50 Inspiring Kindness Quotes for Kids That Everyone Can Understand

Kindness is a virtue best taught while young. To start things up, you can expose little kids to simple kindness quotes for kids. You can start by telling them stories about kindness, and later on,

share a kindness quote with them. With a story that they understand, these quotes about kindness for kids would be easier for them to comprehend and appreciate.


Motivational Quotes about Kindness for Kids

There are plenty of quotes about kindness that you can share with adults – but for the sake of comprehension, simple ones work best for little kids. Their vocabularies are still not as developed as ours, but easy ones will be sure to remind them to be kind on a daily basis!

After all, there is less and less kindness in this world by now. We need more kids who will grow up to be kind-hearted adults! If you are a teacher, we strongly encourage you to print out some of the kindness quotes for kids that we have on this page. You can hang them around the classrooms to remind your students to be kind all the time.


1. What humanity is craving right now is kind and compassionate kids, making the world a better place to live!

kindness quotes for kids


2. Make kindness an everyday practice for children, and see how humanity changes for the better!

be kind quotes for kids


3. There is no bigger or more important lesson to teach your kids than to be kind to each another.

quotes on kindness for kids


4. The only way to teach our kids of kindness is being kind to each other ourselves!

kind quotes for kids


5. Raising kind children is a silent promise of a better world, filled with love and tolerance!

inspiring kindness quotes for kids

Inspirational Quotes for Kids from Teachers


6. Children may not be able to use big words, but they’ll always recognize random acts of kindness!


7. What a world this would be if all children were raised to be kind, loving and giving to one another!


8. There is no price to pay for kindness, and who better to learn of it than our children?

kindeness quotes for children


9. Let’s do humanity a favor and prevent children from feeling deprived of kindness.


10. We treat kindness as if it was a sign of weakness, thus depriving our children of all the goodness in this world.


11. One of the biggest favors we can do for our children is teaching them of unselfish, everlasting kindness!

Quotes to make kids kind


12. Every child needs to learn how to love, accept, forgive and most importantly, be kind to others!


13. If we care to create a better world for our children, we need to start paying more attention on being kind those around us.


14. A child will imitate the way you talk, walk and behave, so let’s make sure we do it all with kindness!

quotes about kids kindness


15. It is not our job to judge one another, but to make sure we raise our children with all the kindness this world has to offer!


16. We can teach our children to be kind and loving, and all it takes is our determination to do it!


17. How can we expect our children to grow into kind adults when we often fail to be kind ourselves?

motivational quots to inspire kids to be kind


18. What we need to tell our children is that kindness, as small as it may be, is always valued and respected.


19. Before we teach our kids of love and patience, we need to take the time and teach them of kindness as well.


20. No child is too young to be raised with kindness and taught to be kind in return!

best kindness quotes for children


21. One of the greatest accomplishments for children is learning how to be kind to those around them!


22. We cannot expect to live in a great world if we ever forget to plant kindness in our children!


23. There is no bigger virtue or blessing in life than to see a child being kind to others!


24. What we need to show our children is that kindness never goes unnoticed or out of style!


25. There is no bigger gift to give our children than the ability to be kind and loving with one another!

 kindness quotes that inspire kids


26. The world is hungry for kindness, and it all has to do with the way we raise our children!

be kind quotes for kids


27. Our kids will one day be a mirror of ourselves, so let’s allow them to learn only of kindness and lovingness!


28. Much like love and patience, kindness makes the world a better place to live, and no one is a better student of kindness than our kids!


29. Teach your kids to be sweet and nice, for success may one day fade, but kindness will live on forever!


30. It’s not enough for kids to be loving and brave – they also need to be taught how to be kind when conquering the world!

kids quotes about kindness and love


31. How great it feels when you are kind to others around you! Be a kind person and show some generosity to others.


32. Be a kind person today and start sharing with your friends! It is the best gift that you can give to your friends.


33. Have you said something kind to your friends today? If not, say it now!


34. Kindness is the best value that can be learned from today onwards.


35. Love your friends and family today and be kind to them! Every child should have this quality to do everything selflessly.

inspiring quotes about be kind for kids


36. Be kind to your friends and let them learn from your examples today!


37. Give a warm smile. It’s the language of kindness!


38. Give hugs and share love with the people you love. A warm, loving hug is as good as any other acts of kindness.


39. Kindness is free. Sprinkle it everywhere and show everyone the path of kindness!


40. Being kind is the best quality that you can be proud of.

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41. Choose to be a kind person, then smile and laugh often. A kind person always spreads love wherever he goes.


42. Do everything with kindness today, tomorrow and every day.


43. Show some love, give some hugs and always be kind. People may not remember everything about you except your kindness.


44. Set an example for your friends by being kind to those in need today and see the smile on their face!


45. No scrambling, no snatching – be kind and everyone will be smiling! A warm smile can heal any kind of wound.

be kind quotes for children


46. Be kind to everyone and care about others. The kindest child is most-loved by everyone around.


47. When you are kind to your friends, you are making the world a happier, kinder place. Change the world with your kindness.


48. Don’t forget your homework, your cleaning duties, and your kindness! It is the most valuable thing that you can ever get.


49. Always greet those around you with kindness and a smile. Be kind whenever it is possible.

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50. Be nice, be patient and always be kind. Make the world a better place to live.

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