7 Free and Cute Minnie Mouse Printables for Birthday Parties

What better way than to celebrate your birthday with the Minnie mouse printables? A birthday is an occasion which is special to not just our family but also to people who you are close to us. It is only fair to invite them and share our happiness.

In this post, we are breaking the monotonous, flowery-fashionable trend of invitation designs. In a bid to incorporate our childhood fantasies into an invitation, here is a list of 7 free Minnie mouse printables!


Free Printable Minnie Mouse for Birthday Party

A birthday party is never just about blowing candles, cutting the cake and distributing it with other eateries. It’s much more. So, no matter what occasion it is, the following printable invitations of Minnie mouse are enchanting.

1. Adventurous Minnie Printable

Adventurous Minnie Printable for Birthday Party

Minnie mouse has been our constant favorite over the years. (And she still is!) This Minnie mouse printable is an amazing and most versatile one.

Ideal for: A birthday party with exciting events. The deep red resonates adventure for kids aged between 6-12.

When to use: When you are sending the printables as greetings and information about the occasion.

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2. Baby Minnie Printable

cute baby minnie mouse printable

Are you thinking exactly what we are thinking about baby Minnie? Yes, indeed we are talking about how cute she is!

Ideal for: Birthday parties of children aged 1-6.

When to use: The printable is perfect for infants’ birthday greetings. So, whenever you are celebrating your young girl’s birthday, you can go with this one.


3. Jolly Minnie Printable

cute baby minnie mouse printable

This invitation print is a thematic jolly pink that resonates fun and eagerness.

Ideal for: Birthday parties for children of ages 4-10, awaiting surprise.

When to use: You can use such free Minnie mouse printables when you plan to keep the birthday a fun-filled one with all the rides and gifts.


4. Baronial Minnie Printable

Baronial Minnie Printable for Kids

Ideal for: Invitation for birthdays of children aged 5-10.

When to use: You can use the space of information to fill the whites with:

  • An informal greeting.
  • A description of the time, venue and events at the party.

The vibrant pink color of this card is baronial and thus, enchants us deeply. These free printable of Minnie mouse invitations are perfect for almost every birthday party.

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5. Active Minnie Printable

free minnie mouse printables for kids

A pretty ensemble for a memorable dance-off.

Ideal for: Active birthdays with events that require strong participation. Suited for all celebrating ages.

When to use: When you plan to keep your young one’s birthday a dance party, this one should be your choice.


6. Jovial Minnie Printable

cute and free minnie mouse printables

In the list of free Minnie mouse printables, this certainly has the limelight.

Ideal for: Any memorable birthday celebrated by all ages.

When to use: The amazing part about this invitation print is the exclusive space and indent it offers. You can use this to include:

  • Name and an informal greeting.
  • An elusive vignette of the party.
  • A few more lines of emotion and interest.


7. Waving Minnie Printable

Waving Minnie Printable for Birthday Party

Ideal for: Invitations for birthdays of children aged 6 – 9.

When to use: Minnie mouse printables are vast. But what makes this printable invitation stand out is the outstretched and waving hand of Minnie. What else can be added in the space?

  • A formal greeting.
  • An invitation description in two lines.


Aren’t these printable designs of Minni mouse so astounding to use? Ensure your child’s birthday is a blast and a memorable one!