Little Girl Bob Haircuts: 21 Fantastic Ideas to Explore

Bob haircuts have been a classic since, well, little girls have been getting haircuts. It is as elegant, stylish and convenient nowadays than it was a century ago.

Keep it long or cut it short, whether it includes bang or no bangs, it is one of the few hairstyles that work for every child, no matter their hair texture.

Versatile enough to satisfy the most discerning little princess, yet manageable for busy parents and young girls who are not quite ready to take care of their ‘dos by themselves yet, little girl bob cuts are the perfect compromise.  


Cute Bob Haircuts for Little Girls

Sweet little girl bobs can become incredibly edgy with the addition of layers, angles, and funky asymmetrical touches. It is low maintenance and convenient hairstyle that will grow with your daughter.

Add some cute accessories, like a headband matching her favorite outfit, or some sparkly hair clips to make the simple little girl haircut turn into a stylish statement! Check out here 21 best adorable bob hairstyles for little girls.  


1. Layered Bob with Side Bangs

layered bob for little girls

This bangs hairstyle looks extremely good on little girls as well as it does on women too. Girl’s hair is thinner and styles itself so that the bob provides the most natural look.

The length reaches the chin and does not go over that. The back can be stacked, but very discreetly. The layering is also present to the sides, giving the bob greater form.

The bangs are long, cut and styled to the side. The entire direction of the hair is set by the side part, which also parts the bangs too.

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2. Round Angled Bob

Little Girl with Round Angled Bob

For little girls who have thick and dense hair, the round angled bob is a great hairstyle. Starting from a deep side part, the hair is cut the same on both sides. The back is shorter and stacked a bit.

As it continues to the front, the length gradually becomes longer and longer, finishing in a sharp end somewhere around the chin. The whole hair is styled round and dried inwards, creating a nice and sweet look.


3. Wavy Bob

wavy bob haircut for little girls

The waves on little girl’s short hair appear naturally and there is no specific styling technique. To take the greatest advantage of the look the wavy bob is a wonderful choice.

The length of the hair is almost equal everywhere, with small layering if the waves turn to curls. Otherwise, there is nothing that stands out.

The most perfect beach waves are the natural ones and this is one sweet bob your baby girl.

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4. Side Swept Bangs

little girl bob with side swept bangs

The side-swept bangs can appear on two different hairstyles: long and short bob. The long bob presents a look done with long hair, where the hair is cut straight and equal to the sides.

It is defined by a deep side part. The bangs start from that point and go over the forehead, to the other side.

The shorter version of this little girl bob can reach the ears and is also defined by a deep side part. The bangs are swept to the side over the forehead.


5. Blunt Bangs

little girl long bob haircut

Blunt bangs are a popular addition in the bob hairstyles for little girls because they keep their hair away from the eyes and face.

Blunt bags go well with any kind of long bob. The beauty of the blunt bangs is that they provide a sharp and neat look, and make the eyes pop out.


6. Curly Bob

Curly hair needs to be cared for properly since the earliest age. So, for the little girls, keeping their curls in place can be done best with a fashionable bob haircut.

The gradual layering on the sides will give the hairstyle a good frame and look. The addition of any hair accessory like pin, bow, or clip and making a curly top pony will make the little one look even cuter.


7. Asymmetrical Bob

It is well-known that the small ones are bolder in their choices than adults. That is why they will rock the asymmetrical bob.

The asymmetrical bob starts with a deep side part that divides the hair. The hair is straight and the one side is longer than the other.

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8. Messy Bob

If your little girl’s hair tends to curl and make waves at the same time, the messy bob is the great haircut for her. It will provide a good look for the unordinary hair and will keep the naughty curls in place.


9. Fashionable Bob

This black girl bob hairstyle focuses more on the styling than on the cut. Whichever the cut is, the accent is put on the front strand.

For greater impression and fashionable impact, that front strand is styled upwards, put to the side and curled at the ends.


10. Middle-Parted Bob

middle parted bob for little girls

The middle part separates the hair in two equal pieces and any length is appropriate.


11. A Touch of Color

With washable hair dye, let your little girl enjoy a pink or purple ombre. Color the front parts of the hair and only on the one side.


12. Cornrow Braids for Little Girl

For this little girl’s bob style, braid the entire hair in small cornrow braids and the final look will be braided bob.


13. Curtain Fringes

The fringes that open to the sides like curtains are very cute. As for the bob, any cut will work.


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14. Voluminous Bob

For hair that has a lot volume, the straight cut on bob with a bit of stacked back will look just great on your little princess.


15. Bob with Undercut

A daring look for a small girl, but very trendy – undercut on the one side, and leave the other long. The ends are edgy and sharp, and the bob ends right around the chin.


16. Lob with Round Bangs

This lob is a look where the front hair is pretty long and wavy. The back is shorter and the bangs are round and dense.


17. Braid as A Side Part

Instead of a regular side part, create a braid that will give the bob more playfulness and interesting look. The little girl will be very happy with her look.

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18. Chic Look

This chic bob for little girls will require some styling, but the secret is in the different length of the entire hair. Some parts are longer, some shorter and the entire hair is swept to one side.


19. Spirally Bob

For curls that look like spirals, the bob cut will look very fresh and fashionable. This is a perfect wedding hairstyle for little girls to rock the event.


20. Straight Hair and Asymmetrical Line

straight long bob for little girls

This is a clean and modern straight bob haircut, perfect for little girls with long hair. The bob is shorter at the back, and as it moves towards the front where hair becomes longer.


21. Afro Twists for Little Girls

little black girl with bob haircut

For the little black girls whose natural hair is curly, the bob is a practical choice.

With a natural side part, the afro curls separate themselves to the sides. The length does not go over the shoulders.  


For a charming and convenient hairstyle for your little princess, you can’t go wrong with a timeless bob.

If you need any more convincing, here are some of our favorite little girl bob haircuts you can use for inspiration on your next trip to the hairdresser!