7 Succulent Finger Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

Deciding kids birthday party finger food ideas can be quite hassling for parents! Birthday Parties, especially for kids are really exciting. They get to dance, play games, dirty their clothes and eat cakes. Planning all these can be no doubt stressful, but we want to go all out for our kids right? That’s what I thought.

Now, with all these planning, it will be more stressful to add an extensive menu for them; asides the fact that children can be picky with their food, they also get so excited at parties that they don’t eat so much and there’ll be a lot of leftovers which can be avoided.

That’s why we’ve selected 7 finger foods that kids absolutely cannot resist. They are fast and easy to make and more importantly, pocket-friendly! Let’s check that out below:


Delicious Finger Foods for Kids Birthday Party

Finger foods for kids birthday party or any occasion, these tasty and yummy finger foods have no comparison. Have a look:

1. Mini Corn Dog Muffins

mini corn dog muffins for kid's birthday party

These homemade corn dog muffins are the perfect finger food for a toddler’s birthday party. Make them with cornbread and serve it with some dipping sauce… Voila! Everybody is happy.


2. Honey Joys

Honey joys as finger foods for birthday parties

These cups of crispy, sticky and delicious snack for kids birthday occasion are really easy to make, easy to serve and bound to help create childhood memories that will be always cherished.


3. Chocolate Crackles

chocolate crackles for kid's birthday party

As long as the adults making these cups of amazing sweetness do not eat it all up before the party begins. Chocolate crackles are one of the best kids birthday party finger food ideas, super easy to make and everyone’s favorite, because frankly, what kid doesn’t love chocolate?


4. Popcorn

popcorn for kids birthday parties

Another life-saving finger food idea for parents for their kids birthday party. Either served plain or flavored with cheese or cinnamon, Popcorns are easy to make and really time-saving. With few ingredients and 15 minutes maximum, we have a large bowl of popping delights for both kids and adults!


5. Kids Trifles

finger foods for kids birthday party

With layers of Sponge, Fruits, Custard, Jelly and Cream, with this finger food, the kids are in for the sweetest treat on their birthday parties! Hope you don’t mind when they come hugging and pecking with their sticky colored faces.


6. Banana Split Pops

kids birthday party finger food ideas

Another delicious kids birthday party finger food item. These sticks of easily made, super delicious banana split that is accompanied by chocolate, nuts, cream, and cherry are sure to entice every child.


7. Mac And Cheese Bombs

mac and cheese bombs for kids birthday party

Loved by every kid, fast food and time saving, these delicious balls of mac and cheese are certain to get the children excited and clearing the table. Most favorite finger food idea for kid’s birthday event.


So what’s the budget for your kid’s next birthday party? How much time do you have? How many children will be there? Did you get any inspiration or ideas as you went through these 7 easily made finger foods? We hope you did.

And we hope you now understand that it doesn’t take a lot to get children excited and clearing their dishes! These selected kids birthday party finger food ideas are appealing to most children if not all. Enjoy!