How Many Baby Teeth Does a Baby Has?

Babies are born with no visible teeth and do not start having visible teeth until six to twelve months of age. A baby will start cutting teeth around six months and will have swollen and red gums. Babies can be cranky when they are teething or cutting teeth.


How Many Baby Teeth?

In general, a baby will have 20 teeth. Once the first tooth appears or breaks through the gums, more and more teeth start to appear. By the time the child is three years old, they should have all of their primary teeth, also known as their primary teeth. There are times when a child does not get the full set of 20 baby teeth and this can cause orthodontic problems when the child is older.

How Many Baby Teeth


About Teeth

While there are only 20 baby teeth, there are 28 permanent teeth. The tooth has a crown, which is the white part above the gum line. The crown is covered with enamel which keeps the tooth strong. Then there are the roots which are under the gum line. The area of the tooth under the gum line is call the cementum and helps anchor the tooth and keep it from falling out.


Adult Teeth

Generally by the age of 12 to 13, a child will have lost all their primary teeth and have their adult teeth firmly in place. A person with all adult teeth will have 28 permanent teeth. However, between the ages of 17 and 25 a person will have four more teeth come up through the gums. These are the wisdom teeth. Some people never have their wisdom teeth fully come through the gums.