How to Style Your Little Girl’s Hair Using Rubber Bands

Being a parent is like being a superhero. Your kids think you can do anything perfectly, even when you’re not an expert on something.

Say you’re a father or mother who isn’t great at hairstyling, your daughter might still want you to do her hair because, to her, you’re the best. You also want to give your best effort to make her happy. In situations like these, rubber bands come in handy.

Rubber band hairstyles have long been popular for toddlers to school-going little girls. These hairstyles are cute and require no accessories other than rubber bands.

We will show you two cute and easy rubber band hairstyles with complete how-to-create steps and tutorials. This way, the next time your daughter asks you to do their hair, you can make them happy with these styles.

How to Do Rubber Band Hairstyles on Little Girls

Rubber band hairstyles are versatile. It can be as simple as a ponytail to gorgeous styles like braiding and twisting. If you know how to twist or intertwine hair with rubber bands, you should be able to create nearly any rubber band hairstyles available for little girls.

So, we have selected two rubber band hairstyles that are easy to create but involve twisting and crossing over twisted hair sections. Pay close attention to the steps and tutorials to become your daughter’s favorite hairstylist!

Style 1: Twisted Hairstyle

Twisted hairstyle using colorful rubber bands
Source: childinsider

Here is a twisted hairstyle makeover done by our hairstyle expert using rubber bands on a mannequin head with real hair. It’s an easy-to-do but gorgeous style for little girls with medium-length hair.

close shot of the twisted rubber band hairstyle
Source: childinsider

This hairstyle starts by pulling the front hair back and securing it with a rubber band. Then, the extended part is sectioned and twisted. The overlapping sections create an irregular quadrilateral shape on the top.

A center line divides the middle section, which blends into the opposite sides and extends toward the back.

twisted hairstyle zoom out view

This is how your girl will look with this haircut. Your little girl will look special with the cool design on top and three tails at the back, highlighted by colorful rubber bands

Here are the steps to achieve this cool hairstyle:

  1. Comb your little girl’s hair to remove any tangles.
  2. Grab a section of hair from the front and pull it back. Secure this section with a rubber band. This is the starting point of your design.
  3. Divide the hair that extends out of the rubber band into smaller sections. Twist each section individually.
  4. Overlap the twisted sections to form an irregular quadrilateral shape on the top of the head. This unique pattern is what makes the hairstyle stand out.
  5. Create a center line with a section of hair that divides the quadrilateral in the middle. This section blends smoothly with the other sides and extends toward the back.
  6. Adjust any twisted sections to ensure they’re securely in place.

Your little girl now sports a unique twisted hairstyle with an intricate design on top, complemented by three tails at the back. The colorful rubber bands keep the hairstyle secure and make it look gorgeous.


Use hair clips to hold sections in place as you work through the hairstyle and let your daughter choose the rubber band colors for a personalized touch.

Here is a tutorial on the process:

Style 2: Bold Design At Top

Boldly designed rubber band hairstyle
Source: childinsider

If you have grown some confidence after watching the video and want to try a more attention-grabbing design at the top, you should try to create this hairstyle.

bold hair design close view
Source: childinsider

This hairstyle suits all hair lengths and has a detailed, colorful design with rubber bands at the top. It also has three longer tails that extend to the back and side.

Here are the steps to achieve this rubber band hairstyle:

  1. Take a small front section of hair and tie it nicely.
  2. Make two more sections below the front section.
  3. Make a middle section of hair.
  4. Make 3 strings of the front section, twist the middle one, and tie it with the middle section of hair. Also twist the other two sections and tie them to the middle section.
  5. Make two parallel sections on the left and right side of middle one. Twist the left to the right front hair strings and tie them with the new sections respectively.
  6. Make 3 more sections below them.
  7. Make 2 hair strings from the upper middle section and tie the left and right with respective sections.
  8. From the parallel sections (to the middle one), twist them and tie with the lower middle section.

While you are creating the design on the top, don’t forget to twist each section individually.

Here is your step-by-step tutorial on the process:

Hope you enjoyed these rubber band hairstyles. Try these styles on your little girl, and you’ll eventually become an expert. This will help you to try other rubber band styles you find online for your little girl and make them feel special.