23 Adorable Weave Hairstyles for Little Girls – Kids Love These

Little girl hairstyles with weave are commonly chosen as a representative of the rich, black culture. When you are looking for cute and smart hairstyles to choose for your kid, a weave hairstyle is a good option to be considered.

Not only that but it is an extremely versatile option since it can be styled into many, many creative ways, making it one of the most practical and stylish hairdos. Especially when it comes to little girls, a weave is often the best choice, since it is an undeniably cute and funky hairstyle.


Best Little Girl Hairstyles with Weave

For you to choose the best one suiting your little girl, here are 23 weave hairstyles for kids.

#1. The Goldilocks

little girl hairstyles with weave

The combination of black and golden is shown in stark color when braided together, so if your child has two tones of hair color, weaving it would be a beautiful idea. This is a popular little black girl hairstyle with weave.


#2. Caterpillar Weave

weave hairstyles for little girls

The caterpillar weave hairstyle for little girls is hair parted into multiple sections then weaved into plain, not too tight braids. The multiple braids will provide for a funky look.


#3. Contemporary Ponytail

little girls ponytail with weave

Nothing can go wrong with a contemporary, classic ponytail hairstyle with for little girls, suiting just about any occasion at any time of the day. The simplicity will be a nice compliment to the innocent nature of a child.


#4. Three Way Braid

braids with weave for little girls

Give a creative twist to the everyday braid hairstyle by combining three, weaved braids into one. This one is a guaranteed mess-free and stylish little girls weave hairdo!


#5. Twisted Hairstyle

thick braids with weave for little girls

Weave your little girl’s hair into several, thick braids. The bold braids will make for a voluminous and beautiful hairstyle, giving off a lively and powerful look.


#6. Cornrow with Bob

When it comes to weaving hair, you just can’t forget the classic, neat cornrows. If you’re looking for a sophisticated option, this braided bob is the best one.


#7. Micro-Braided Ponytail

Though it might take a little time, this box braids into a ponytail will be the perfect, chic weave hairstyle for your little girls to represent the diva in her.


#8. Glammed Up Updo

A beautiful little girl braid hairstyles with weave. Combine them and tie them into a top bun, then add embellishments for another glamorous hairstyle for the little diva.


#9. Afro Mohawk

afro faux hawk with weave

Embrace the classic afro hairstyle but with a little modern twist to it. Gather the hair in the center for a faux hawk look, making your child the coolest kid in town!


#10. Weave Space Buns

weave space buns for little girls

This fusion of weaved braids and weaved space buns is exclusively for the grooviest kid on the block. This little black girl’s hairstyle with weave will suit the playfulness children to carry with them.


#11. Golden Braids

little girl braid hairstyle with weave

You saw earlier that gold and dark colors go well together. This is a more understated version of an early hairstyle. The braids are thin and a very natural shade.

The golden color is implemented right up to the scalp. It mixes perfectly with the natural dark brown.


#12. Bling Twists

hairstyle for little black girls with weave

Twists are a classic way to protect the hair and add some length. You can make them cooler by adding some bling! Add golden hoops and charms high up on the weave hairstyle your little girl will adore.


#13. Short Thick Weave

little girl with short weave hairstyle

If your daughter has a lot of hair then it’s probably a good idea to keep it short. This makes it easier to control. 

Form lots of simple braids that are around ear length. A few braids at the front can be shorter to add dimension.


#14. Pink Plaits

braided pigtails for little girl with weave

Many little girls love pink. However, they’re simply too young to dye their hair so drastically. You can weave pink hair extensions into their natural braids to achieve this color.

The extensions make the plaits longer and thicker so the style has more life to it.


#15. Fully Braided

hairstyle for little girls with weave

Many braided hairstyles have large sections of the scalp visible. This variation has no scalp visible. The braids are looser at the root and they have lots of flyaway hairs. 

Golden extensions have been woven into the natural dark hair to create a look with lots of thickness and contrast.


#16. Medium Twists

little girl twist hairstyle with weave

Medium-length hair is always a good choice. Here the hair brushes the shoulders when the head is tilted back. If the head was upright the twists would fall midway between the shoulders and chin.


#17. Braided Updo

little girl braided updo with weave

Styles like this one incorporate two looks. The little girl’s weave hairstyle starts with braids all over her scalp. They’re drawn to the crown of the head.

The hair is secured in a hair tie and the loose, curly ends stick up from the crown of the head.


#18. Red and Black

little girl weave hairstyle

A lot of care and consideration has gone into creating this look. The head is full of thin plaits in two colors. One is the natural black shade, and the other is a deep reddish-brown color. 


#19. Colorful Bun

bun hairstyle for little girl with weave

Weave looks make it really easy to add new, fun colors into the hair. Extensions in blue, pink, green, and more colors have been added here. Fun-loving girls will be very drawn to this style.

All the hair comes up into a bun on the crown of the head. It’s a simple way to control the hair and it’s particularly useful for long tresses.


#20. Braided Bob

little black girl hairstyle with weave

The bob is a classic haircut that little girls have been wearing for years. It can be harder to form this look with a black hair texture.

Creating lots of braids ensures the hair is protected and it looks long. The end of each braided section has some hair loose and curly. This creates texture that’s visually appealing.


#21. Ombre Box Braids

little white girl hairstyle with weave

These plaits aren’t very boxy, but they were formed from box-shaped sections of hair. They’re very thin and there are lots of them to make the hair appear thicker.

Two shades of pinkish-purple have been woven into the natural dark brown tresses. It creates an ombre effect on the long locks.


#22. Beaded Twists

little girl weave hairstyle with beads

Square-shaped sections of hair have been taken and twisted here. It’s an easy look to do at home and it’s very low-maintenance.

Each twist has a large, decorative bead on the end. Your little girl will love choosing her favorite beads for this look!


#23. Bright Braided Bun

little girl braided bun with weave

Varying your look is always a good choice and your daughter will love it. Here there are many different braid sizes constructing this bun. 

Larger plaits make up most of it. The ends are thinner and wrap around the base of the bun. All of the hair is dyed two very bright colors.


FAQs on Little Girl Hairstyles with Weave

What is a weave hairstyle?

A weave is a kind of hairstyle that is made by neatly parting the hair into several sections and tightly braiding each part which can be further styled into more, creative options.


Why should I choose a weave hairstyle?

You should go for a weave hairstyle because firstly, they are quite pretty and cool. And, it doesn’t fall loose easily so it’s a mess-free option.


Do weave hairstyles suit kids?

Definitely. It is a common option among kids, and kids totally rock the practical and cute hairstyle.


If you are searching for ideas to tie your little girl’s hair into, try giving weaved hair a shot.

Weave hairstyles are stylish and pretty cute, and we hope that this little guide containing 10 little girl’s hairstyles with weave will help you find just the right kind of weave to style your little diva’s hair into. Happy styling to you and your girl!