9 Simple Tips To Increase Your Breast Milk

Sometimes a new mother can have problems getting their milk supply to increase. These factors can include stress of returning to work, babies that do not suck well, only nursing for small amounts of time, and so on. Breast milk can be increase by following some simple process.


How To Increase Your Breast Milk

There are many exercises that can help you increase your breast milk. Below are some of the most effective ways discussed in brief.

Monitor Baby Weight

Weigh the new baby often to see if there is any weight loss or very slow weight gain. This is an indication that the milk supply is low and not producing the high fat milk that the baby needs for growth. Encourage the baby to suck longer several times a day.


Keep Healthy

Eating well and drinking plenty of fluids will help milk production. Eat three balanced meals per day as well as two to three healthy snacks between meals. Drink plenty of water, about six to eight glasses per day, as well as real fruit juice and vegetable juice. A new baby can be overwhelming and tiring. Eating right can help combat fatigue and relieve the stress of milk production.


Nurse Often

Try to get the baby to nurse a minimum of eight feedings in a 24 hour timeframe. It is best if the baby will nurse more often than eight times. If the baby keeps falling asleep, gently wake them during feeding.


ways to Increase Breast Milk

Use Both Breasts

Use the switch nursing method. Watch the baby for cues on when to switch breasts. Many times a baby will become tired or be too lazy to suck rigorously on both breasts during feeding. When the baby starts to slow sucking on the first breast, switch to the other breast to keep the baby alert and sucking well. This increases the milk production.


Breast Massage

As the baby nurses, gently massage the breast that is currently being nursed. When the baby switches to the other breast, gently massage that one as well. This method will help bring down the higher calorie milk for the baby. It will also stimulate the milk glands for better production.


Use the Right Technique

There are proper techniques that need to be employed when breastfeeding. The correct positioning will enable the baby to better suck and stimulate the milk gland for a better milk flow. A better milk flow will ensure that milk production is necessary.


No Bottles or Binkies

Do not let the baby have a bottle or a pacifier. The baby needs to be sucking only at the breast to ensure that they are sucking well and able to bring down the milk and stimulate the milk flow. This is mainly for when a new mother begins breastfeeding and the baby is uncertain of how to switch back and forth between the nipple of the pacifier or bottle and the breast.


Rent a Pump

Rent a hospital grade breast pump for a couple of days. These pumps are stronger with more powerful motors and therefore are more efficient. They are not portable pumps. This will help stimulate milk production for the new mother and allow the new baby access to the higher calorie milk that comes in when the production is high.



There are some food supplements that nursing mothers can take to increase their milk supply. Herbal supplements will not have any effects on the baby. Fenugreek, blessed thistle, red raspberry and brewers yeast are some proven supplements to aid in increasing milk production.