids That Will Make Them Smile

Kids have a natural strength and energy that helps them deal with challenges easily. Sometimes, however, they might feel frustrated, whether it’s dealing with illness, sports setbacks, academic struggles, or other tough situations.

In these moments, a motivational quote can be just the thing to inspire them to make a strong turnaround.

An inspirational quote for kids can be something as simple as telling them that there is always something good to look forward to. These simple yet meaningful reminders will surely be in the children’s minds when the situations call for them to do so. It can inspire them to be comeback kids, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

Appreciable Inspirational Quotes for Kids

inspirational quotes for kids

You can start teaching optimism to young children by sharing these wonderful inspirational quotes for children from teacher, parents & famous people, etc. that we have compiled for you below.

Read them, print them, and share them with the children. Explain to them what these quotes mean so that they can remember the quotes better! Let’s start reading the motivational quotes for kids now!

1. To raise a child to be independent, strong and confident is the greatest success we can be proud of as adults.

2. A world in which children can prosper, experience and be accepted is a world worth creating.

3. As adults, we have a whole future to leave to our children. Let’s make sure it is a bright and positive one!

4. Honoring and loving all children equally, is the best thing we can do for them!

5. Teach your children not to fit in like everyone else, but to stand out from the crowd with their uniqueness!

motivational quotes for kids

6. It’s important to tell our kids that life is not always fair, but that it can be quite amazing when you give it you’re all!

7. Children are a reflection of our actions, so whatever you do, make sure it’s setting up a great example.

8. There are no bigger joy and no greater satisfaction than knowing you made a child smile & happy today!

9. Every child deserves to know that making mistakes is okay because it is our only chance of getting better!

10. To all our children: We hope you never give up on your dreams, no matter how silly they may sound!

inspirational quotes for kids

11. Children have honest souls, give the best hugs and know nothing about life but that happiness is always found in the small things!

12. If you ever forget the true meaning and value of life, try looking at it from a child’s perspective!

13. What we oftentimes fail to understand is that kids all over the world are the same – joyful, hopeful, and playful!

14. Every child deserves equal opportunities, equal education and an equal chance to experience the world!

15. Adults should always be mindful of their actions, for there are no better imitators of behavior than children!

positive quotes for children

16. It doesn’t take a miracle to make a child happy, just your love, understanding, and acceptance!

17. If adults were half as forgiving and loving as children are, the world would be a much better place to live in!

18. No one can brighten up your day more than a child can – their zest for life is downright contagious!

19. Believe me, there are plenty of things we can learn from our children, including acceptance, hopefulness, and joy!

20. The only way to raise happy children is not by telling them what to do, but by letting them be free in everything they do!

inspirational quotes for children

21. When the world gets too serious, allow children to make it all better with their youthfulness and positivity – there is nothing quite like it!

22. A child deserves nothing more than knowing it’s loved, respected and cared for!

23. Children are like Christmas morning- hopeful, joyful and always full of surprises!

24. There is no bigger reward than knowing you raised a happy, strong and fearless child!

25. The biggest happiness in life comes from knowing that our children are equal, free and loved by everyone around them.

postiive quotes for children

26. While adults may have great expectations for their children, a child expects nothing more but to be told it’s loved

27. Let’s not mold our kids in what we think they should become, but allow them to grow in whoever they dreamt of being!

28. We need to be stronger and more determined in creating a better, happier and more loving world for our children!

29. Hey kid, this is your moment to shine! Be your beautiful self and know that what makes you different from others is, in fact, your greatest strength!

30. Children are not ours alone – they will become children of the world and we must allow them to conquer it!

inspiring quotes for kids

31. Do the right thing even when no one’s watching. Do all the amazing things that you never did before.

32. Be the reason for someone else to smile. Give them the joy to live the life with happiness.

33. If you get knocked down 7 times, make sure you get up 8 times. It will go to you in a long way.

34. You can do all the amazing things that you didn’t think you can!

35. Shoot for the moon. Even if you fail to land there, you will be among the stars.

quotes for kids to inspire them

36. Why fit in the crowd when you are born to stand out from everyone else? Be the leader to inspire the world.

37. Do you feel that something amazing is going to happen? Believe in it and it will!

38. You are braver than you believe; stronger than you may seem; loved more than you will ever know.

39. If you’re the smartest person in the room, perhaps you are in the wrong room.

40. There’s a difference between learning and studying. Studying may be tedious, but learning is always a beautiful process.

learning quotes for children

41. As long as your thoughts and intentions are good, these will shine through your face like sun rays and you will always look beautiful and lovely.

42. Don’t give up on your dreams! When you have dreams to go for, you are stronger than one with all the facts in their heads.

43. Don’t compete with others. For true improvement, always compete with yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

44. Easy stuff is fun to read, but when you read the harder books, you can be sure that you are learning from it and you shall grow.

Reading Quotes for Kids to Inspire

45. Every little good deed that you do will go far in affecting someone else’s life.

qoutes for kids to inspire

46. If you have nothing nice to say, then it’s a wiser choice not to say anything. Be a wiser person!

47. When you have to decide on what to do, choose to do the right thing. Do anything, except for doing nothing. That’s the worst that you can do.

48. Is the task too hard to get done? Break it down into small tasks and they will fly by like a breeze!

49. Do something usual the unusual way. Then, you will find that you have the world at your attention.

50. You might not be able to change the circumstances that you were born in, but you can change yourself however you want. That is a greater power to have than circumstances.

quotes for inspiring children

51. When you see only the best in the others and treat them as such, you will see the beauty that resides in every single person.

52. You only need to have a positive attitude to make your life start going better.

53. Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Conquer the world like a King!

54. You can be as quirky as you like, but remember to be honest and kind the entire time.

55. Learn from yesterday, and live for today. But remember to hope for a better tomorrow.

positive quotes for kids

56. Don’t just make goals. Step forth and begin your first step onto your journey to reach your dreams.

57. Everyday can be your own masterpiece if you spend the time right.

58. Don’t just sit there doing nothing! Even if you were in the right track, you will just get run over if you do nothing.

59.Every day that you spend doing nothing, you are being swept back by other people’s progress.

60. Of course, we have to act on our plans to achieve our dreams. However, remember to dream and believe to keep our faith going on strong.

posiitve quotes for kids

61. Listen before you speak, and think before you act. Similarly, earn before you spend, and try before you decide to give up.

62. Your friends can define who you are as a person, so be careful who you let into your circle.

63. Choose your friends carefully and plan your future with purpose. This is how you can have a meaningful life.

64. The first step is always the hardest, but after you have taken that first step, everything else that follows will be a breeze.

65. Things will always seem impossible until they are done, and then you will look back and wonder why you even worried.

66. Worried about tomorrow? Don’t be. By doing your best today, you are doing the best preparations that you can for tomorrow.

inspiring quotes for kids to motivate them

67. It’s not the strength or intelligence that gives you the results – it’s the resilience and the tireless continuation of efforts.

68. The worst thing that you can do on any journey is to give up. For all you know, the next time you try is going to be when you succeed.

69. Nothing can be done if you do not have dreams, confidence, and hope, so be optimistic and carry on doing your thing!

70. Love is capable of transforming even your worst enemies into your best friend, so give love and receive love.

Aren’t these positive quotes wonderful? We hope that you have found several nice motivational quotes for kids that you intend to share with the young ones. Feel free to share these quotes with your friends and family so that more people will benefit from these quotes!