25 of The Cutest Hairstyles for Little Black Girls

Choosing a suitable hairstyle for little black girls is challenging for many mothers. The difficulty of this comes from the hair type itself. Black hair is known to be naturally curly which requires more effort to style.

African American little girls also experience the same problem, but here are some of the best hairstyles appropriate for their hair type.

Fantastic Little Black Girls Hairstyles

Here we have 25 cute hairstyles that black girls can sport easily. Check out and get inspiration.

1. Top Pony

little black girl ponytail hairstyles

The afro curls give a completely new and different look from any other hair type. That is why the regular pony does not look like a regular one.

Instead, when the afro curls are pulled back up in a pony, the pony is voluminous, curly, and a bit bushy. However, the ponytail looks very nice on little black girls since it keeps their hair neatly wrapped.

2. Afro Pigtails

little black girl with pigtails

A cuter look than the regular high pony is the two ponies. With shorter hair, they might look like two buns.

The hair is parted in the middle and the hair is wrapped up in a high pony. Any hair accessories will be a nice addition to this hairstyle for mixed little girls.

3. Total Cornrow

little black girl with cornrow

Cornrow braids are always a good option for black girls. It has deep roots in Black culture and helps to raise awareness against the unfair treatment of little black girls based on their hair.

In this cornrow braids style, the hair is parted into small braids with clean lines and styled into a top-braided bun at the back.

4. Half-Up Top Bun

little black girl with half bun hairstyle

The long curly hair is difficult for maintaining because it tangles a lot and requires special care and styling. It is big and voluminous and keeping it in place can be done with a half-up bun.

With a clear line that separates the upper from the lower part, the bun comes on top while the rest of the hair is let down.

5. Long Braids In A Pony

hairstyles for little black girls

The braids on the long hair can be thin, medium or thick, and it does not make any difference. It all depends on personal taste.

If the braids are thinner, when wrapped in a pony it will look more interesting. If the braids are thicker than the pony and the whole hairstyle will resemble a look of dreadlocks.

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6. Braided Hairstyle with Beads

This is a very creative and beautiful hairdo that will transform the black little girl into a princess. It starts with tiny braids that come into an interlocking direction.

The braiding is done up to the half of the head. After that comes a big crown braid, all over the head.

7. Side Braiding and Buns

When the braiding of the hair is done in another direction instead of the regular one, the look instantly becomes fresher and more interesting. The braids here come to the side and finish up into braided top buns.

8. Wraps on Top

This multiple bun hairstyle is perfect for black little girls because they can hold lots of different accessories. The hair can be separated in as many parts as you like, and any part is done in a wrap.

The wrap can get a look of a top knot, regular bun, ballerina bun or just of an improvised wrap.

9. Fashionable Mohawk

The fashionable Mohawk for little girls is a quite unique look that is great for some special occasion. The sides are super sleek and there are 3-4 clean parting lines that blend into the Mohawk.

The Mohawk is curly, voluminous and comes together as a sum of few ponys. If your black girl’s hair is long, then the ponies should be done as half ponies, fixated somewhere around the wrap.

10. Round Cornrows

braid hairstyles for little black girl

The round cornrows hairstyle for little girl presents a look of a round braiding of the hair. The lower parts of the hair are braided in regular straight braids.

Those from the round braiding come in a pony on the top. The round braiding starts with a straight line, going from one side to the other. The front part is braided in rounded direction.

11. Twisted Pigtails

Instead of the boring two side ponytails hairstyle, upgrading them with twists will make a huge difference in the look of the black kids. The part comes to the middle and the hair is pulled in two side ponytails. The rest of the pony is braided.

12. Creative Part with Side Braids

The side braids look good on every black girl, while the parting can be a bit boring. The regular middle part can be switched into a creative and new line that will change the look. It can be done in the form of the letter Z or in something that looks new and interesting.

13. Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs are a trendy look that is a nice change from the regular blunt bangs. They come separated in the middle, just like the curtains. The hair is natural, long and curls on the ends. The part can be middle or a side one.

14. Voluminous Pigtails

There is nothing regular in the classic looks when it comes to the little black girls curly hair. This also applies to the side pony that will look curly and voluminous to the sides.

15. Half-Up Space Buns

cute little girl's black hairstyles

A cute and lovely look is the half-up side buns. They come to the sides and the front is styled in tiny braids.

16. Layered Bob

The layered bob is a common hairstyle among the little girls. It has an especially beautiful look when it is done on the hair of the black girl.

Although the styling might require more time, the final result is great. The layering gives a form of the look and the side bangs are quite nice too.

17. Long French Braid

The classic long French braid can come in two different versions – it can start directly from the front or it only the pony can be braided. No matter what do you choose, the look is great.

18. Cute Bubble Ponytails

The look of two side ponytails can be made much more interesting with the addition of colorful elasticized bands.

They are positioned equally on both sides and make the ponytails look very playful and interesting. This is a very interesting hairstyle for black little girls to wear at school.

19. Black Little Girls Twisted Hairstyle

Braiding the hair in a way that resembles ropes is quite a challenge but the look is unique. The hair is separated in three equal pieces and each of the pieces is done in braided ropes. These ropes are then wrapped and fastened on the head.

20. Tinny Tiny Braids

little black girl with thin braids

The extra thin braids are really a piece of art and require lots of time. All the hair is braided and each braid comes out of a square made of clean sidelines. These braids can be either worn regularly let down or in a half-up bun, in a high or low pony.

21. Spirally Bob

The spiral curls or any other type of curls that are not the afro ones look really good if styled in a bob. In this case, the cut of the bob is gradual on the sides. The layering gives this little black girl’s hairstyle and the curls a particular form and shape.

22. Dreaded Top Bun

The dreadlocks can come in different hairstyles. The one with a huge and voluminous top bun is popular and cool.

From the higher part of the hair, all the dreads are pulled up in a wrapped bun. The rest of the dreads is let down.

23. Edgy Shag

Every type of curly hair presents a different look. the afro curls are quite tricky ones and when the hair is cut as a shag, the ends can look sharper and thinner.

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24. Sleek and Smooth

little girl with sleek hairstyles

The super sleek and smooth hair that curls back in the pony is a look that the little girls will absolutely adore. If the front parts are shorter and cut in the form of bangs then curl them up too.

25. Short Faux Locs

little black girl with short hairstyle

The short faux dreads are in fact braids. They are with unequal length and will look great with colorful and different hair accessories. The braiding is done in a way that they look like ropes or dreads and with that, the hairstyle instantly gets a new look.

Whichever hairstyle the little black girls choose to wear it is guaranteed that they will look cute. There is a special charm in the look of the kids hairstyles when it comes to the black girls. They are allowed to play with their hair and add as many hair accessories as they want.