8 Super-Cool Mohawk Haircuts for Little Boys

Mohawk cut, a timeless and evergreen trend. Where men of all age groups can wear this haircut, kids mohawk haircut is the new buzzing style in the fashion world for little boys.

This style is bringing new evolutions and growing its roots stronger in the industry. From super long mohawk to Caesar cut and funky dyed hair, this is the most versatile style.


Latest Mohawk Styles for Kids

Following Is a curated list of some funky and cool mohawk haircuts for little boys. You can choose the style which suits your hair and looks and be in the limelight!

1. Long Porcupine Mohawk

long mohawk haircuts for little boy

Long porcupine kids mohawk is a very bold hairstyle and can be carried by very smart and active boys. This style is for those little boys who have straight hair.

Keep the stylist to shave the sides of your boy’s head while keeping the top locks long. Then spike up the top hair with the help of hair gel to hold them in place.


2. Kids Faux Hawk

little boy mohawk haircuts

Faux Hawk is a mohawk with relatively longer hair on sides. However, the sides are still very short as compared to the top locks. S

pike up or side comb your top hair, as you like, and apply hair styling gel to hold the style in place. Pair up the hairstyle with a Spiderman shirt and see your boy look like a superhero.

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3. Rainbow Mohawk

rainbow mohawk for little boy

A rainbow dyed, mohawk on sleek hair is an eye-catching hairstyle. Give this unique look to your boy and see him becoming the center of attention. Tell the hairstylist to give your little boy a mohawk cut. Then dye individual sections of hair with different and funky colors. Keep the sides natural.


4. Curly ‘Hawk with Man Bun

curly mohawk with man bun for little boys

Give a man bun to your little man-to-be. A little manly look does no harm! A simple little boy mohawk style with fade and top locks tied into a man bun on the back are what make this style.

This look is for all hair types; wavy and straight. Moreover, this kid’s long hairstyle is easy-to-make and requires little to no maintenance.


5. Blonde Afro Mohawk

blonde afro mohawk for little boys

Unruly afro is known for a hard time it gives while managing and styling. However, this is not a big deal anymore. You can now cleverly style your afro while keeping them in their right place!

Get a mohawk on your little boy’s hair! A blonde afro mohawk will create more buzz. For added pomp, keep your hair little longer.

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6. Spiked-up Mohawk

little boy with spiked up mohawk

A simple spiked up kids mohawk haircut on sleek blonde hair gives a very neat and decent look. If you are a strict mom and want your little boy look decent, this hairstyle is made for your boy.

Tell the hairstylist to keep the sides long, instead of shaving them, while keeping the top locks longer. Spike up the top locks with the help of hair gel and your buy is ready-to-go.


7. Shaved Mohawk

little boy shaved mohawk hairstyle

Shaved mohawk look very neat and classy. If you want your little boy to look manly, this hairstyle is the right choice. Moreover, this style is easy to make and require very less maintenance. The neat look is an added perk of this style!

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8. Mohawk Fade with Creative Sides

little boy with mohawk fade haircuts

To create a unique crew cut hairstyle for your boy, consider giving him creative sides. A mohawk with a fade on afro, wavy or textured hair with a taper fade on the sides and creative lines in between create a very bold combination. This kids mohawk fade style is ideal for boys with thick black hair.


So, moms, what are you waiting for? Mohawk is no more a haircut just for the grown-ups! We have made your job easy for you. Pick up the best little boy’s mohawk haircuts and go to the hairstylist immediately.