11 Awesome Mohawk Styles for Little Girls to Copy This Year

Mohawk is getting popular and little girls Mohawk hairstyles aren’t any exception. The hair is one part of our body that requires a lot of care to look amazing and little girls’ hair come in different shapes, colors, textures, and sizes.

In cases where you don’t have enough time to go all out for your baby girl’s hair, the Mohawk is always an excellent way to go.


Cute Mohawk Hairstyles for Little Girls

Styling little girls hair is never easy but the Mohawk is both an effective and classy hairstyle. For more fun and daring look for your princess (es), here are 11 little girl Mohawk hairstyle options to choose from:

1. Side Braid Mohawk

side braid mohawk for little girls

If you’ve ever been torn between braids and Mohawk for your little girl has a lot of hair on her head but not very much on the sides or you just want to try a variation of a braid/Mohawk style, then this is right up your alley.

You could go crazy on the braids with some awesome patterns and then leave the middle part of the hair (the hawk) to hang freely or style as it suits your baby girl.

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2. Bun Pillars

mohawk buns for little girls

For an easy, classic and clean look, I’d suggest the pillar-bun. It utilizes the hair already present without getting rid of any; all you need to do is divide the hair into segments, as much as four or five, and bun each segment up right in the middle. You could leave some hair in front to add some pizzazz to the already awesome style.


3. Undercut Mohawk

ombre mohawk style for little girl

This style is fierce but beautiful and is a favorite among Mohawk lovers. For this little girls mohawk to work, the sides of the head have to be shaved fully or partially leaving the hair in the middle to stand out like a Roman soldier’s helmet…gladiator sounds more fun so we’re gonna go with that instead. The hair left standing could then be styled as you like.


4. Mohawk with Shaved Sides

little girl's mohawk hairstyle with shaved sides

This style is the right way to go when you want a muted wild look for your little angel. This look works well because it combines the sleekness of a well-styled bun with the wildness of a Mohawk.

The hair is also another factor in this; it has to be long and straight to achieve this look. The sides of the hair are shaved off fully or partially and the hair in the middle is split into two or three groups, the first bunch is held up together in a nice bun and the rest spread to rest on the head.


5. Cornrow-Bun Bridge

little girl's mohawk with cornrow braided bun

This is a lovely little girls mohawk style when you have the option of braids and want to try something different.  The braids are made to rise horizontally from both sides to the middle of the head and then caught in as many or few buns as possible.

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6. Bubble Mohawk

This is a fun Mohawk hairstyle for little girls as it entails some creativity. It’s stylish and promises to make your little angel the envy of the class.

The hair is split vertically into three parts…the two sides and the middle, with the middle part carrying twice as much hair as the rest…and the side parts are in turn split horizontally into four smaller parts which are then bound to their counterparts on either side and used to hold the Mohawk down in even successions to create a wavy pattern.

The rest of the hair can be left to fall free at the back or braided or bunched up, it’s all up to you…and the patience of your little girl.


7. Long Mohawk

littles girl's mohawk style on long hair

This Mohawk style is particularly favored by little girls with long hair, but short-haired girls can also try it out. All you need for this little girls Mohawk style to work is patience with your girl because you’re going to be braiding the sides of the head which can be quite painful if done in a hurry.

You’d need to split the hair into the ‘hawk’ and the two ‘wings’ and then braid the sides each with a single vertical braid that’ll hold all the hair on the side. After this is done, all that’s left to do is to style the ‘hawk’ however you want.


8. Afro Hair Mohawk

afro hair mohawk for little girls

For the little girls with short hair, this Mohawk could be a stylish time saver. The side braids run up to meet at the middle where they bunch up together to create the Mohawk; the ‘hawk’ can then be styled with braids or adorned with flowers or beads.


9. The Cockatoo

This is probably the simplest Mohawk hairstyle for li’l girls on the list but that doesn’t make it any less stylish. The idea here is to get as much hair pointing skywards as possible. This style is mostly recommended for girls with short and sturdy hair.


10. Braided Mohawk

braided mohawk for little girls

This Mohawk style is common for little girls with short hair. Some lines of braid are run horizontally from the sides up to the middle of the head where the hair there is styled to your liking.


11. Messy Mohawk

mohawk hairstyles for little girls

Little girls with curly hair are the best candidates for this Mohawk hairstyle.  This is another simple little girl’s Mohawk style that’s gonna put a spring in her step. All you need to do is pack the hair towards the middle of the head on a straight line and hold it down with pins while making allowance for the ‘caterpillar’.

You could style the ‘caterpillar’ whichever way you want and you also could control the width. You could also make use of hair gel to smoothen and relax the hair on the side to the scalp…believe me, this hairstyle never disappoints.


The little girls Mohawk hairstyle is eye-catching and stylish, to say the least, and it could be a lot of fun for you and your little girl, so don’t hesitate to add it to your to-do list and make your daughter or sister look like the cute rock star that she is.