33 Best Inner Child Quotes That’ll Remind You to Love Them

As old as we grow, there will always be your inner child quotes that remind us of our youthful self-hidden away from the public. The following quotes about your inner child will surely resonate with how you feel and serve as a reminder for you to take good care of its innocence and happiness.


How Your Inner Child Is Connected to Happiness?

When we face our responsibilities, we can no longer show our happiness and innocence in public as we did when we were young. No longer can we jump happily, dance and sing without any reasons in the office, or smile and give random gifts to strangers around you. Every action executed has to be planned carefully in advance, never out of place.

Without an inner child keeping us giddy with happiness during cheerful events, how would we survive? The inner child within us is always ready to jump into a pool, pull a harmless prank and laugh out loud at jokes from those around us.

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So pure and innocent is your inner child that they see only the best in everyone, ready to trust and ready to love. They are the ones that can recover quickly after falling down and bruised their knees. They are also the ones who are able to keep themselves happy and entertained by the little things in life.


Realistic Inner Child Quotes

Have you been giving some freedom to your inner child lately? Let these quotes about your inner child bring out the best of you so that you can be cheerful once more.

Remember, it’s having our inner child tended to that keeps us youthful and happy even as we age, so take good care of them, love them and support them! Here are some realistic and funny inner child quotes you’ll love to read.


1. We grow older and bigger each day, but we can stay youthful by keeping our inner child ageless.

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2.  Love yourself everyday, even as your skin wrinkles and your bones ache. Your inner child still deserves your love all the time.

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3.  It’s sad that we no longer tend to our inner child when we get busy with our adult lives. Let’s take some time off to listen to and love the child within. That’s how we can enjoy our lives.

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4.  Have you ever wondered where your inner child has gone? That bright, shining and loving inner child is seeking to connect with you again, so reconnect and be happy.

Inner child quotes to love


5.  Perhaps we never needed to look so hard for our own muse. When you feed your inner child with love, that is all you need for the best muse you’ll ever have.

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6. When you’re in doubt, just reach out to your inner child – you will find that this child believes that everything is possible.


7.  Care for your inner child and heal it. When you do so, you are healing yourself for a better you.


8.  A creative artist or musician is just an inner child who survived adulthood.


9.  It only takes the nurturing of your inner child to open your mind to new ideas, profitable commitments and all the wonders that nature has to offer.


10.  The conventional society has shaped us so much that it has changed our childlike curiosity and love for life. Do you remember who you were before you were defined by the world?

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11.  Here’s one tip about growing up – Be the person that your younger self-needed you to be – childlikeness and all.


12. When you grow up without losing the inner child within, you are growing up to become more than any other adults can be.

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13.  Be funny! It won’t hurt to release your inner child and go a little wild at times. That’s the only way you can maintain your sanity in the world nowadays.


14.  Your inner child would offer you so much that you can smile and laugh at, and still have plenty where it came from. So seek your inner child, and smile back.


15. You will need years and years to learn Picasso’s painting techniques, but you will need an entire lifetime to learn to paint like a child.


16. Don’t let the child inside you die. You’ll live a life as long as the child inside you lives!


17.  Someday, as you age, you will find that you are old enough to read fairy tales all over again just like you did as a child.

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18.  If you neglect your inner child and leave it wounded – that’s the perfect recipe for human misery.


19.  Greet your inner child daily, nourish it with thankfulness and love. Let it be innocent and playful, that’s when it will come out and play and return you with all the joys you can’t imagine.


20. Be a cute and lovely child by heart no matter what your age is. Age never defines the age of your inner child as most happy people dies with a pure childlike heart.


21.  You see, the idea is simply to die young, as late as possible.

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22.  Do you see that toddler over there, marveling at everything and worry-free? That’s how your inner child is like, every day of the week!

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23. If I was given a chance to be a child again I would give up everything for that. Being a child is the most beautiful part of life.


24. Never lose your inner child. You are going to need it when you grow older and start to see how bleak society can be. The inner child will be your support system one day, and you just don’t know it yet.

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25. An inner child stays with us forever, even when we are not actively seeking them out. They are always there, waiting for you to lower your guard so that they can finally show themselves.


26. The world would be a bleak place if we never let our inner child out. Once in a while, just let go of your worries, and let your inner child take charge. Play in the rain, splash water in the shower and much more.


27. An inner child allows us to have fun and remember the simple innocence of childhood. Why should we keep it away? Keep it with us, safe and sound, and let it out to play once in a while.


28. As an adult, one of the greatest joy that we can have is to let our inner child out. It is only then that we can see the simple beauty in life that we often neglect as an adult. It’s what the brings us joy.


29. When you have your inner child in charge, you will find that you are a much happier person. You need your inner child just as much as your inner child needs you. Build a balance, and you’ll have a happy life.


30. Indulge in your inner child once in a while, and you’ll find that there is plenty more to look forward to in this world. Neglect it, and you’ll see only the worst and nothing else.


31. What exactly is an inner child? It’s the spark of joy when you see a flower on the side of the sidewalk, the love you feel for a dog who wags its tail happily at you – the simple pleasures long forgotten in the world.

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32. How is it that an inner child can stay with us until we are all old and wrinkled? Perhaps it’s the youth in us wanting to remember the beauty of the world.


33. There is no love for the simple pleasantries that exist around us unless you are willing to let your inner child out. So let it out, and see how life changes for you afterward.

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If these quotes about your inner child have touched you and reminded you to be happy, please do share them with your friends and remind them to get in touch with theirs too! After all, without an inner child’s support, we wouldn’t be where we are today.