50 Funny Memes for Kids That’ll Completely Destroy Your Boredom

Here’s something you need to know – memes are for everyone. They are entertaining and funny, so what’s not to like about memes? In fact, you can probably find yourself funny memes for kids, for adults and for elderlies just as easily.


Funny Memes for Kids

Even though this page of memes was compiled with the kids’ audience in mind first and foremost, you will also find funny memes about kids. I mean, hey, kids can be really entertaining! Funny memes about themselves could also be just as funny for them – there’s nothing to lose!

If you are looking to cheer up a kid or two, you can take a look at the collection of memes for kids that we have below. You might just be just helping a young kid take their first step to memes’ appreciation!

It’s time to replace the kids’ games and YouTube videos with funny memes for kids. Find some memes that you think the kids will enjoy from our compilation below, save it into your phone, and share them now!

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1. Silence Is Golden… Unless You Have A Toddler. In That Case, Silence Is Very Very Suspicious.

cute funny memes for kids


2. Why Did I Believe Mommy When She Said, ” If You Tell Me The Truth, You Won’t Get in Trouble.”

Funny memes about kids


3. Old People at Weddings Always Poke Me And Say “You Are Next.” So, I Started Doing The Same Thing to Them at Funerals.

Funny kids memes to laugh


4. I Know Your Real Age. Happy Birthday!

viral funny meme for kids


5. How I Feel When I Fix Something.

cute funny kids meme


6. That Look You Give Your Friend When Your Teacher Says to Pick A Partner.


7. Definitely in My Top Ten Movies of All Time Has Only Seen Ten Movies!


8. The “Tooth Fairy” Was A Little Drunk Last Night…


9. You Have Fallen Directly into My Trap.


10. Nice Try, Mom!


11. The Best Way to Give Medicine to a Child.


12. Brushes Teeth Twice Daily, Floss Daily 7th Root Canal Tuesday!


13. Everyone’s Having Their Second Or Third Kid And I’m Over Here Like Nah I’m Good!


14. What Do You Mean I Wasn’t Picked to Go to Hogwarts!


15. Feeling A Little Sick Eh? Shouldn’t Have Touched My Playdough.


16. Smile!!! It’s Finally Friday.


17. H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K.= Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge.


18. Dear Math, Please Grow Up And Solve Your Own Problems, I’m Tired of Solving Them for You.


19. Oh Gimme The Beat, Boys And Free My Soul. I Wanna Get Lost in Your Rock And Roll.


20. Mood Swing!


21. So You’re The New Babysitter? I Like Knives!


22. Mom Told Me Not to Touch It.


23. I Want Answers Tickle Him Until He Talks!


24. LOL I’m Batman!


25. Yo’ Mama Is So Fat When She Walked By The TV I Missed 3 Episodes!


26. Am I Eating Chicken Or Tuna?


27. When People Assume The Chips Are to Share!


28. Who Put You on The Planet?

funny memes regarding kids


29. That Moment When He Realizes He Has No Idea What He’s Mad About.


30. Touch My Cake And I Will Cut You.


31. Tomorrow Is Monday Again.


32. No, Seriously Tell Me More You’re So Interesting.


33. They Took My Happy Meal I Took Their Happiness.


34. “That’s Not Really An Airplane, It’s A Spoon”


35. How to Be A Toddler: Step 1: Destroy Something! Step 2: Immediately Fall Asleep!


36. Too Tired to Eat Too Hungry to Sleep.

funny kids memes


37. Why Did The Kid Put Sugar Under His Pillow? So He Would Have Sweet Dreams!


38. When You Fart And Realize It’s Something Else!


39. Can I Get A Bottle? Or Should We Go Straight to Nap Time?


40. Eating Watermelon Like A Boss.


41. I Want My Fooooooooood!


42. Nobody TellS Me No! You Got That?!


43. When I Was Born I Was So Mad at My Parent’s…… I Didn’t Talk to Them for Two Years!


44. Your Pancake? I Ate It.


45. Yep It’s Monday Here Too.


46. At Dawn We Ride!


47. I Don’t Know Whether to Take A Nap…… Or Cry About Being Tired.


48. My Mommy Said I’m Growing Up So Fast I Said Talking Isn’t Getting Me Another Beer.


49. Reads High School Freshman Meme Thinks He Understands, But Can’t Read.

funny memes for kids to ROFL


50. I Licked It, So It’s Mine.

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