10 Important Electrical Safety Tips For Kids

Electricity is defined as a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles. While this does not sound like a dangerous concept, the amount of voltage that is produced through electrical outlets and power lines is powerful enough to seriously injure or cause death. For this reason it is best to teach electrical safety for kids. Remember to play it safe around your home and educate children on how to use electricity correctly.

Electrical Safety For Kids – Important Things To Remember

There are many electrical accidents that happen only for our lack of concern. Kids are sometimes naughty and it is natural to do naughty stuffs by them. So precaution is very important for the safety of the children. Some important electrical safety measures are listed below.

  1. Do not plug several items into one electrical outlet or an extension cord. This could cause damage to the electrical system in the house and possibly cause a fire.
  2. Keep all electric cords tucked away. This will prevent pets from chewing cords and people from getting tangled in them and falling.
  3. Never climb the fence that surrounds an electrical substation. If something of importance such as a pet or a toy is in the enclosure, get an adult for help. Have the adult call the electric company and they will come out and get the item or pet for you.
  4. Do not yank any electric cord from the wall. This can cause damage to the item, the plug or the outlet itself. A damaged outlet that is not properly repaired or replaced can become a fire hazard.
  5. Do not fly kites near power lines or electric substations. The kite and string attached could conduct electricity. The current could flow through you and into the ground. Such an electrical shock would cause severe injury and possible death.
  6. Always ask an adult for help when using an item that requires electricity. Improper use of appliances and toys could cause damage to the item. Plugging the item in incorrectly could result in shock or sparks.
  7. Always look for a power lines before climbing a tree. The tree branches have the ability to conduct electricity and cause it to course through your body. Even the smallest shock while climbing a tree could be disastrous if you lose your balance and grip and fall to the ground.
  8. Keep unused outlets covered with caps to keep the temptation of sticking things into them. Foreign objects shoved into outlets could lead to electrical shock and fire.
  9. Be on the lookout for mom and dad. Watch that they do not put ladders or use chainsaws and other equipment around power lines. Even parents need to be reminded that electric can be dangerous and should be avoided.
  10. Electricity and water do not mix. Keep all electrical devices away from the water. Water is an excellent conductor and most accidents involving electricity happen near water.

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