35 Best Just Kidding Memes That Will Make LOL

Just kidding memes can be fun to browse through when you want to pull a prank or a joke on your close friends! Do you like memes? If you do, we can guarantee that you will love the just kidding memes below.


Just Kidding Memes

Even if there are no exact scenarios in which you can use these just kidding memes, you can still appreciate them and get some laughs out of them. After all, isn’t that what memes are for? We browse through so many memes daily that many are no longer understandable – new ones keep coming, and old ones get forgotten all the time.

These funny I’m just kidding memes are the classics – simple and easy to understand for anyone without needed to know where the meme came from. So, why not share these just kidding memes with your friends and family today and make their day a little brighter?

But first, let’s take a look at the just kidding memes below. You can also browse these fat kid memes or drunk baby memes to give others a laugh.


1. Just Kidding! I Think You’re Awesome.

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2. Just Kidding Come Down Bro!

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3. Dude I’m Just Kidding! The Gym Is Open.

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4. I Went back to The Nursery And They Had Too Many Volunteers! Just Kidding.

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5. I Love Babies, But I Couldn’t Eat A Whole One! Just Kidding! I Eat Whole Ones.

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6. What Are You Looking at? I’m Just Kidding Bro.


7. Just Kidding. Daddy! We Were Hiding Behind This Tree The Whole Time!


8. No More Shots for Me….. Just Kidding….Shots!!!!


9. Just Kidding- You’re The First.


10. I Don’t Always Keep Mom Up All Night…Just Kidding, Yes I Do.


11. These Presentations Are Awesome. Just Kidding, I’m Bored…


12. Mommy, I’m Sorry You’re Tired! Just Kidding. I Don’t Care.


13. Just Kidding! You’re Pretty Cool!


14. I”ll Miss You….Just Kidding! I’ll Not. Bye…


15. Mom You’re The Best… Just Kidding Mom!!!


16. Mom, I Was Just Kidding!! It’s Not Human Blood.


17. Sorry, I Didn’t get Your Text. Just Kidding!! Ignored That Nonsense…


18. Ah There Is A Monster in My Room. OK Just Kidding!!! It Is My Shadow.


19. Just Kidding…You Could Call Me Anytime.


20. Just Kidding! Keep The Great Work.


I’m Just Kidding Memes

A lot of things can be resolved with simple just kidding memes. Did you pull a bad joke or accidentally offend someone? Just kidding! This magic phrase will push all your troubles away – at least for a while. Below, we have compiled our favorite just kidding memes for you! These memes cater to a wide variety of situations and scenarios – we can’t promise that we will have something that fits your scenario exactly, but we believe that these I’m just kidding memes will be put to good use one day. Bookmark this page if you’d like, and be sure to share these memes with your friends and family!

21. Dude, I Was Just Kidding. You’re Not Adopted.

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22. I Don’t Always Think about Hunting, But When I Do… Just Kidding, I Always Think About Hunting.


23. I Don’t Always Drink Beer. Just Kidding, Of Course I Do.


24. You’re Hired. Just Kidding!! You’re Fired.


25. Its OK, I Understand You Were Hungry… Just Kidding, I Don’t Care.


26. I’m Just Kidding Honey…We’re Not Dispensationalists.


27.  All I want for Christmas Is You Baby…Haha Just Kidding, I want Presents Too.


28. When The Phillies Win The World Series. Just Kidding It’ll Never Happen.

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29. Tonight, I’m Going to Drink Some Tequilla An Kick Some Ass! Just Kidding, I Don’t Drink Tequilla.


30. I Missed You… Just Kidding!! I Threw Up on Your Pillow.


31. She’s Thinking of You. She Says, ” Just Kidding!”


32. Just Kidding! How Pissed Did You Get Right There?


33. Just Kidding! That Was Corrupt.


34. What If I Told You I Wasn’t Just Kidding.

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35. Just Kidding! I Don’t Know That Feel!!!

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We hope that these just kidding memes have brought a smile onto your face! If you liked them, remember to share them with your friends on social media so that they too will be smiling when they see it!