10 Splendid Mohawk Styles for Little Black Boys

Parents who want to help their little boy express himself through his hair should consider mohawk haircuts. The mohawk will add a ton of interest and personality to an African American boy’s style.

A Mohawk doesn’t require a lot of daily work to keep it looking great. Because of that, they’re a great choice for any little boy looking for a fun and funky cut.


Best Little Black Boy’s Mohawk Styles

The great thing about the mohawk is that they can easily be personalized. Adding some color, great designs, or simply growing the hair longer will all create a custom look. Want to explore different mohawk ideas for little black boys? Below are some awesome hairstyles to find the right one.

1. Longer Mohawk

little black boy mohawk haircut

There’s no reason why a little black boy mohawk has to be kept really short, as this longer style shows. Kids longer hair makes this cut even more impressive and is sure to attract attention.

It’s a great option for boys who have thick and full hair that won’t require a lot of taming to keep it in the traditional mohawk shape.


2. Bleached Tips for Interest

little black boy mohawk with bleached tips

Bleaching just the tips of kids mohawk for black hair adds a ton of interest to the cut and keeps it from being boring.

The fade on the side can be low or high, depending on the boy’s preference, as it will be the bleached tips that are going to attract the most attention. Leaving the roots a natural black helps ground the mohawk and add depth.


3. Wider Mohawk with Design

little black boy mohawk with design

Low fades just over the ear result in the creation of very wide mohawks. These are eye-catching because most people expect black kids mohawk to be thinner.

They are the perfect curly haircut for little boys who are interested in having a ‘hawk but want to work their way to a smaller and more defined cut, as the fade can easily be raised to make them skinnier at a later time.


4. Short and High

 black kid's short mohawk

A short and high mohawk that isn’t as well defined is a great option for black kids. This mohawk doesn’t require any product or special care to make it look great, which is ideal for toddler boys with curly hair who won’t have the interest or time to style their hair. It’s easy to take care of and looks great with high fades or with some hair on the sides.


5. Skin Fade on the Sides

little black boy mohawk with fade

A skin fade on the sides of the head makes this mohawk really pop. It’s a thinner option, but still wide enough to fit perfectly in the center of the head.

The thick curls look great and add movement and style to the little black boy’s mohawk haircut without adding too much length, which can make it too unruly for younger boys to wear and care for.


6. Natural Curls Without Any Taming

Natural curls don’t need any taming to look their best, as this great black little boy’s fohawk shows. The high skin fade really sets off the thicker hair on the top of the head and allows it to be the star. Allowing the hair to have a few different lengths in the mohawk itself keeps it from looking too perfect.


7. Bold Bleached Stripe

best little black boy mohawk haircuts

As far as mohawk haircuts for little black boys go, this is one of the most eye-catching options that boys can choose. It’s a wider ‘hawk, which automatically helps it stand out.

Additionally, the entire mohawk is bleached, rather than simply bleaching just the tips. This makes it a bold splash of color on the top of the head and allows the boy wearing it to be the center of attention.

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8. Swirled Designs on the Sides

Swirled designs cut into the fade on the sides of the head are a great way to make this style stand out when growing a mohawk a bit longer.

They work really well with longer and more established mohawks, as well, but are a wonderful choice for 8 to 9-year-old boy’s hair, who want to draw attention to their new cut. Swirls and angles together are a great combination and will draw the eye.


9. Skinny ‘hawk with Larger Designs

black kid with mohawk haircut

Black kids Mohawks don’t have to be really wide, as this skinny option shows. The small strip of hair on top of the head allows for plenty of room on the sides for multiple or larger designs. For this reason, this boy’s crew cut requires a great fade so that the mohawk, as well as the designs, will both look great.


10. Smooth Fade to a Full Mohawk

little black boy curly mohawk haircuts

Some little black boys want a harsh skin fade that juxtaposes with their mohawk, while others want something that is a little less severe. This smooth skin fade gradually gets longer until it becomes a full mohawk.

The bit of skin that shows around the ears is an impressive contrast to the fuller and thicker hair of the mohawk, which makes it a stunning style.


Great little black boy mohawk styles are sure to make any little boy feel great and give him a boost of self-confidence. These fun haircuts are a wonderful inspiration for any little boy looking for something new and different.