5 Major Dangers Of Internet – Keep Safe From These

Many people do not think of using the internet as dangerous. But with sexual predators, identity thefts, viruses and overall spamming going on it can be complicated. The internet was intended to share information across the world quickly. It has turned into an information mega-highway that is full of pitfalls, graphic images and those willing to prey on others.


Keep Safe From The Dangers of Internet

Internet has so many dangers that can’t be listed in just an article. Some importan


They are able to infect individual computers and entire networks, cause computers to crash and important data to be lost. Viruses lurk all over the internet and even the strongest firewalls or protection plans cannot guarantee against them.

The technical term for a virus is a software program that replicates itself on a computer system. They are treacherous because they cause major harm to the computer system. A computer that is infected with a virus can spread that virus if the computer has been networked with other systems. Keep files backed up on an external source and also keep all virus protection programs up-to-date.



It comes through email clients by the millions every day. Some spam mail can contain viruses while others are just annoying to wade through.

While the term spam generally refers to an email message in masse to thousands of people, it is also found in other places. Spam messages are known as UCE or unsolicited commercial email, better referred to as junk mail. It can also be found in newsgroups where a posting has been placed on several newsgroup websites in the exact same format.

There are anti-spam programs available for free download or a small fee. It is good practice to keep anti-spam programs up-to-date to eliminate most of the junk mail that comes through and warn against other websites that have posted spam.

Dangers Of The Internet

  • Con artists have found a new home on the internet. They create websites offering amazing products but then never deliver. It is good practice to thoroughly investigate and research any product or deal that is found online prior to purchasing and giving your personal information.
  • Not everything found on the internet is accurate. Many websites are created based on opinion or to falsely mislead the public. Research the sites that you are using as factual to make sure they are legitimate. Make sure that the site that you are gathering information from is a trusted site. There are several sites that will scan for hoaxes or inaccurate information. It is up to the person doing the research to use some common sense and to take everything with a grain of salt until the information can be verified.
  • Children are susceptible to vulgar and explicit content. Parental controls and filters help to remove most of these things, but there will still be some things that slip through and children see. Children are also being subjected to wrong information about cults and various religions.Cyber-bullying is becoming an alarmingly real concept as more and more pre-teens and teens take to the internet to voice their opinions. Adults are also just as guilty of cyber-bullying. When the internet becomes a venue for picking on a person or causing ill feelings about someone, then it is not being used correctly.