How Long You Should Let a Baby Cry

Every parent or caregiver of a baby will have a different opinion on how long we should let babies cry. Some think that a baby should not be allowed to cry for longer than a few minutes. Others feel that it is alright to let the baby cry it out.

Depending on the meaning behind the cry, the time that should lapse before going to the baby will vary. Here are some common interpretations of a baby crying for some reason.


Distress Cry

A baby will have different cries for different needs. A cry that is distressed needs to be addressed immediately. A baby that is hungry, needs changed or is injured should be checked on straight away. A baby that sits in a soiled diaper could develop a rash that is painful and could become a potential health risk.

A baby that is hungry should be fed. If the baby is eating too often, more than every four hours for a baby on solid foods, then add a bottle after their meal or give them a more substantial food to keep them fuller longer. Injuries happen and the baby needs consoled and checked over to make sure that he does not medical attention.


Whining Cry

A baby will whine and cry when they do not get their way or they do not feel well. They may even whine when they are tired. When these cries are heard, while sometimes heart breaking to hear, the baby can wait a few minutes before getting your full attention.


Bedtime Cry

Parents debate the bedtime crying and if it is the right way to teach bedtime. Some babies will fuss and carry on when placed in bed. Some parents allow the baby to cry themselves to sleep, while others feel that this is harmful to the child and they go get the baby rather than let him cry himself to sleep.

This is something that the parents need to discuss and be on the same page so that the baby does not get mixed messages.