15 Moving Loss of Mom Quotes That Will Touch Your Heart

Losing your mother can be one of the most significant upheavals in your life; in fact, it can turn your entire life upside down. Here are 15 loss of mother quotes that you might be able to relate to if you have been through a similar experience.


Heart-aching Losing Your Mom Quotes

Condole your grieving friends or family with these loss of mom quotes to make them feel better!

1. We lose a lot in this world but there is nothing as inexpressible as the grief of losing your mother. It is a wound that never heals and stays with us forever.

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2. A mother’s embrace is the surest way to feel at home. Its warmth and magic stay with you long after she lets go.


3. Motherhood is the purest form of love in the world. It is also the one we appreciate the least while we have it and by the time we realize that, it is already too late.

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4. Hug your mom; tell her you love her and that you appreciate everything she does for you. You might not get another chance.


5. It is only upon losing your mother that you realize all the moments wasted, all the things unsaid, and all the love you never gave back.

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6. Even when you’re eighty and crumbling away, you’ll wish your mother was there to take care of you.


7. The world is a harsh reality and a mother’s love our only refuge. Appreciate it, love it, and give some of it back while you still can.


8. A mother’s love for children is immortal. It protects us and watches out for us even after she’s gone.


9. Smile a little more. Your mother may be watching and if she is then what aggrieves you, will aggrieve her too.

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10. You’ll learn a lifetime of lessons from your mother but the hardest one will be how to live without her.


11. As you fall through life, it is your mother that picks you up. Her healing touch can make everything better and that is why, more than anything, it is her loss that leaves you truly inconsolable.


12. Growing up without a mother means losing the one shelter you knew even before you came into the world. It is perhaps the cruelest of fates.

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13. A mother’s love will guide you long after it is gone. Even if you can’t see her, you know she is always by your side.

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14. You try so hard to move on from your pain, but the idea that you will never get to hug your mother again still cuts deep within and it feels like you have lost her all over again.


15. If you knew that the last time you would hug your mom would really be the last time then you would never let go.


Did you find anything in our collection of loss of mother quotes that reminded you of your Mother? Losing your mother can be hard, but it’s important that you remember and celebrate her memory.