Is Epilepsy a Disability – What Experts Say

Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that can severely disrupt a person’s daily living. There are several people who have been diagnosed with epileptic episodes and they are able to hold down a job and competently complete all the tasks provided for the job. Medications can be prescribed to prevent the seizures from occurring or at least being fewer and farther between.

Many have asked the question, “is epilepsy a disability?” While there is no cut and dried answer to this question, there are guidelines that can help a person make a determination as to whether or not they could qualify for disability benefits.


Gainful Employment

A person who has epilepsy that is uncontrolled may have difficulty finding and maintaining gainful employment. If the person is able to keep their job and perform all the tasks to the satisfaction of the employer, then they do not qualify for disability benefits.

Should the person not be able to complete all aspects of their job, then an employer may be able to re-evaluate the position and modify the position so the employee can stay employed.


Doctor’s Diagnosis

In order for a person to be considered disabled, they will need their doctor to sign off on paperwork for the Social Security Administration. The doctor must attest to the physical condition of the person and their ability to perform simple tasks of daily living as well as any limitations for working.

A person can be awarded disability benefits for epilepsy only if their condition is uncontrollable through medications. The person also has to have such limitations that they cannot perform tasks to become or stay gainfully employed. And finally, their doctor must be willing to vouch for their inability to control their epileptic episodes.

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